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Petit En Suite

The Petit En Suite toilet training tent comes complete with two-part travel potty, tent pegs and guide ropes for outdoor use and sample potty liners. UNIVERSAL LINER COMPATIBLE.

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Petit En Suite Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Carter – Poppy 2 Years

Sarah Awarded The Petit En Suite 5/5

I was very excited when the product arrived, I couldn’t wait to open it up and look inside the package, when I opened it up I was surprised to see such a great product packed into a protective bag which is fantastic for travelling with the petit en suite. I love the colour of the bag and how fun and exciting the product also looked. Poppy could not wait for me to get it out. I think the concept of the petite en suite is just brilliant, it’s easy to assemble, it’s colourful, fun, and an eye catching colour, easy to travel with, encouraging for children to want to use the potty. It looks interesting and fun to children and it’s neat and smart. I love how it’s easy to store, it’s a great way to get children to potty train in privacy, to give them that bit of confidence to train, as well as their dignity, even to use in public places. It keeps the child from being embarrassed, also it’s safe and easy to clean, I love the fact liners can go into it to throw away after use, hygiene is important and this is great, it really is a wonderful product and a fantastic invention. The internal pockets to wipes or tissues are just great, the UVA and waterproof protective material are some of my favourites features, and the fact it has everything you need to assemble. The packaging is smart, colourful, easy to get the product out and easy to store the product back into the packaging, the fun colours attract the eye so it’ll be good for children to become instantly interested in the product. I love the extra pocket at the front to store wipes or other little items in it while travelling. It is safe with the zip to close the product away, and the Velcro on the front pocket to keep it secure, it’s easy to travel with and the bag is easy to carry, just like a rucksack without it being heavy or uncomfortable. Very happy with the packaging. The instructions are easy to read, easy to understand and follow, I love how there’s diagrams, and pictures to follow as well as showing us how and where the product can be used or stored. I had no problems with figuring out what I needed to with using the instructions. Also I like how it shows how it can be used, what the contents it in the pack and all the other bits of information it gives us to read and follow. Great instructions, very happy with them. It was very easy to set up, it took no time at all and within minutes Poppy was discovering the product and got very excited. The instructions give you a fantastic guide to follow so it didn’t take ages to assemble at all. Very impressed how quick it is to put up and put away again, this is perfect for out and about too. The potty was very easy for my daughter to use, she found it easy to sit down, easy to get back up, she looked comfortable and it is just perfect, the right shape and size, safe, deep enough, and very easy to clean. My child found it very easy to use alone without any guidance, she just sat down and didn’t have to worry about anything, and she could easily get herself back off the potty with ease. My child felt very safe and comfortable yes, she didn’t get upset or say she didn’t like it, she sat on the potty with no problems at all, she loves the petit en suite very much. It’s easy to use for a child to train. As my daughter has only just began this has been the perfect opportunity for her to start by using the petit en suite, it is helping her so much she’s almost getting there and will be trained in no time, the fact that the product is very encouraging with its fun and privacy aspect I feel this helps a great deal towards her training as it’s giving her that bit of independence. She’s doing very well and I believe this product has helped massively. We’ve taken the product out with us on many occasions now, to the park, my parent’s house, friend’s house, out in the car and we’ve always got it with us now we have a wonderful portable system where my daughter can do her potty training in private without feeling embarrassed. It is very easy to transport and due to the product only taking seconds to put together it’s helping so much with my daughters training as she can now use the potty anywhere in private. Its fantastic can take it anywhere as it’s so easy to take with us and put away again. Plus it’s very hygienic. So far we’ve used the product mainly at home, just to get my daughter used to it and feeling comfortable in her own environment first. But she seems very confident to take it out and use it also. The quality is perfect; I couldn’t fault it at all. It’s well made, strong, using good materials, I love how it’s waterproof and the UVA protection for children, which are both important. I like how it’s easily folded away and doesn’t get damaged; it’s well-made and looks like it’ll last a very long time. Very pleased with the quality. It’s durable, sturdy and strong. It certainly does offer value for money, it’s a great price, well worth the money and I feel that it pays for itself with how great the product is and how well it helps children to encourage them to want to potty train in privacy. It is well worth a purchase and I’d recommend it to parents. I loved the fact my daughter can potty train in privacy, the little features like the pocket for wipes or toilet roll, the fact liners can go in the potty and can be thrown away for good hygiene, I love the Velcro door way, and how well this product can be transported so easily and be used so much. I would definitely buy this product as it’s given my child the confidence she needed to start potty training, plus it’s a great product and would last for a very long time so it’s value for money. It’s the best I’ve seen on the market. I would recommend this product to friends and family as it’s a great item, the safety aspect is great, the privacy, the easy assembly, the hygiene factor, the fact it gives a child their dignity and confidence to train, the way it’s been made and that it’s just an all-round wonderful product for others to buy. I give this item 5 out of 5 because it truest deserves it and more. It’s lived up to its name, it’s a great product, it’s helped my daughter so much, it’s helped me and there’s nothing else like it, it’s safe, colourful, fun, private, easily transported, easily stored, hygienic, protection for children not only waterproof, from UVA’s but to keep them safe in public while training and toileting. It helps parents feel more at ease too with their child training in public. It’s wonderful and I love it and so does my daughter. Overall the product is the best potty training experience one of my children have ever had, she’s thoroughly enjoying using it and it’s helping her so much to train. It’s helped myself as I can feel confident knowing my daughter is happy and comfortable on the potty without feeling scared, worried, uncomfortable and nervous. I love the privacy aspect, the little features help a lot so that my daughter has all she needs to feel at ease to train, it’s safe, hygienic, sting, sturdy, comfortable and fun. I can honestly say this product is amazing and we’ve been so lucky to be given the opportunity to test it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is potty training their child & to say they will not regret buying it. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and easy to transport. It’s the best. Sarah Carter – Poppy 2 Years

Product Tested By Louise Baynes – James 2 years

Louise Awarded The Petit En Suite 5/5

Very neatly packed and easy to open and set up. Initially I was unsure of the necessity but it adds a bit of fun to the whole process of potty training. Packaging was neat and easy to open. It’s very intuitive so no real need for instructions but they are simple and easy. Very easy to set up. As easy as a pop up tent. The travel potty was easy to use as nice and compact and useful for on the go. My son happily sat on it with no issues. He loved the idea of the tent and somewhere special for him to go. We are still in the process of potty training, but yes I found it useful as he saw it as fun. This went easily into my suitcase for a holiday to Spain.We have used it the most at home but I have had parents with older children comment on how useful it will be when James is a bit older as it can be difficult when out and about especially in a park with no toilets and as they become more aware of privacy. The tent and the potty are very good quality and despite travelling with them stand up to being moved around. Most definitely good value for money. I love love LOVE the potty liners because it makes it even easier to clean up.I would consider buying it mostly for day trips or holidays. I’d recommend it for travelling and also for children who are shy and visit parks or similar often. Easy to set up and use. Excellent way of getting buying and interesting from a toddler who is potty training as they can role play and make fun of the experience. I love the potty liners that come with it and the little pocket on the inside where you can store spare potty liners. I really like the windows to the side and at the top to allow you to look inside if needed. I can’t help thinking these would be a great tool for camping if they were taller for adults.Louise Baynes – James 2 years

Product Tested By Katie Ainslie – Eve 2 years

Katie Awarded The Petit En Suite 4.4/5

When this arrived thought it looked very well designed. Wasn’t sure at first but can see how it could help potty training. Great packaging a place for everything. Instructions easy to understand and fold back up following the pictures. This is so easy to set up as it just popped up. Fabulous idea this comes with two-part travel potty and the bags are great. My daughter found it a little low to the floor. However she did feel safe and comfortable using her Petit En Suite. This made potty training fun. We did not really take this on our travels as mainly used at home. Quality good and loved the design inside. Personally I do feel this is quite expensive. I really liked the design inside and the privacy for the child. I am not sure if I would purchase this as we usually do not go anywhere far from a toilet. I would recommend if someone was looking for a potty and some privacy. Great idea, but can’t see us using it to its full potential. Good product, Potty is really good. Love the little window so they can still see the outside. Katie Ainslie – Eve 2 years



I love the privacy aspect, the little features help a lot so that my daughter has all she needs to feel at ease to train, it’s safe, hygienic, sting, sturdy, comfortable and fun. I can honestly say this product is amazing and we’ve been so lucky to be given the opportunity to test it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is potty training their child & to say they will not regret buying it. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store and easy to transport. It’s the best.


Sarah Awarded The Petit En Suite 5/5

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