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Petite Piccolo Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Set

Our  Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Set is a great way to make sure your little one is kept wrapped up and head covered after their bath time. Petite Piccolo’s hooded towels have modified the traditional hooded towel by making the hood with 100% prewashed cotton muslin. This provides extra softness around your little one’s head and continues to absorb excess water. The Petite Piccolo towel is large at 90cm x 90cm and so, depending on the size of your little one, can last up to 18 months or more. Added to this towel is a 30cm x 30cm, 3 layered muslin washcloth. This washcloth allows you to get to those most difficult of areas to dry on your little one such as under their necks and in those creases so you avoid any dampness on your little one’s body after their bath time.

  • 90cm x 90cm (hooded towel) and 30cm x 30m (washcloth) 
  • 100% prewashed cotton muslin
  • Illustrated in a feather print, and one in the stars and moon print
  • 3 layers of cotton muslin stitched together for the washcloth
  • Includes,1 x hooded towel and 1 x washcloth

£21.95 Available Amazon, Wayfair, Nursery Thyme, Baby Security Company

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Petite Piccolo Baby Muslin Hooded Towel Set Reviews

Product Tested By Bethan Lloyd – Poppy 7 Months

Bethan Awarded The Petite Piccolo Muslin Hooded Towel Set 5/5

I thought the product was well packaged and looked nice with an open panel for you to be able to feel the towel without removing lots of packaging.  I think it’s a lovely concept to combine a lovely soft towel and a gentle muslin washcloth, would make a lovely gift for new parents.  Instructions on how to wash the towel were very clear to follow.  The towel and washcloth were very easy to use and very absorbent, little one loved being wrapped up in the towel as its lovely and soft. I thought the towel was a really good size plenty big enough to wrap my little girl in and also big enough to wrap my 3 year old up in. The washcloth was also a good size especially for little faces. My little girl was lovely and warm when she was wrapped in the towel and looked really snug and comfortable. She seemed to dry really quickly. I thought the towel was really absorbent and my little girl dried really quickly.  I found the washcloth useful as my little girl loves cloths and blankets so this made washing her face much easier as she could play with it a little before we wet it to wash her face, made wash time more fun than with a sponge.  My little girl loves being wrapped in her towel she looks very warm and cosy in it. I think the materials used in the towel are good quality, there were no pulls in the muslin or towel and when washed its gone back in shape really well and hasn’t shrunk.   Very easy to wash as it went in with everything else that was a similar colour, it dried really well too. I think the towel and wash cloth are good quality as they are soft, wash well and don’t leave little bits everywhere. I liked the generous size of the towel most and how soft it felt as it made my little girl look cosy. I would consider buying this product as we have previously bought cheaper towels and they have lost their shape and not stayed soft.  I would recommend as it was lovely to use and kept little one happy, and comfortable after her bath and has remained in the same shape and condition it arrived in.  I found the quality of the product to be very good and was in nice easy packaging, I would give this as a gift for a newborn as it will last a long time and is very soft and gentle. I really loved using this product as I felt it was good quality and made my little one happy, keeping her warm and snug after her bath. I the past we have bought cheaper towels and once they have been washed a few times they go out of shape and lose their softness, but we haven’t found this with this product and it has converted us to spending a little more to get better quality, I wish they made them to fit me as it looked so snug to be wrapped up, I also liked the fact that it was a neutral colour as most things seem to be either blue or pink. I was a lovely addition to have the washcloth too as a softer alternative to a sponge. We will be taking both with us when our little one stays in hospital. Bethan Lloyd – Poppy 7 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Roberts – Jessica 13 Months

Gemma Awarded The Petite Piccolo Muslin Hooded Towel Set 5/5

The towel was nicely packaged and straight away I was impressed with how soft it felt. The design looked attractive and would suit either gender well.  I actually really liked the concept of having both a towel and a separate muslin cloth. It’s often difficult to manoeuvre the towel while the baby is wrapped in it to dry the harder to get to areas so the muslin cloth helped loads with this. The towel didn’t need much in the way of instructions but the explanation on the back of the box which includes the washing guidelines was clear and helpful.  The fact that the towel is hooded makes it easy to use with baby and ensures that they are kept warm and cosy after bath time. The extra washcloth made drying baby even easier as it can be used to make sure that all the harder to reach areas are dry without having to unwrap the towel fully. So keeping the baby mostly wrapped in the towel while using the washcloth to dry in neck and leg creases for example made sure that the drying process was easier all round. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the towel. My daughter is nearly 14 months old and the towel is plenty big enough and will be for a while to come so I would say it will definitely last until at least 18 months, probably longer. But at the same time, the hood isn’t too big so wouldn’t drown a smaller baby. The towel is beautifully soft and big enough to fully wrap baby up with no exposed bits. So I was confident that my daughter was warm and cosy while I was getting her dry. The absorbency of the wash cloth in particular surprised me. I used to dry my daughter’s hair as well as other parts of her body and it did a great job in a quick time too. The towel is very absorbent too and it doesn’t take long at all to get baby completely dry after bath time.  The washcloth supplied is very useful.  I used it in a variety of ways: too dry in creases, under arms and to dry hair too. Although the towel is big enough to be able to reach most places, having the separate cloth just made it all easier and quicker and made sure that baby didn’t have to be uncovered at all so stayed much warmer and cosier. It’s also good for baby to play peekaboo with of a distraction is needed!  Jessica has been very happy being wrapped in the towel. She hasn’t complained at all about the hood which she does with other towels and I think it is because this one isn’t too big so doesn’t come down over her face at all. So definitely a hit with us! The towel feels beautifully soft and great quality. The muslin hood and washcloth are also extremely soft and both feel like they will last well.  The towel can be washed in with all your other washing of a similar colour and can also be tumble dried which means no separate washes and it can be washed and dried quickly if needed. After a few washes, the towel feels just as soft as when we first got it so I am very happy with that too.  I am very impressed with the overall quality of the towel set. The materials used are lovely and they seem to be very well made which means I am confident that they will last us well. I loved both the softness and the size of the towel. It feels softer than a lot of other baby towels available and the generous size means that it really will last a long time.  I would buy this. I think it’s absolutely worth the money due to the quality and size of the towel and the separate washcloth is a great idea which I hadn’t previously considered but makes drying so much easier! I would recommend as this is by far the nicest baby towel I have used on either of my children so I would very happily recommend it to my friends and family. I think the quality is great and the price is good considering the quality and length of time the product can be used for.  Prior to this I didn’t think I would get that excited about a baby towel but this one has changed my mind! It seems like a lot of thought went into the product design, from the separate washcloth to the size of the towel and ensuring that the hood is a sensible size for babies of all ages. It’s so soft and I can imagine it is lovely for baby to be wrapped up in.  We used this product several times during the testing period, both after bath time and after swimming. Every time I was impressed with it and the fact that it is still just as soft as new after having been washed a good few times is fab. Before receiving it, I was dubious about it being big enough for a 13 month old baby but it is very generously sized and will last us for a good few months yet, if not many more. The separate wash cloth came in very handy and is a great idea in my opinion. Overall a very happy tester! Gemma Roberts – Jessica 13 Months

Product Tested By Carla Jones – Brinley 23 Months

Carla Awarded The Petite Piccolo Muslin Hooded Towel Set 5/5

Very well packaged, really liked the packaging! Really pleased with the Muslim hooded towel! Love how big it is. We struggle to find children’s towels that are big enough but not too big. Would definitely buy from them. Instructions pretty decent and self-explanatory.  I found this very easy to use.  Very impressed with the size. I think that’s my favourite usp on the towel.  This kept my son very warm and he loved how nice and wrapped he was instead of using a towel that hardly went round him.  This is a very absorbent towel.  We did not use the washcloth as much as we use sponges but it was a nice extra.  He loved being wrapped up in this after his bath.  He loved how big it was.  Very high quality worth the money. Washes up great it’s been through my washer and dryer 5 times and still as good as new. Very high quality, felt soft and still feel lovely after many uses and washes.  I loved how large the towel was. Because most in the market are small and generally for baby’s this towel was perfect for a toddler. Absolutely yes would buy this! We need more towels like this as they are great for toddlers before they are big enough for adult towels.  I would recommend because of the size and quality. Very pleased with the towel. Will be buying again due to size and quality and how good it washes.  Great branding, really liked the packaging and hi it was presented, first use of towel was great and again after washing and drying it was like using a brand new towel all over again. Didn’t use the Muslim cloth very much but has a good use and make it worth the price. Maybe it could be a little cheaper so it’s more affordable to buy a few but then I think two of those towels would be enough for one child in the week.  Will definitely be buying another one.  Carla Jones – Brinley 23 Months





I wish they made them to fit me as it looked so snug to be wrapped up, I also liked the fact that it was a neutral colour as most things seem to be either blue or pink. I was a lovely addition to have the washcloth too as a softer alternative to a sponge. We will be taking both with us when our little one stays in hospital.


Bethan Awarded The Petite Piccolo Muslin Hooded Towel Set 5/5

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