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Petite Piccolo Luna Blanket

Our Luna Blanket is made from a fabric that is soothingly soft and extra absorbent. The name Luna is latin for ‘moon’ and reflects the concept of keeping your little one warm and snuggled up during nap times or during the night. Our muslin Luna blanket is made with 4 layers of 100% prewashed cotton stitched together and bordered to ensure there are no loose threads. At 120cm x 120cm, the Luna blanket is generous in size and will keep your little one warm and cosy.

Petite Piccolo uses muslin for the extra softness and to ensure absorbency. During your little one’s sleeping time, dribble or wetting can be normal. The Luna Blanket will absorb the wetness ensuring your little one is kept dry and safe.

What can you use me for

The Luna Blanket can be used used during daytime naps and bedtime. They can be even be used as a play mat during playtime. 

  • 120 x 120 cm
  • Features 4 layers of cotton muslin stitched together
  • Illustrated in a feather print, and one in the stars and moon print
  • 100% prewashed and softened
  • Perfect for newborns and toddlers

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Bedding Category

£35.95 Available Amazon, Wayfair, Nursery Thyme, Baby Security, Paul Murray Company

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Petite Piccolo Luna Blanket Reviews

Product Tested By Abby Cope – Hudson 13 Months

Abby Awarded The Petite Piccolo Luna Blanket 5/5

The product looked of high quality and I was impressed. You knew you were holding a great product of good quality, even before you opened it! I loved the packaging; it was neutral and fitted well with the brand.  I wasn’t sure at first about the concept but I was actually really surprised and impressed. It is by far the best blanket we have had and the size of it is fantastic! It feels so soft and is very snuggly. The instructions were few (you don’t really need any for this product) but washing guidelines etc. are clear and easy to understand with a small label on the blanket for later reference. Very easy to use! Just take out of the lovely packaging and go! Easy to use, easy to wash – perfect. The size is one of the things I love about it. It’s super! Sometimes blankets made for babies can be very small meaning you don’t get much usage as quickly becomes too small as your child grows, but this size is amazing and will last for ages! I can even use it at night on the sofa. It’s super warm and snuggly but doesn’t make the baby too hot and sweaty because of the lovely cotton material. I didn’t actually use this blanket for bedtime as my baby just uses sleeping bags at night. It is a good buggy blanket but I preferred to use it in the car or at home or for daytime naps. It’s great but because of the size of it, it is quite big to take around with you while out and about in the buggy etc. I did use it as a mat. We have laminate flooring and it’s perfect for putting the baby on a nice warm blanket instead of a cold floor. It wasn’t too slippery either which I thought it might be! Great size for a play mat too. The quality of the material is excellent. You can definitely tell it’s well-made and it feels like great quality and I think it will last for a long time meaning great value for money! This is just perfect.  Super soft and super snuggly – no sharp edges, labels or loose stitching. We used this pretty much every day.  It’s our go to blanket now! I have not found any other uses for this blanket yet but I’m sure I may do in the future! This is a blanket that will last right through into childhood. It’s great for every age and the size of it means it will last.  I have only washed it once so far and it washed well, no shrinkage, no design faded and held its shape well. It’s quite large to dry but not too much of a problem over all. The quality is excellent, and so it the design, pattern and size. I think I loved the design and the colours and the size. It looks so lovely and stylish. I thought at first that there would be no way I would spend that much on a blanket for my baby but now that I have it, I think I would consider buying it. I think in the long run, it is good value for money as I think because of the quality and size, it will last for years! I can’t see us replacing this blanket anytime soon. I would recommend and I already have! People have commented on how lovely and great it is when they have seen me use it already! I would give this product a 5. It’s so well made, love the concept, I love the neutral designs, it’s so big and soft and snuggly, easy to wash, multiple uses – an excellent product! I love this blanket. The feather pattern is lovely and won’t age or go out of date as the baby grows. Perfect neutral colours. The size of it is great and the cotton material is so lovely for baby. It is not scratchy and is so lovely and soft on the skin. You can use it for lots of different things and you can wash it easily which is perfect – I love his blanket and is definitely the best blanket we have ever had or used! Abby Cope – Hudson 13 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Rawcliffe – Adalynn 1 Year

Sarah Awarded The Petite Piccolo Luna Blanket 5/5

Well packaged and good sized item. Lovely blanket for cuddle time.  Instructions clear and easy to use.   This is such a lovely blanket to use.  Very good, big size blanket.  This is a lovely thick blanket which kept my baby warm and snug.  Was ideal to use at night as lovely and thick.  Great as a buggy blanket too. We also found it to be a good size to use as a play mat.  The quality is really good as the material used is lovely.   This is so soft and gently and ideal for babies delicate skin.  We would use this every day for cuddles and playtime.  This is a blanket will grow with your child as ideal for newborn and great blanket to use as they grow older.  So will last for years.  This was also very easy to wash.  I loved the size of this blanket. I would buy this as such a good quality product.  I would recommend for the same reason.  My little girl loves this blanket and brings it over to me for cuddle time. Good quality product. Sarah Rawcliffe – Adalynn 1 Year

Product Tested By Emily Kirby – Orla-Rose 2 Years

Emily Awarded The Petite Piccolo Luna Blanket 5/5

Really nice packaging and beautifully soft blanket. Great size and lovely design. The size, fabric and design of the Luna Blanket are all exactly what I would look for in a blanket. I would choose this as a gift for a baby shower as well. I am currently using it for my toddler but we have a baby due in the summer that we can also use the blanket for.  As a blanket it is pretty much self-explanatory but the wash label is easy to read and instructions on the back of the packaging are there if needed.  I like the large size of it, it’s good for use in the buggy, car or snuggling up on the sofa. Also large enough to make a kiddie’s den!  We have used it during very cold weather and my daughter was fine in her buggy with it. I think it will be good in warm weather as well due to its breathable fabric.  We tend not to allow our daughter to use extra blankets in her cot as well as her duvet for safety reasons so that she doesn’t get tangled. However, I would definitely replace the duvet with the Luna Blanket in summer months for overnight. As a buggy blanket it is large enough to cover my daughter’s lap but not too large that it drags on the floor or falls out. The light colour of the blanket doesn’t fair well with snack-time and a toddler! However, it will be fine for a baby.  I haven’t used it as a play mat for my toddler as she is so active but I will be using it as a play mat and for tummy time when the baby comes along. My daughter loves to use the blanket to wrap up her dollies.  The quality of the fabric is really nice and soft. It washes and dries well in the tumble drier.  It’s been fine for my toddlers but she has never really had sensitive skin.  We used this most days. Either snuggled up on the sofa or in the pram/car.   We also used this in the kid’s dens. I would use on the beach as well in the summer. It’s been great for my toddler and I’ve no doubt that it will be great when the new baby comes along. The fabric seems very durable so far.  Washes and dries in the drier well and keeps its shape. In the summer I will be drying it outside. Haven’t had any major stains on it yet so I can’t comment on whether it is easy to remove stains. Durable and soft. Feels like good quality fabric.  I like the size and thickness of the blanket which is perfect for both cold and warm weather.  I would consider buying it for myself or as a gift due to the quality of the fabric and the nice neutral designs. I would recommend for all the reasons above.  Can’t fault this item, I’ve been really impressed with it.  Really happy with the Luna Blanket. Its uses are diverse, especially between baby and toddler age. Great fabric and lovely designs. Perfectly soft for a baby’s/child’s skin.  Emily Kirby – Orla-Rose 2 Years





Perfect neutral colours. The size of it is great and the cotton material is so lovely for baby. It is not scratchy and is so lovely and soft on the skin. You can use it for lots of different things and you can wash it easily which is perfect – I love his blanket and is definitely the best blanket we have ever had or used!


Abby Awarded The Petite Piccolo Luna Blanket 5/5

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