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Petite Star Car Walker

Petite Star’s car walker is the perfect present for your baby that will be played with for years to come.  The 3 in 1 car walker grows and evolves with your child helping stimulate their senses and develop co-ordination and mobility but best of all it’s lots of fun! STEP 1: It’s an interactive bouncer with sounds, lights and a step on music bar plus three heights for your growing child. STEP 2: It’s a brilliant walker, allowing your child to be mobile when they’re just starting to use their legs but not ready for walking yet.  STEP 3: Remove the seat and it’s a brilliant push-a-long car with a working dashboard and wheel with lights and sounds   Lots of fun for your baby but there’s peace of mind for you too with speed-restricted wheels and safety grips, and a volume control (with off switch!) for the music. Fantastic value for money too so it won’t break the bank…RRP 69.98 exclusively from

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2009 and Bizziebaby Silver Award winner 2013/14

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£69.98 exclusively from

Petite Star Car Walker Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanna Tate – Mia 6 Months

Product Tested By Joanna
Tate – Mia 6 Months

Joanna Awarded The Petite Star 3-in1 Car Baby Walker 4.5/5

My initial impression of this product was brilliant. When
choosing a walker I tend to look at whether the price is reasonable and whether
it’s safe and sturdy. This one definitely offers these things. The packaging is
very good and instructions simple and easy to understand. The quality is
excellent; this walker is very sturdy. It is very easy to assemble too. It’s
quite large though and does not fold down. Not easy to take apart either. The play
tray is good to put toys on etc. but not much to play with on the actual
product. I thought the snack tray was very good. Mia did enjoy being in it but
she needs to be a bit stronger at sitting up straight because the seat is not very
deep and she seemed to lean forward a bit. This offers fantastic value for
money; although there are cheaper walkers on the market, but not with all the
extras like this one. The only improvements would be to have a deeper seat if
possible and there are no letter I’s to personalise the number plate. I would
recommend this to others; this would be great for slightly older babies. This
is a lovely walker with the added bonus of snack tray, bouncer and push along. Probably
more suited to 7 month+ babies and the seat could be a bit deeper. Love the design though; she looked so cute in
her little car! Joanna Tate – Mia 6 Months

Product Tested By Kerrie
Zagdan – Felicity 7 Months

Kerrie Awarded The Petite Star 3-in1 Car Baby Walker 4.6/5

Very quick delivery; always gives a great first impression
of a company, this arrived in 2 days! When looking to buy a walker I always
look for good quality over price, I’m a believer that you get what you pay for.
Brand isn’t important to me, as long as it does what it sets out to do. This
definitely has those factors; I think price reflects the great quality.
Packaging was great; each component packaged separately then all in large
cardboard box. It was very secure. The instructions are clear and easy to
follow. The quality is A+, very sturdy, no breakable parts to worry about. This
product would last a very long time in the hands of a baby/toddler. It was very
easy to assemble, liked how all the parts click in, some were tough to attach,
but this reassured me that it will not fall apart! It is quite large, not easy
to store, however bonus is, it’s on wheels so can be moved around easily unlike
another large bouncer we have. My daughter loves the sounds on the steering
wheel and the mirror, she is only just 7 months, so hasn’t grasp the toot toot horn
to the right just yet. The snack tray has potential, good idea. I personally
like to feed my daughter in a high chair at the moment, but could possibly use
this when she is a bit older. My daughter loves being in this walker/bouncer,
and I’m sure when she is a bit older she will be zooming across the room in it.
I loved it as she was easy to move from room to room with me. It is very safe
and sturdy, which is a major selling point for most parents. It’s an excellent
product for the money; I love how it converts from bouncer/walker, therefore
children can enjoy this for quite some time. My only criticism is that the
bouncer doesn’t seem to bounce that much. I loved the personal number plate
idea! I would consider buying this product and recommend it to others. Well done
Petit-Star, a great product! It is a very sturdy walker which will last for
months to come. Kerrie Zagdan – Felicity 7 Months

Product Tested ByLucy Lowe – Zak 9 Months

Lucy Awarded The Petite Star 3-in1 Car Baby Walker 4.7/5

This looked very well made and an attractive product. Easy
to assemble and attracted the attention of my son immediately. I always look at
sex specific or unisex when looking for a walker. The amount of different
functions the toy has. The size when stored; does it fold down and the price
and the reviews from other customers. This one does have these attributes; it’s
a great boy’s toy with 3 different functions. It doesn’t store flat for storage
but that’s because it has too many functions. Packaging is great; nice size box
and easy to open all components with easy to read instructions and to put
together. The quality is excellent; very sturdy. It is easy to assemble; only a
few parts to put together. It doesn’t store flat like some other walkers do, so
it does take up a lot of space in the sitting room. However this does mean that
it’s always ready to be played with. The play tray is great; the toys are good and
my son enjoyed using the hooter and kick plate. The kick plate is unique to
this toy and an excellent feature. I didn’t make use of the snack tray as most
children will just throw the food off the snack tray as a game and it will make
the walker get dirty. My son is near walking so we mainly used the walker with
the seat pushed away. He thoroughly enjoyed playing with it. It can be hard to
push as its heavy to manoeuvre but he still enjoyed standing playing with the
toys. Excellent feature as it means the walker is used for longer than a
tradition walker. It is around the same price as other walkers on the market
but as it has 3 functions it can be used for longer and therefore is excellent
value for money. More toys on the toy tray or different toy selection would
make this even better. Babies love toys that make noise, which is why my son
enjoyed the hooter; so maybe toys that they crinkle or shake, rather than the
boring train and beads that run along the side of the seat. I would definitely
buy this product but only if I had a younger child as it will not get used for
that much longer as my son is nearly walking. I would recommend this to family
and friends. All children enjoy walkers so buying this one will ensure they get
lots of use out of it as it can be used earlier and for longer than most
tradition walkers. This is an inventive baby walker. Its 3 in 1 design allows
the walker to be used earlier and for longer than most tradition walkers,
making it good value for money. Lucy
Lowe – Zak 9 Months

This is a lovely walker with the added bonus of snack tray, bouncer and push along.                


Joanna Awarded The Petite Star 3-in1 Car Baby Walker 4.5/5

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