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Petite Star Ed Hardy Pacifier

The Ed Hardy brand is based on tattoos created by Ed Hardy and is a mix of very strong images and brilliant use of bright new colours. Since 2000, Ed Hardy’s iconic design has become a global phenomenon, making it instantly recognisable to millions of people worldwide. As a lifestyle brand it inspires devoted consumers worldwide and is a favourite of a long list of celebrities including Madonna, Britney Spears, Shakira, Snoop Dog, David Beckham, Kayne West, Will Smith, Paris Hilton to mention just a few…
The five iconic designs: Dedicated to the one I Love, Tiger, Live Love Life, Koi and King Dog are available on a range of baby bottles, bibs and pacifiers, plus theres a gorgeous pacifier clip too.

Suitable from 0-24 they are made in Europe, conform to safety standard EN-1400. and come with a silicone orthodontic teat.


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Petite Star Ed Hardy Pacifier Reviews

Product Tested by: Rebecca Bradford – Ozzy 5 Months

Product Tested By Rebecca Bradford – Ozzy 5 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Ed Hardy Dummy  4.7/5

A nice, bright blue dummy with a picture on, not too big or too small. The dummy can be clearly seen through the packaging. On the packaging of the dummy, it clearly tells you the age range that the dummy is suitable for. The quality of the product is good, it doesn’t seem as if it will break or split that easy.   The dummies are sold singularly and so are the dummy straps, would be nicer if they came in packs of two dummies so there was a spare (to keep in the baby bag) in case it was dropped on the floor.  The dummy does not come with a carry case or a cover, but is easy enough to clean in soapy water and to sterilise.  The teat is an orthodontic teat which is better for some babies as the teat is flat on the bottom so it rests on the tongue, but it also falls out quite easily. The teat is securely attached to the plastic; I pulled it to make sure that it was not going to just pull off.  You are able to buy a separate dummy chain for the dummy, but it does not come in the same packaging as the dummy.  The dummy is an orthodontic dummy with a flat base that rests on the tongue of the baby.  Easy enough to clean and sterilise in a steam steriliser and in cold water with sterilising tablets.  My Son kept spitting it out when given it, but he refused other types of dummies too.  The dummy is a bit expensive as you are able to get similar dummies for half the price. It is nice and colourful, and the strap is ideal as younger babies tend to drop their dummies and the strap clips onto clothing to prevent the dummy from getting lost or falling onto the floor.  A good quality dummy, easy to clean and nice design and loved the clip.  Unfortunately for us Ozzy did not take to this Dummy but that is always personal choice.  Rebecca Bradford – Ozzy 5 Months


Product Tested By Helen Gomersall – Freja 5 Weeks

Helen  Awarded the Ed Hardy Dummy  3.5/5

Very grown up motif, very large nipple.  Packaging very good and all the information you need.  Good quality.  Slightly expensive and would expect to pay this price for a pack of 4. These are easy to clean, but would be better if they came with their own box to keep clean when travelling. Personally I feel this is Very big for a newborn, my little one struggles to even get it in her mouth and cannot suck it. It is more suited to 6 months.  I loved the dummy chain this was just great.  It is relevant in that it is aimed at infants. Very simple to sterilise if you have a steam or cold water steriliser no box for sterilising like other brands.  One suggestion offer smaller sizes with smaller nipples for smaller babies.  It is a lovely item to have it looks nice and individual but at the moment for my baby it is not suitable for our needs.  However the dummy holder is very useful for her usual dummy.  Helen Gomersall- Freja 5 Weeks.


Product Tested By Caroline Howarth – Alexander 5 Months

Caroline Awarded The Ed Hardy Dummy 3.1/5

A little disappointed, the packaging made the product look a little bit cheap.  But the motif on the dummy was great. There were very few instructions / guidelines on how to sterilise the dummy or how to connect to the dummy clip.  The dummy has a great design (like an oriental fish), and is a lovely shade of blue.  The dummy clip is designed to clip onto babies clothes, which it does but it leaves a mark on the clothes. The dummy is made of good quality plastic, and after a bit of pulling the teat remains intact and attached to the dummy.  The dummy and clip came in two separate packages.  There was only one dummy in the package.  I thought the dummy was expensive. This is easy to clean but there was no carrycase / cover for the dummy.  The teat is on orthodontic shape, the packaging suggests that it is suitable from 0-36 months.  When we received the item Alex was only 3 months, the teat was a little too big for him and it made him gag a little.  Now he is a bit bigger it is fine for him.  I’d suggest that the dummy would be more suitable for babies over the age of 3/4 months.  The dummy came with a dummy holder (in separate packaging).  The dummy fits easily to the holder and attaches to baby’s clothes.  The design on the dummy was really nice, the colours look great.  The dummy itself has a nose cut out and an orthodontic teat.  There were no instructions on the packaging about how to sterilise the dummy.  I sterilise all or Alex’s other dummies in a cold water steriliser.  This did not appear to deteriorate the dummy / teat in any way.  Alex likes the dummy.  It has a little handle which he likes to hook his thumb around and shake the dummy with.  I thought that 10.99 was a bit expensive for dummy even though Ed Hardy is a popular / trendy brand.  The dummy has a great design.  We now use orthodontic dummies for Alex.  I would recommend using the style of dummy, although not this particular one.  Mainly due to the expense.  A great design of dummy, with a trendy motif of an oriental fish, and a handy dummy clip.  But points lost due to the price of the dummy.  Great dummy which my son really liked, but can’t justify the price tag.  Caroline Howarth – Alexander 5 Months



A good quality dummy, easy to clean and nice design and loved the clip.


Rebecca Awarded The Ed Hardy Dummy 4.7/5

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