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Piccolo Desert Selection

At Piccolo we’re all about Mediterranean Goodness: bright sunshine, colourful markets, families eating around the table…We believe that introducing a pinch of Mediterranean goodness helps develop your little piccolo’s taste buds from when it matters most.The Mediterranean approach to nutrition and lifestyle is one which champions good, honest and natural food which has been lovingly prepared, enjoyed with as many people as you can squeeze round your table.

The traditional Mediterranean diet introduces children to a variety of delicious ingredients in early years.It encourages a way of eating which is naturally full of superfoods, crammed with vegetables, pulses, dairy, whole grains, fish & good, mono-unsaturated fats like olive oil.Safe, good baby food doesn’t need to be bland. Adding a hint of mint here or a pinch of cinnamon there helps introduce tiny taste buds to a variety of flavours.
Each Tester received – Mango Pear, Apple & Apricot, Banana Blueberry & Apple,
Cherry & yoghurt 
Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners Baby Deserts Category 2017 

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£1.10 per pouch Available Waitrose, Asda, Ocado, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, Amazon

Piccolo Desert Selection Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Carla Wilton – Leo 10 Months

Carla Awarded
The Piccolo Desert Selection 5/5

Excellent, I
also love the little canvas bag they came with as I can use it again and again,
very handy! The packaging is very eye catching and I like the fact it is a
pouch as they are very easy to use. The instructions are very clear and easy to
understand. I had not heard of this
brand before being sent by Bizziebaby to review. The pouches are very easy to prepare, my baby
eats fruit at room temperature but it is easy to heat if you prefer just stand
the pouch in warm water. My baby loved these deserts, he couldn’t get enough of
them, and he seemed to really enjoy the cherry yoghurt one. I did give it and
try and I enjoyed the taste, you can tell there is no nasty extra flavouring in
them. I think it is important to buy organic because organic should be the best
and I want the best for my baby. The quality is great, nothing I didn’t like. I
think they are good value for money but it would be nice to see them on offer
from time to time. I will definitely be buying this product as my baby really
enjoyed them. I already have recommended. Overall this product is excellent, I
can’t think of a single negative thing to say about them. The pouches are
great, tasty and nutritious. Perfect for at home or on the go. My baby loved
them. Carla Wilton – Leo 10 Months

Tested By
Jenny Rockell – Gabriel 7 Months

Jenny Awarded
The Piccolo Desert Selection 4/5

packaging and good selection of flavours. The packaging is bright, clear and
makes the product look appealing. Clear simple instructions and ingredients. I
have heard of the brand before, but never actively looked out for it or
purchased it. This product is very easy to prepare just open and load some onto
a spoon, then put lid back on and store in fridge when finished. If I was
giving it to an older child I could have just given them the pouch to hold and
squeeze themselves. He enjoyed all of the flavours and seemed to like the
cherry and yoghurt the most as that was the one he ate most of in one sitting.
I didn’t try myself, but my other sons (aged 2, 4) both tried them and really
enjoyed them. I would give them to them as a desert on their own or squeeze
some onto their porridge etc. I don’t usually mind if my children’s food is
organic or not. I do prefer to buy from British companies though to help
protect our economy and support smaller businesses. Great quality, good
ingredients. I think to make this product more desirable the price could be
lowered a little bit to make it more competitive with similar products from
other brands that you can usually get multi buy deals for. It isn’t too
expensive that I wouldn’t consider buying it though. I would consider buying
this product again. I would recommend this product to friends and family. I
really liked this product but marked down due to the price and the fact there
are a lot of brands that do very similar products at a similar quality. As I do
baby led weaning this was the first pureed food that Gabriel had tried. Some of
the flavours seemed to be a bit thicker than others which was great as it
helped the puree stay on the spoon when he was trying to get the spoon to his
mouth. Overall I found this to be a great product with lots of lovely
appetising flavours to choose from, easy to use/store and suitable for all of
my children. It can be eaten on its own or mixed with other foods to add flavour.
I also liked the fact it is recommended by the NCT, which is a charity I trust
to give me the best/correct guidance for my baby. Jenny Rockell – Gabriel 7

Testes By
Kirsty Griffiths – Aurora 22 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Piccolo Desert Selection

Looked like a premium product, something I would definitely choose for
my daughter. Looked appealing and would draw my attention to it in the shops,
also brightly coloured and gave the impression it was good for you. No need for
instructions really but was clear enough with storage guidance. I had never
heard of this brand before prior to being sent to review for Bizziebaby. These are
extremely easy to prepare. She didn’t
like the plain pear one but loved the cherry and yoghurt. I liked the taste of
all of them. It’s not important to me to buy organic but would choose this
organic product again. These are superb quality. Can buy other fruit products for less but
good value for organic. I would purchase
again and I would recommend. Overall organic products are not
a major influence for me purchasing a product however both myself and my child
really enjoy is. Kirsty Griffiths – Aurora 22 Months



Overall this product is excellent, I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about them. The pouches are great, tasty and nutritious. Perfect for at home or on the go. My baby loved them.


Carla Awarded The Piccolo Desert Selection 5/5

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