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Pictionary DS Game

The family fun game that is Pictionary has gone interactive and is now available for review on the DS. Guess words from sketches made by other members of your team.  The words can be objects, people, places, animals, actions or the challenging "difficult”.  Sketch your way to victory with a variety of drawing styles, shapes and colours!  You don’t have to be an artist to play – all you need is a little imagination! There are over 3,000 clues on offer, including adult and junior options, plus 15 ways to play in a variety of single and multiplayer game modes.  The perfect game to enjoy with all the family.

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£24.99 Available all good games retailers (Amazon, Play, Game…) or click online for local stockist

Pictionary DS Game Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Elisa Edney – Toby & Kaiya Ages 7 & 11 Years

Elisa Awarded the Pictionary Game 5/5

My initial impression of the game was a good quality product, nicely packaged & looked fun. The packaging is attractive, sturdy box, not too large either. It took a few minutes to read through the instructions but simple enough to understand & anything which was unclear soon became easier once play had begun. Both 7 & 11yr old understood the game fully and they had no problem understanding the concept. My children would have played this game all day if they could! They had great fun drawing the pictures & laughing at other people’s attempts, I think it is a great way to stimulate their imagination & get the whole family talking & laughing together as a group. I think this game could help with developing your Child’s vocabulary & understanding of some words & it is very good for developing social interaction between various age groups due to the diversity of the game. This game is very simple to understand even for a young child once they have been playing it for a few minutes & once my children got into it they didn’t want to stop playing. After we had played several games as a family my husband & myself had to stop playing even thought the kids still wanted to continue so instead they took it in turns to draw an item from one of the cards & see if the other could guess what it was before the timer ran out. I think the product it very good quality, the board is made from thick cardboard, all the playing pieces are virtually indestructible & the cards are coated. I would happily pay the rrp for this game; I think it will be a game we keep forever. I have recommended this game to several family & friends & those who played it with us during the trial have said they would like to buy one for their household. Fantastic product, great fun for all the family, a game which will never date & stay a favorite with young & old alike. Elisa Edney – Toby & Kaiya Ages 7 & 11 Years


Product Tested By Mandy Beaumont – Millie 11 Years

Mandy Awarded the Pictionary Game 5/5

Very pleased to receive the game. It looked like good fun to play. The packaging was brightly colored with bold illustrations. The yellow was very eye catching. The concept of the game is easy to follow. The only mistake we made was that we began using the adult game cards with our daughter. We soon realized and swapped them over. Millie loves playing this game. It is a fairly simple concept which is appropriate for this age group. This is a super game for children to play. We have played this game all over Christmas with family, friends, adults as well as children. The youngest child was 7yrs. everyone has enjoyed playing it. It encourages children to explain themselves through illustrations rather than words. This helps them to develop lateral thinking. Millie has younger siblings (1 and 3yrs) she has been desperate for them to go to bed in the evening so that we can play Pictionary! It has held her attention throughout the game. We always finish the game. I have happily paid £20 for this game. It seems competitively priced in comparison to some games on the market. I have bought this game for two children as Christmas presents. I would highly recommend it. Thank you for sending us this fantastic product. It has given us hours of fun and lots of laughter. A super game! Mandy Beaumont – Millie 11 Years


Product Tested By Lianne Martin – Kayleigh 9 Years

Lianne Awarded the Pictionary Game 4/5

The game looked good fun was a bit disappointed it had to have so many players because this limited how often that we could use the game. The concept of the game is good and the instructions are also very easy to follow and understand, Kayleigh understood them after a little explaining. I would say that it is more for adults and older children my daughter was interested but it went on a long time for her. It is good for drawing and imagination but I think that my child would enjoy it more if the game was quicker. Its very good quality and if you can play it all the time then its great value for money! we had to wait for visitors and friends to play the game as it needed 4 players or more for each game their is an adult and child selection of drawings which I thought was good it is perhaps best aimed at older children ,overall we thought it was a good family game and fun. Lianne Martin – Kayleigh 9 Years

Fantastic product, great fun for all the family, a game which will never date & stay a favorite with young & old alike.


Elisa Awarded the Pictionary Game 5/5

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