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Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliator with Rose & Lavender

Himalayan Salt is considered one of the purest salts in the world coming from the clean rivers and lakes of the Himalayan Mountains.We have fragranced this gorgeous coloured salt with Rose & Lavender essential oils to stimulate circulation and promote stable pH balance. You will be left feeling refreshed and relaxed with clean, smooth and soft skin.Beauty Tip – Stand in the bath/shower and massage gently into DRY skin and rinse for soft, silky, moisturised skin.Once you have massaged the salts all over, shower as usual, pat dry and apply a wonderfully scented oil. When you dry exfoliate, you will notice the difference even before you moisturise.

Not suitable for children under 3- 
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£12.00 for 320g Available to purchase online

Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliator with Rose & Lavender Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Brook

Product Tested ByKerry Brook

Kerry Awarded The Naturally Made – Pink Himalayan Salt
Exfoliator 4.2/5

This looked good, lovely smell and colour. The packaging is
hard to manage though. The tub looks good but it’s quite impractical to use. It
is hard to close after opening as the grooves of the screw on lid get clogged
with product (salt). It is also quite slippy when wet. The instructions are
very straightforward and simple, although there are no instructions on the
actual product packaging. This product smells luxurious and in use it feels
very high quality. The smell is absolutely gorgeous. Really fresh and
uplifting, one of the best scents from a product I’ve used in a long time. I
dislike the body of the product: the liquid salt is suspended in, it is very oily
and doesn’t hold the salt very well. In use a lot of the product falls away, it
would be improved by using a base that held the salt within it. The salt grains
are large though; which I like but I think causes the problem. I like to use
natural and organic products because I don’t want to put anything on my skin
with ingredients that are artificial or that I feel may harm me or the
environment. What’s washed down the drain is important to me. It is important
to me that the product is certified; this gives me reassurance that the product
is as natural as it says it is. It’s lovely to use so this product does offer
value for money. I would consider buying it again and I would recommend it to
others. I would give it 5 if the salt didn’t fall away from the oil carrier as
much as it does, this feels wasteful. Overall it is really refreshing and zesty
with a great texture. Kerry Brook 

Product Tested By Gemma Slaughter 

Gemma Awarded The Naturally Made – Pink Himalayan Salt
Exfoliator 4.9/5

It is quite a large pot; therefore I thought it seemed quite
good value for money. The packaging was great; it says everything it needs to
and the label does not go soggy which I was pleased about although it is rather
plain and does not have much shelf appeal. Instructions were very simple to
use. This seems like very good quality, one of the better exfoliators I have
used. I especially liked the fragrance; the smell of it is lovely. The only
think I did not like was all of the liquid seemed to seep to the bottom and the
salt seemed a bit sludgy. This does not affect the use of the product though. I
feel that the more natural a product is the less harmful to skin and I prefer
the way natural products are sourced. It is very important to me that a product
is certified. This definitely offers value for money; you get a lot of product
for the price. I would buy this again; I love the way it made my skin feel
lovely and smooth. The smell is absolutely lovely too. I would recommend it to
others and I would also buy as a gift. This product is very good; I would
consider using it again. I think it may look better slightly more colourful if
someone was shopping for an exfoliator/ bath scrub. Gemma Slaughter –
Violet 1 ½ Years

Product Tested By Julie Haines 

Julie Awarded The Naturally Made – Pink Himalayan Salt
Exfoliator 4.9/5

This product is nicely packaged. It looked expensive and
attractive. It did leave a greasy mark wherever I left it; not sure if this
would be avoidable or anything. (This was before I had even opened it.) The
instructions are simple and straightforward. The quality of the Exfoliator is
excellent; I felt like I had been to a professional spa. It smelt beautiful. My
skin went from looking like a plucked chicken to that girl on the ‘Veet’ advert.
The only thing I didn’t like was the mess. I had to stand in the shower cubicle
to use it, and it did make the shower slippy. I like to use natural and organic
products because I think it is better for the skin. I don’t like manmade fake
‘stuff.’ It is very important that products like this are certified. I wouldn’t
trust it otherwise. It is excellent for the money; I have a favourite skincare
exfoliating product, but can honestly say nothing has worked as well on making
my skin look this fab; absolutely terrific. I will definitely consider buying
this again; I MUST have a tub of this is before I get my legs out for summer. I
would 100% recommend this to family and friends. It’s cold outside but I’m
already regretting hiding my legs in jeans. My friends are coming round for
lunch later and I will be showing them my lovely glossy pins. This is a real
spa experience with top results. Julie Haines 

Overall it is really refreshing and zesty with a great texture.               


Kerry Awarded The Naturally Made – Pink Himalayan Salt Exfoliator 4.2/5   

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