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Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag

A vintage inspired shape is the Blooming Gorgeous bag with beautiful range of designs. The features are the same as for our other changing bags but this bag is slightly wider giving you more room for all your baby bits and bobs, on the outside there is a zip pocket and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap. On the inside there are 2 elasticated nappy pockets, 2 insulated bottle pockets, a mobile pocket, key fob, pen holder, zip pocket, standard changing mat and zip wet bag. 38 x 25.5 x 19cm

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Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag Reviews

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Product Tested By Charlotte Horne – Baby Kieren Rankin 5 Months

Charlotte Awarded the Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Bag 5/5

The style of the bag is fantastic for getting the most amount of storage for the overall size of the bag. The bag is a big roomy tote. The exterior of the bag fabric is good and practical. It’s a waxy type material that is soft and playable but also wipe clean and shower proof. Ideal really! The interior of the bag has a bright pink silky lining that gives the bag its quality look and feel. The quality of the bag is very good. No stitching faults or stray bits of thread or anything like that. I also love that there is a canvas square on the base and stud feet so I don’t have to worry about popping it down anywhere. Perfect amount of compartments, especially useful having TWO insulated pockets for bottles. I find the mobile phone pocket to be a bit on the large size and gaps open when I use it for the phone so I use it for notepad for shopping list and other things now. It is a perfectly sized bag and looks as good from the outside half empty as it does when crammed full. A lot of bags I feel I have to overfill with things I don’t need to retain the ‘shape’ of the bag but not with this one! I’ve used it as an everyday changing bag, a swimming bag and an overnighter but I don’t think it is versatile enough to use for laptop bag, school bag and its compartments etc are geared towards baby use. The leather on the straps makes it comfortable to carry and is just the right length. The adjustable shoulder strap is also comfortable and useful when you have no spare hand! The shoulder strap is positioned in such a way that the bag can sit quite comfortable over the handle of the pram too. Length perfect and I love the feel of the leather. Perfect thickness also! I find things much easier with this bag as before I struggled to fit everything I needed into 1 bag and frequently had to use 2 or spend ages cutting down on the things I needed to take out with me. Its much easier now as I don’t have to worry about things not fitting it, I can just pop in extras and go! I love using this bag! Apart from the practicalities, I always get comments on how nice it looks and lots of admiring glances! And who doesn’t secretly love being envied?! I use this bag everyday and couldn’t imagine not having it now!  I have been 100% delighted with this bag since it came, perfectly packaged and not squashed in a box. The box it came in was the size of the bag, and the bag was nicely padded out and wrapping in hot pink tissue paper with a bow. It really does feel like it’s a decadent treat you are opening for yourself and not a functional changing bag! I was parading proudly round the lounge with it straight away; it was amazing to see just how much stuff I could get into the bag. The pockets on the side are really roomy and I love that the nappies, wipes and bottles have their own pockets at the side so that the ‘body’ of the bag is free for other things. I can honestly say I would NEVER use another changing bag now, unless it was another Pink Lining one! The bags are a delight to use and so well thought out. Fabulous! Charlotte Horne – Baby Kieren Rankin 5 Months

Product Tested By Josh Woodley – Luka 17 Months

Josh Awarded the Pink Lining looming Gorgeous Bag 4.6/5

A big, bold bag. I wasn’t too keen on the outer fabric but I adored the pink lining. It looked very well made and well thought out. A very good size, plenty of inner pockets, a well padded change mat and a zipped ‘wet bag’. The leather bags look stunning, but because of the fabrics of the other bags, they seem more geared towards mums of girls. All the Kids Stuff products are aimed at girls, but do look good. The different style of bags is a good mix. The tote bag was perfect for me. I don’t like long strapped bags, unless they’re small, and I don’t want small in a nappy bag! The normal straps are long enough to hook over my shoulder, even with a coat on… just right. The fabric is laminated cotton so it is easy to clean. It is really well made! Does not look like it would fall apart after 6 months! In fact, it looks like it would last more than 1 baby. I like lots of pockets to put things in. There was a good mix of different sizes. But the insulated compartments (2) for bottles etc are nice and deep which is good for some bottle types, not all. I use shorter, wide bottles for Luka, which only just fitted in width ways, and were then very difficult to get out as the bottles were too short for the pockets. Also the pockets for nappies weren’t really that big (I found it easier to store them loose), and were right in front of the other smaller pockets for phone etc, making getting to those ones a bit tricky with nappies in the way. The outer front pocket has a small magnetic closure, which is not particularly strong, and I almost lost a couple of things out of it. Was able to fit loads in the bag. Changes of clothes, nappies, wipes, snacks, drinks, and all my stuff too… Would definitely take it on a plane as hand luggage though… perfect size!  The regular straps were just right for wearing on the shoulder, but there was also a long strap to wear it across the body or over the buggy handles. It was mostly excellent, but there were a couple of features that weren’t quite right for me… Really well made and a really good size. A couple of issues with the size/ placement of the inside pockets for me personally. They are quite expensive, so for me the bag would need to translate easily to life after nappies, which being such a bold floral print, for me, wouldn’t. Also, as I have a boy, so I tend to go for more masculine accessories, so although I love the pink lining, which is their selling point/ trademark, I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself. However, if I were feeling flush, I would certainly look at their products as gifts for mums of girls. Josh Woodley – Luka 17 Months

Product Tested By Stacy Hargreaves – Holly 2 Years

Stacy Awarded the Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Bag 4.5/5

It arrived beautifully packaged and I was really excited to open it, it looked stunning before I’d even unpacked it properly. The products available on the Companies website look very nice and high quality. They all seem both luxurious and useful, although a bit expensive for me. However, I would purchase one as a very special treat! I love the style of the bag, its so comfortable to use and it looks very stylish. Exceptional quality, definitely worth the price, looks like it would handle a lot of use. There are enough compartments for all the little bits and bobs that a mum needs in her bag! It’s the perfect size, you can fit everything you need into it without it becoming too bulky or heavy to carry around easily. It’s a great changing bag and it doesn’t keep falling off your shoulder which is marvelous! It has a shoulder strap attached or you can carry it by the handles, the straps are of a great length and thickness and are most of importantly, comfy. I would also consider buying this bag as a gift for someone who’s expecting, it would be very well suited. I would not have considered buying this bag before, but now I would definitely recommend it and possibly purchase a different one for myself too! Stacy Hargreaves – Holly 2 Years

I can honestly say I would NEVER use another changing bag now, unless it was another Pink Lining one! The bags are a delight to use and so well thought out. Fabulous!


Charlotte Awarded the Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Bag 5/5

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