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Pippeta LED Wearable Hands Free Breast Pump – 2 Pack

NEW Pippeta LED Wearable Breast Pump.
Lighter! Smaller! More Levels!
Every Mother wants her hands free for extra cuddles. Here at Pippeta, we know that mums always have plenty to do, and sitting down to express milk isn’t always convenient. That’s why our Pippeta pump makes it possible to pump while on the go. Being small and lightweight this pump can be worn inside your nursing bra, with no tubes or wires – it’s truly hands free!
With a soft silicone cup that fits snug around your breast, the Pippeta pump makes the journey of breastfeeding much easier. Simply remove the cup from the pump and empty into your baby bottles or freezing bags.
Quiet, comfortable, easy to clean and easy to assemble. Pippeta pump takes away the fuss!

Handsfree – Hospital grade performance
A true pumping powerhouse, the pumps come with a whopping 60mmhg – 300mmhg of pressure, which is unrivalled!
Extra spare parts
Unlike other breast pump brands, all Pippeta pumps come with extra spare parts within the box, ensuring a more reliable pump if anything goes wrong.
All Pippeta pumps feature our advanced anti-backflow and air-pressure pulse technology within. Unlike other pumps on the market our pumps come with 12 suction levels in all 4 modes which is industry leading.

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Pippeta LED Wearable Hands Free Breast Pump – 2 Pack Reviews

Product Tested By Philippa Lee – Theo 7 Months

Philippa Awarded The Pippeta Handsfree Breast Pump. 2 Pack 4.5/5

Nice box and presentation. Pumps seemed sturdy and is small however it isn’t as slim as I would have expected and has a slightly awkward shaped. Nice colour. Good design as fitting it together is quite straightforward and intuitive. Again, didn’t appear that discrete in my bra due to the shape ( and maybe because I have a petite frame so seemed a little awkward). The pumps could definitely be slimmer as I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing this in public/ work which was I was hoping to do. It was quieter than I expected ( I had read reviews saying it was loud but I think the sound is quite subtle). The design itself is intuitive to put together. I found the different settings could be explained more but I didn’t have an issue as I just used automatic most often as this combined massage and express. This was completely hands free and comfortable. I definitely liked having a 2 pack as it’s quicker when you’re in a rush to pump and go however I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity. I sometimes would use 1 for both breasts as the battery life was very good and then use the second as a spare in case I forgot to charge. Very easy to assemble. I especially liked that they give 2 charging cables so didn’t need to wait to charge one which is handy. I found it very effective in producing a good volume of milk in a small amount of time. I didn’t use all 12 suction levels in all the modes. I found automatic easiest to use and didn’t think it needed that many levels or modes. I didn’t feel any discomfort and really did think the pump function was excellent and I had no complaints. I used the massage mode and it was effective. I used this mode when I had a blocked milk duct and I felt it helped with that. I loved that it turned off as I often would forget to turn it off as need to help toddler. It also helped the charge last for a longer time than I expected. I really liked the suction strength- it didn’t fall off despite me going hands free and it produced a good volume. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all either. Easy to clean as dishwasher compatible. It is easy to transport as it is very light and it is small. I would take it to visit friends and family. I will probably take it to work when I go back to pump during on calls even though it’s not the most subtle. I used it a few times a week. It definitely is good value that they provide extra spare parts. I liked the comfort during pumping and strong suction which meant it stayed on my nipple. I think it’s a very effective hands free pump. Definitely a high quality product- sturdy and effective. It is good value for money considering it’s a double pump however I probably would have just bought a single as I think it would been sufficient and is cheaper. I would consider buying the product as a single. But I don’t think a double is necessary. Although I would look at the main competitor Elvie to see how discrete that is in comparison as I do think that is an important point for a pump on the go. I would recommend because it works very well and it’s easy to use. It is easy to use- pretty much self-explanatory. The suction is excellent – very good volume of milk produced. As I described above, I think this is a good product and I had a very good experience. I genuinely will tell my friends and family about it and wholeheartedly recommend it as I think it’s a good product that does what it should. In truth, I think there’s a bit more frills than are needed. I think you don’t need 12 levels for each of the modes: I was very happy just using one mode. I liked that the charge stayed for a long time and I didn’t need to charge it too often. I was also impressed that it comes with all the extra parts. I think it shows a good company and I have no doubt if I have issues in the future, I would be able to contact them for any broken/ lost parts. However, I had really hoped I could just pop it in at work and continue with my day but I just don’t think it’s discrete enough for that and would make my colleagues uncomfortable. However, I’m more than happy to use it while at home and looking after my toddler and baby as it allows me to be able to move around freely. Having 2 pumps was handy for when I was in a rush and wanted to do it quickly ( which is quite often with the toddler) however I think I would have been fine with 1 and not sure it justified the extra cost for 2! Philippa Lee – Theo 7 Months

Product Tested By Christina Fontaine – Rae 7 Months

Christina Awarded The Pippeta Handsfree Breast Pump. 2 Pack 4.2/5

Beautifully packaged, huge range of spare parts and accessories. Initially thought design was good, relatively simple to assemble/disassemble. Whilst the instructions are good at explaining how to set up the device there is little to no instruction on what the settings mean. Automatic is self-explanatory but if this is first time using a Pippeta breast pump it is quite difficult to find information about exactly what the 3 modes (massage, expression and lactation) mean. Could not even find this information on the Pippeta website. Whilst easy to use, this device really does not work with large breasts. Did not fit in my bra so difficult to keep a good fit and therefore leaks milk. Compared to the Pipetta Compact LED protrudes much more so just did not work with large breasts. Excellent that there was a timer so you could see how long you’d been expressing for. Suction comfortable as appropriate range of flanges provided so could fit to my nipple size. Lactation mode helps as large breasts stopped my nipple from fully fitting into the pump. Excellent to have two pack as could express from both breasts at the same time. Very easy to assemble, not many parts. Very easy to charge via USB. Extremely effective on lactation setting – loved this mode!. Great to have different suction levels as was able to adjust to the lowest suction needed to effectively express milk. I found the massage mode effective at stimulating letdown. Timer very effective as usually do not pump for more than 20mins. Due to large breasts and difficulty fitting device in bra I had lots of problems with keeping suction unless on lactation mode. Very easy to disassemble and clean. Excellent for travel, compact, easily fit in bag. Excellent it comes with extra spare parts, especially providing a range of nipple flange sizes for optimum fit. Good quality – felt sturdy even after dropping. Beautiful colour. Feels like a luxury item. Very reasonably priced when compared to other pumps on the market. Just does not work for large breasts. Have tried the Pippeta compact and this is the better product for large breasts. Overall I think this is an excellent reasonably priced pump and would recommend. Great product that really caters to different nipple sizes with no worries about difficulties in charging/not having enough spare parts. Looks beautiful and great to have different modes to allow optimal expression. However, I just do not think this product is suitable if you have large breasts. It will not fit in your bra and move around causing milk to be spilled which is very frustrating. Overall I was frustrated with this device because although it worked it required me to hold the pumps to my breasts as it just didn’t fit me. Having tried the Pippeta compact the device depth/width is much smaller and therefore fits better in the bra. Christina Fontaine – Rae 7 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Redmond – Maia 12 Months

Hayley Awarded The Pippeta Handsfree Breast Pump. 2 Pack 4.4/5

It is a lovely yet simple box and on opening there is a QR code directing you to an instruction video which is perfect for a new mum/busy mum who hasn’t got time to read through an instruction manual. Everything was really well wrapped and it’s great that both pumps come with the pieces already in the right place so that you can see how it is meant to look when correctly assembled. I liked that both pumps already had enough charge in them for a full pump and that there are so many spare parts, and additional parts for each pump. It is simple and easy to use the Pippeta and assembling it was super easy after disassembling it for cleaning straight out of the box. The pieces all fit together easily and the order of assembly is quite intuitive. I like that the pumps are very easy to use and that the levels go up to 12 so that you can find the perfect setting for each breast. The flanges fit really well and its really easy to see the settings screen on the pump when it is use by just looking down. I did find it a little bit tricky to see where my nipple was in the flange as the pump got in the way of my line of sight but I could use a mirror to check if it didn’t feel right. It charges quickly and has a decent battery life. I do wish that a storage bag was included. I was delighted that there is an easy to scan/find QR code on the inside of the box that leads straight to a YouTube video with a really simple and useful instruction video on it, this is exactly what a mum with a newborn/new baby needs when starting pumping. I thought the instruction manual was good, it didn’t specifically say not to put the washable parts in the dishwasher which I think is needed as I am able to with my electric pump and it makes life a lot easier for me. The imagery and written instructions are clear, comprehensive and understandable and I found it quite useful to see what other products they have through the couple of adverts also in the manual. It is very useful that they are quite clear about bending down with the pump on and how this would invalidate the warranty as it’s a simple mistake to make so needed mentioning. The Pippeta is easy to assemble and put onto the breast although I did find I needed a mirror to check positioning as the pump was in the way of my line of sight. Once it was on and working it was very comfortable and it was easy enough to run through the levels until I found the right one for me. The LED display is very easy to use and self-explanatory. Having 2 handsfree pumps is an absolute game changer for me as I have three young children and so find it difficult to find time to sit and pump during the day. Having the Pippeta has meant that I have been able to do all of my mummy duties whilst knowing that there was going to be a bottle for my partner to give Maia at the end of the day. I think having two is really worth the investment as not only does it half the pumping time required but it also means that if you do just want to pump on one breast (maybe whilst feeding on the other) there is another pump ready to go without having to wait to wash and sterilise the other one. I found the Pippeta more gentle that my Spectra pump but almost as efficient, there were the few occasional times where suction was lost if I picked up a child or moved too much in a certain way but I think this is inevitable when you are moving around whilst pumping. As they come already assembled and you have to disassemble them to clean it is very easy to see how they are meant to piece together as soon as you take them out of the box. The arrow on the valve is useful for ensuring positioning as well as the little ears for the linker having somewhere to sit in the cup. It is very simple and easy to assemble. It is easy to charge and keeps the charge well. The charge point has a cover too which is handy for using with a product that collects a liquid. Having 12 suction levels in all 4 modes was effective. Depending on the time of day it is, how recently I have fed from the breasts and my general mood I change which levels I am comfortable with all of the time so it’s great that there are so many to choose from. I find that in the day I have a higher tolerance which means I can also pump more quickly and at night I need a bit less suction so can lower the levels. My Spectra pumps has a decent number of levels but with 12 on the Pippeta it did feel like I could find a more perfect level for me without feeling like it was a little bit too strong or not strong enough. I found that I was able to collect almost the same amount of milk with the Pippeta’s as with the Spectra. I only used the massage setting once as for me pumping is a chore and I want it over with as quickly as possible but it wasn’t unpleasant and did help to get the milk flowing. I sometimes forgot I had these on after a while, especially over half term when I had all 3 children at home with me so had this not had a 20 minute shut off I possibly would have worn them until we left the house! I never pump for more than 20/25 minutes at a time so it was great to know that I didn’t have to clock watch and my pump would finish when I needed it too. Although the suction wouldn’t reach the strengths of my Spectra I did find that I would collect about the same amount of milk with the Pippeta after 20 minutes (probably would take about 12-15 with the Spectra) but as it is hands free and I can get on with my day wearing the Pippeta I am happy to pump for the extra few minutes and the suctions levels didn’t cause any issues with my nipples. The parts are easy to hand wash and dried pretty quickly but I was disappointed that it didn’t directly say that I could wash them in the dishwasher and it recommended hand washing as this is an additional chore that I don’t have with my Spectra pump. My daughter is 12 months old and no longer needs any food/drink items sterilising and so I haven’t had to handwash any baby items for a few months and having to do it with the pump was annoying but I honoured the instructions to keep the longevity of the pump. The pumps are definitely lightweight and easy to travel with but for the price I would have expected some kind of travel bag to come with the pumps. I ended up using Ikea zip lock bags to transport it in which were effective but not very pretty! I used it on average twice a day. I think that this is a massive selling point for this product and is unbelievably generous of the company. I think having different sized flanges was great as it meant I could get the perfect fit for me without having to order any extra parts and having more parts than what is needed means that for the first few months of pumping you don’t have to worry about having to order new bits and can focus on the pumping and the baby. I have owned 4 electric breast pumps over the past 6 years and Pippeta are by far the most generous with add Ons and extras. I am honestly so disappointed that this wasn’t available to me when I really struggled to feed my first child back in 2018. The start of our breastfeeding journey was me exclusively pumping for him until he gained enough strength to nurse and I felt so miserable being attached to a pump plugged in to a wall 10 times a day, particularly at night. Having this pump as a mum of a newborn, particularly a first-time mum would have meant my mental health wasn’t so affected by breastfeeding in the first few weeks. I think wearable breast pumps are the most simple but revolutionary idea in the last few years of baby products and think the Pippeta is a god send to pumping mums. I can’t find any fault with the quality of the pieces or the pumps as a whole. The products are all well designed and work well together and nothing appears cheap or fragile. I believe the pumps will have a great longevity and the hard working pieces like the valves are of the same quality as my hospital grade standard pump. The Pippeta is one of the cheaper wearable pumps on the market but is honestly comparable to my hospital grade standard pump and makes me wonder if the much more expensive pumps, like the Elvie, are actually worth the much higher price tag. I think the Pippeta is incredible value for money and wish I had bought it a long time ago! I wish I had bought this as soon as I found out about wearable pumps but I always thought the cheaper pumps. couldn’t compare to my Spectra. I was very wrong and think any new mum should have these on her baby registry. I have already recommended these to my sister-in-law who is due at the end of the year and will recommend to any new mums in the future. They are easy to use, effective, allow you the freedom of movement and are very reasonably priced for a double pump. The Pippeta double pump is effective and even though it isn’t quite as effective or efficient as my hospital grade pump the freedom of movement that it offers over the plug-in pump makes the additional time needed to pump not an issue. It comes so well packaged with a lovely little ‘stay fabulous’ message on the inside of the box and a very easy to find and follow instructions video. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and come with a generous amount of spare and replacement parts that a lot of other companies don’t offer. I think it should be suitable to clean in the dishwasher and could come with a carry case/bag. In summary I think the Pippeta is a fantastic wearable breast pump and wish I had this for all 3 of my children. It is great value for money, easy to use, quite easy to wash and almost as effective as a hospital grade plug in pump. I was sceptical that it wouldn’t be comfortable, would slip out of place easily and wouldn’t collect much but I was wrong on all 3 counts and actually found it easier to use and wear than any other breast pump I’ve tried. Hayley Redmond – Maia 12 Months

I think it shows a good company and I have no doubt if I have issues in the future, I would be able to contact them for any broken/ lost parts. However, I had really hoped I could just pop it in at work and continue with my day but I just don’t think it’s discrete enough for that and would make my colleagues uncomfortable. However, I’m more than happy to use it while at home and looking after my toddler and baby as it allows me to be able to move around freely. Having 2 pumps was handy for when I was in a rush and wanted to do it quickly ( which is quite often with the toddler) however I think I would have been fine with 1 and not sure it justified the extra cost for 2!


Philippa Awarded The Pippeta Handsfree Breast Pump. 2 Pack 4.5/5

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