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Pittapatta Barrier Cream

Our Cheeky Barrier Cream is a nourishing blend of mango butter, shea nut butter, Jojoba oil and vitamin E oil. Plus a bespoke blend of herbs (devised by Founder & Naturopath Alex Field) that is specific for young sensitive skin. The cream is formulated to soothe and nourish the skin of babies and young children.

Helps protect against nappy rash
Helps soothe eczema and psoriasis
Soothes and protects skin exposed to wind or cold weather
Helps with itching that is often associated with pregnancy.
Contains Mango Butter – which has wound healing properties

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£9.50 Available to purchase online

Pittapatta Barrier Cream Reviews

Product Tested By Holly Markham – Amanda 15 Months

Holly Awarded the Pittapatta Barrier Cream 5/5

I really love the smell or this cream; it’s very fruity and works great for sensitive skin. Amanda has been suffering from mild eczema and I used this cream with every nappy change, after two weeks it had cleared her eczema really well. The redness has gone and she now has a lovely soft baby bottom! The plastic tube is safe and easy to use, I also like that this is environmentally friendly and the product hasn’t been tested on animals. I took this away with us on holiday and it didn’t leak, it’s also light enough for transporting too. It’s a good price for a lovely cream, and id highly recommend for any red baby bottom! Holly Markham – Amanda 15 Months

Product Tested By Jessica Almond – Wendy 14 Months

Jessica Awarded the Pittapatta Barrier Cream 5/5

I have tried numerous products before to try and get rid of Wendy’s nappy rash, but most of them have been too thick and have made it worse. I really liked the smell of this when I opened it, and I was pleased to see that it’s not too thick or too runny. It has worked wonders for a sore bottom and I have also used this on my cracked elbows! It smells wonderful and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, we use this every day and still have lots left over. I’d definitely buy this as it’s a lovely cream and I really like the company’s environmental ethics, this for me makes the product good value. Jessica Almond – Wendy 14 Months

Product Tested By Andrea Griffin – Harry 19 Months

Andrea Awarded the Pittapatta Barrier Cream 4.7/5

It looked a nice quality product the packaging was good.  I liked that it was a natural skincare product and had been approved by midwives. The packaging looked expensive and was cute with the baby elephant design.  I think design of the packaging reflected that the product was more expensive than others I’ve bought. As with all creams that are squeezed the problem is that often too much can be squeezed out… however, this cream was so thick that it was easy to control the amount dispensed. The cream is easily absorbed despite it being thick.  I used it on my face too and it rubbed in very well. My son was suffering from dermatitis on his back.  The doctors had prescribed E45 cream which made him break out in a terrible rash all over his back so we had stopped using it.  This cream calmed his skin down from the first use and by the end of the week the dermatitis had vanished and his skin was silky soft again.  I was so impressed that I used it on the dry areas on my face and on the dry patches on Harry’s legs and again it worked brilliantly. The cream was incredibly soothing and cleared up Harry’s dermatitis, now I use it once/twice a week to keep his dry skin at bay. At first I applied the cream every night after bath time for a week then down to once/twice a week. Whilst expensive, I would be happy to pay more than usual for quality, natural products that work. If Harry’s skin flares up again I would buy it and certainly have a look at the other products in the range especially the bubble bath! This was a lovely natural product that did what is said on the packaging, it worked well at easing dry skin.  I’m a big fan of natural products especially those which are paraben & sulphate free which this is.  I care about what I put on my baby’s skin so loved this product. Andrea Griffin – Harry 19 Months

Product Tested By Gina Elliot – Harry & Freddie Ages 2 Years & 9 Months

Gina Awarded the Pittapatta Barrier Cream 5/5

This looked really nice, I liked the soft muted colours but I thought the corners of the tube were a bit sharp. The creams consistency is very thick which is good but this does make it difficult to squeeze out. It absorbed very easily into the skin and you can feel the barrier, I tried it on my own hand. Neither of my children suffers with eczema and I didn’t try this for cradle cap but both children had bit of nappy rash whilst using this cream and the cream helped and made it better. I used this about 5 times daily and it seems to easy nappy rash and the redness. The quality of the cream is nice, it’s a very soft cream and easily absorbed no harsh perfumes, only thing I would mention is the sharpness of corners of top of tube, I caught my palm on it a couple of times and it was very sharp my youngest likes to play with the creams when I’m changing his nappy so I cut the corners of this and it was ok. Overall the cream was lovely and I think it’s a good price. Gina Elliot – Harry & Freddie Ages 2 Years & 9 Months


I’d highly recommend for any red baby bottom!


Holly Awarded the Pittapatta Barrier Cream 5/5

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