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Play-Doh Activity Table

Play-Doh: Discover the wacky world of Play-Doh with this Activity Table. A brilliant introduction to Play-Doh, this colourful table is crammed full of stuff to do for hours of creative fun. Six tubs are included plus two studio figures with Play-Doh hair. Grab the scissors and comb and give them a haircut before pushing down to make it all grow back! Use the dough machine to squeeze out a shape or two and then mix them all together to create unique looking models. There are even two ice cream cups, roller and waffle machine for making a Play-Doh meal. Serve up your tasty-looking treats with the forks and plates for a brilliant pretend feast! Complete with 10 colouring sheets, six wax crayons and six markers, little artists won t be able to get enough of the Play Doh Activity Table. An ideal gift for kids aged three and up. Warning not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard – small parts

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Play-Doh Activity Table Reviews

Product Tested by: Brigitte Murray - Amber 3 Years and Jack 1 Year

Product Tested By Brigitte
Murray – Amber 3 Years and Jack 1 Year

Brigitte Awarded The SAMBRO Play-Doh Activity Table 3.7/5

My daughter was very excited when the box arrived as she
loves play-doh and the pictures and colours on the box made the activity table
look like a lot of fun. Pictures and colours used on the packaging made it a
recognisable "play-doh” branded product.
The table was cleverly packed with no excess packaging. The instructions
were by pictures only but this provided enough detail to work out how to
assemble everything. It was quite easy
to put together and take apart. The design of the table itself was very clever
and I particularly liked the storage compartments in the legs for the play-doh
and the compartment in the middle for the pens and crayons. Where the product is let down is in with the
utensils for making things with the play-doh; the hairdressers chair was
difficult to twist for me let alone for my daughter so the play-doh hair didn’t
quite work, the waffle maker and dough maker didn’t fit securely in place and
the dough maker required a lot of effort for very little output. Essentially
the only thing I really liked about this activity table was the inbuilt
storage. But I would not spend £31 for
that feature alone. The novelty of the activity table wore off pretty quickly
for my daughter once the frustration of not really being able to use the
utensils properly and easily set in. I think the idea behind this product is a
very good one, and the design of the table itself is very good, but the
play-doh utensils were flimsy, not held securely in the table and consequently
not very easy to use by me, let alone by my 3 year old daughter who is the
target age for this product. So whilst
this product has a lot of promise, I think improvements need to be made to make
it more user-friendly. Brigitte Murray – Amber 3 Years and Jack 1 Year

Product Tested By Katie
Roberts – Logan 3 Years

Katie Awarded The SAMBRO Play-Doh Activity Table 3.9/5

The table is colourful but a little bulky. It is good that
it includes the play-doh and it looks fun with different activities. The box is
informative and not too big. It is eye catching. The instructions to fit the
table together were fine but there were no instructions to inform of how to do
the different activities around the table. The quality is good and the table is
sturdy but the play-doh pots do not stay in the legs very well. I think it
needs to include a mat to protect the floor from play-doh too. I would say the
activity table should be priced £22-26; I would not go to buy it if priced at
£31. I do not think I would buy the play-doh activity table now that we have
had the chance to test it out as my son is soon bored of the activities on the
table and it takes up quite a bit of room as it cannot be folded down easily. I
would not recommend just for the reason that my son did not play with it as
much as I’d have liked for the price of it. The play-doh activity table is good
if you have the room to store it and if your child enjoys crafty things and is
imaginative. My son enjoyed making play-doh waffles on the activity table and
giving the people hair-cuts. However he found it quite difficult putting the
people on the chair and taking them back off. The shape maker did not seem to
form the shapes properly. It is a good point that pots of play-doh are included
in the box but I think it should also include a messy mat to protect the floor
from play-doh. The colours are great and it’s good the way that the table top
can form a normal table by folding the flaps down, however I think it would be
even better if the table could be made a bit more storage friendly. Katie Roberts – Logan 3 Years

Product Tested By Amy
Rowe – Ava-Jean 4 Years and Daniel 7 Years

Amy Awarded The SAMBRO Play-Doh Activity Table 3.9/5

My initial impression was very good. When I saw the box I thought
it looked like something both my 2 older children would definitely enjoy. The
packaging is colourful, eye catching, shows exactly what you get inside. The
instructions were just normal instructions which tells you where things go, but
it was very straight forward so were not really needed. The quality was pretty
good. Some parts were not that great, i.e. the scissors, but that’s no big deal
really. Overall I was happy with the quality. I think there was a lot in the
box, lots of play-doh and play-doh shape makers, squeezy bits etc. Also felt
pens and pictures to colour, but I don’t think I would want to pay over £30 for
it. It’s quite small; smaller than I expected. I think the product is good,
even my 7 year old enjoyed it but I think maybe slightly over priced. I think I
probably would recommend it to friends and family. It’s still a good toy/creative
activity for kids, and they will definitely enjoy using it. It is smaller than
you expect. My daughter who has just gone 4 had to sit on the floor with it and
it was still small for her. Some of the bits to it a little flimsy but it was
fun for them to play with and they did really enjoy it. There were lots of
different things to do. This is good for children maybe aged 2-5 because of its
small size. There are lots of different things to play with the play-doh,
moulding shapes, cutting, squeezy parts, crazy hair play-doh heads, plus
drawing and colouring. It kept my 2
older children busy for quite a while. I think the price could be a little
lower. The pots of play-doh are quite small too. Amy Rowe – Ava-Jean 4 Years and Daniel 7 Years

I think the idea behind this product is a very good one, and the design of the table itself is very good.


Brigitte Awarded The SAMBRO Play-Doh Activity Table 3.7/5

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