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Play to Learn Walter Worm

A fun wriggling character with different textures to explore and a rattle activity. Pull Walter´s tail to watch him wriggle.
Activity toy with Rattle and teether – pull to extend and wriggle back function.
85% Polyester, 15% Cotton excluding trims. Filing 100% Polyester


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£8.00 Available online Amazon, Kiddicare or click online to find local stockist

Play to Learn Walter Worm Reviews

Product Tested by: Jannine Lishman – William 6 Months

Product Tested By Jannine Lishman – William 6 Months

Jannine Awarded The Play to Learn Walter Worm 4.7/5

I was very impressed by the quality of the product and the materials used. When choosing an activity toy for my child I look for quality of product in relation to price, the ease of which my child will be able to use the product and the learning attributes of the product. This product has all these attributes. The product only came with a tag which is great for its carbon footprint. There is only one way to use this product and you wouldn’t need instructions to discover how to. I was extremely impressed by the qualityof the materials used for the worm. They were very tactile. The mechanism was also very smooth.  It’s made from excellent high quality materials. This toy cannot be attached to a cot or buggy.  My baby loved holding the toy and feeling all the different textures.  My baby could feel and touch the toy but was too young to be able to pull the tail and set it off by himself.  We did have fun with me pulling it and placing it on him whilst it was vibrating. He did like playing with it, but like I said above, my baby was unable to operate the toy alone at his age. I found this toy safe and sturdy. I was very impressed by the value for money. And the toy will never need batteries etc. to make it work so it will last indefinitely. I will definitely be buying one as a gift in the future. I would recommend this to everyone. The quality is excellent. We enjoyed playing with the toy; I just wish the pulley had a little longer in it so it would vibrate for a little longer.  Jannine Lishman – William 6 Months


Product Tested By Kelly Brown – Ethan 15 Weeks

Kelly Awarded The Play to Learn Walter Worm 4.3/5

I thought this was very bright and colourful. I loved the big eyes on the worm. This toy is very colourful to catch your child’s attention. Vibration is strong and lasts a good length of time to make Ethan laugh. It could have done with some little bits of fabric hanging off so he could grab it himself. It is a lovely toy to interact with your child but not a product to give to your child alone until they are a little older. It’s also good for the child to hold when falling asleep as most of the product is soft. The rubber ring on the end is good for chewing on when teething and also good for clipping onto the cot or play pen. When looking for a toy for my son I look at the price and the products attractive colours and features. This activity toy has it all. There was no packaging or instruction with this product. The quality was excellent; well-made good quality materials used. The textures were great; bright colours that attracts babies attention. I think this is too big to attach to a buggy but ok for a cot. My baby was tooy oung to play alone with this toy and would be better when he is about 6 months old as would be able to do more with it.  He did enjoy it though. It is a well-made product with great quality materials used. I think it offers excellent value for money; it’s a very good price. I would buy it but I would wait till he is about 5/6 months old.  At his age I wouldn’t buy it just yet. I would recommend it to others. It is a lovely colourful interactive toy to get the attention of your little one. Kelly Brown – Ethan 15 Weeks


Product Tested By Rebecca Pearson – Joshua 7 Months

Rebecca Awarded The Play to Learn Walter Worm 5/5

What a lovely activity toy. I couldn’t wait to give it to Joshua. I always look for design, name (trusted brand) and entertainment value when choosing toys for my son. This activity toy is great and Joshua loves it. It didn’t have any packaging or instructions as was simple to use. The quality was excellent; I was really pleased with it.  My son loved all the different textures on it and he loved the wriggle feature. I only used this in the house and never tried to attach it to his buggy or cot. The play factor is great and it can also be used as a teether. Joshua loved it and enjoyed playing with it.  I had no concerns at all with him playing with it as it felt safe and sturdy.  It offers excellent value for money and I will definitely be looking at other items to purchase. I have already recommended it to my sister.  It is a lovely activity toy, that is well-made and my son loved playing with it.  Rebecca Pearson – Joshua 7 Months


I would recommend this to everyone. The quality is excellent. We enjoyed playing with the toy


Jannine Awarded The Play to Learn Walter Worm 4.7/5

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