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Playfoam® Combo 8 Pack

Playfoam may have a new look, but rest assured the product inside still offers the same mess-free creative play fun!Children simply shape it into anything in their imagination before squashing it down and starting all over again. PlayFoam is completely mess free, it does not stick to hands, clothes or carpet. It never dries out, use it straight from the box for creative play on the go. The bead-like structure promotes sensory perception and fine motors skill development and the vibrant colours can be mixed to create multicoloured shades. Best of all, its non-toxic formula offers safe creative play for youngsters.Includes original and sparkle pods in eight vibrant colours.
Suitable 3-11 Years


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Playfoam® Combo 8 Pack Reviews

Product Tested by: Ann Hodnett – Katie & Joshua – Twins 3 years

 Product Tested By Ann Hodnett – Katie & Joshua – Twins 3 years

KatieA warded The Learning Resources Playfoam Combo 8 Pack 4/5

Looked fun and less mess than playdoh. Packaging was very good. The children wanted only1 colour to start with and making objects was limited. This was entertaining, fun to play with and my children loved this. I think the product is very age appropriate, I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children. They had great fun at first but then wanted to press shapes out like you can with playdoh, they got a little frustrated when things wouldn’t stand up because the foam lost contact with itself.  Easy to mould and break.  Easily contained but did make some surfaces tacky.  The quality of this product is very good. For us does offer good value for money. I would purchase this product and recommend.  Fun, mess free way to play. It encourages play with textures and thinking.  My children liked it a lot.  Ann Hodnett – Katie & Joshua – Twins 3years

Product Tested By Debbie Howe – William 4 Years

Debbie Awarded The Learning Resources Playfoam Combo 8 Pack 4.6/5

 Looks interesting.  Packaging good and attracts your attention. The size of each piece of foam is perfect amount to mould by itself. My son and his friends and family have spent hours playing with it.  All have been fascinated initially and then enjoyed making various things. I did wonder how long it would entertain my son for but he still enjoys playing with it regularly. It does keep William’s attention. It has been a football, ball to play catch with, juggling balls, an alien, beard, bird seed etc.  It helps with child development as they can get creative and everybody is fascinated with the look/feel/mould ability! Foam is very easy to mould and very user friendly.  Even when my son spread it around the lounge pretending it was bird seed it was easy to gather together again as it sticks so well.  Quality is great.  After a couple of months of being open it is still in good working order.  It does have a few pieces of wool mixed in with it from the carpet but it doesn’t seem to have affected its performance.  I do feel this is quite pricey.  I would purchase this and my mum has already bought some for her grandchildren to play with. I would definitely recommend.  A pleasure to test a good quality, entertaining product. Thank you.  Debbie Howe – William 4 years


Product Tested By Holly Henderson – Harry & James – Twins 5 years

Holly Awarded The Learning Resources Playfoam Combo 8 Pack 4.5/5

Looked great fun.  Arrived well packaged and packaging was appealing and could see the product clearly. My boys were eager to start using. I found the size of each foam piece adequate and liked the fact you had range of colour choices too. My boys absolutely loved this they have had so much fun. Moulding the foam helped them be creative, play together and the whole family have joined in making fun items from this foam. It certainly keeps them entertained for hours. They have made so many different items from this foam and still working well after months of use. A fun interactive moulding foam, great fun for children and adults too as the whole family would join in. Helps them think about things to create, use their imagination.  Amazing how easy it is to mould and then roll back into a ball and start all over again. This is pretty great stuff and not messy at all (I thought it would be). Has a few bits stuck to it but that is expected as been used so often and picked up bits from the playroom floor.  Age suitability ideal and great interactive imaginative foam. Quality is excellent. Price I thought was high but after seeing the play entertainment this has given to my boys well worth the investment. I have already purchased more for my children’s group and think this is a great gift idea.  I have purchased, have recommended.  We had so much fun with this .A simple yet highly entertaining toy. Holly Henderson – Harry & James– Twins 5 years






Fun, mess free way to play. It encourages play with textures and thinking. My children liked it a lot.   


 Katie Awarded The Learning Resources Playfoam Combo 8 Pack 4/5


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