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Playfoam® Original Starter 4-Pack

Squeezing and sculpting the colours into shapes helps fine motor skills and develops hand-eye co-ordination. Create shapes and patterns using vibrant original green, purple, orange and blue colours, or mix them together to create your own personalised mega multi-coloured ball.

Playfoam provides creative play for children. This unique creative play product will only stick to itself, not to hands, hair, clothes or carpet. Playfoam never dries out so can be used time and time again. Use straight from the packaging for immediate creative play opportunities. Child-friendly formula ensures safe creative play activities for children as young as three. Encourages imaginative thinking as children squash and sculpt. Playfoam’s bead-like structure promotes sensory perception and fine motor skills. Set includes four pods in vibrant original colours.

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Playfoam® Original Starter 4-Pack Reviews

Product Tested By Lyn Shephard – Frankie 8 Years

Lyn Awarded The Playfoam 4/5

I thought that it looked colourful, bright, intriguing and messy. A great concept that the product can be used over and over again, doesn’t dry out, doesn’t stick to anything or stain and a great sensory product. Very easy to use, a little sticky when first opened but soon becomes less so. My daughter got very creative with this product, making a snowman and a candy cane with it. She enjoyed playing with this product very much and said that she found moulding it and squishing it very satisfying and calming. She did enjoy sculpting this into her own designs after the initial stickiness it was much easier to mould and sculpt. This did keep her entertained but I think if she was younger she would have got more entertainment from it. It never dried out which I think was amazing and very cost effective as it would last a long time. For sensory perception I noticed my daughter moulding it and squishing it with her hands while watching TV or reading. I think she found it very calming to play with and I think for younger children when developing their fine motor skills and strengthen their fingers for writing would be amazing.  It didn’t stick to anything and she played with it on the sofa and on carpet and everything was fine and no colour came from the product either.  My daughter played with this several times a day, sometimes making models with but mostly as a sensory/comforting product. I think the ideal age is around 5 with supervision. I thought the product was of a high standard, safe to use, clean and great educational benefits. I thought it was very good value for money and was surprised by the reasonable cost especially as it doesn’t dry out, would be excellent in nurseries and schools. She said she found it very satisfying to play with. I would buy it again if she was a little younger or just as a comforting sensory product to calm with. I would recommend because of value for money and the educational/sensory benefits. I will give it a 4 but its only not getting a 5 because there is nothing to store the product in after. I feel a little storage tub to keep it in for travel or convenience would be ideal. My daughter even asked me “where do I put it when I’m done?” A great product, value for money, sensory and educational, calming for a child with special or additional needs, satisfying to play with, creative but needs better storage solution. Lyn Shephard – Frankie 8 Years

Product Tested By Laura Whalin – Emily & Maisie – 9 & 7 Years

Laura Awarded The Playfoam 4/5

Looks great fun. It’s very good how it just sticks together. They both found this very easy to use. They enjoyed trying to make different shapes but most of all putting all the colours together! They also enjoyed sculpting with this. They did enjoy playing with the foam for quite some time and showing their friends.  Liked that it dries out so can use over and over again. Loved that it did not stick to hands, clothes etc. They have used this every day since receiving the playfoam.  Personally I felt that it was more suited for 7 years and under, my 3 year old nephew didn’t like the texture and left it alone! This is a good quality product. Good value too. They liked the fact they could leave it out and it wouldn’t dry out, the colours are great and look amazing mixed together. I would not buy this but if my children were younger then yes but as their getting older they tend to play with other items. I would recommend to those who have young children/toddlers definitely as its great fun. This item was great fun, the texture is different to play dough or moon sand and it’s a lot easier to tidy up after use! Would be a great product if small pots were included for storage. Laura Whalin – Emily & Maisie – 9 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Jolene Gosling – Harry 8 years

Jolene Awarded The Playfoam 4/5

Well packaged, colourful and an ideal pocket money toy. Great creative play idea. Very easy to use, colours mixed well and easy to mould together. Harry enjoyed mixing the colours together to create different things.  Harry started off sculpting people and then mixed the colours. This did keep him entertained for a short time.  He soon got bored. It is good it dries out and can be used time and time again. He got bored it could be put away until he wanted to play again. Short bursts of play. The playfoam is fantastic as it’s not like play dough which gets stuck in things but I did find lots of tiny little balls of it on the carpet but that could easily be hovered up. Probably used it 5 -6 times but only 10-15 mins each time.  Appropriate for an 8 year old and younger but 11?? Not too sure on that age. Good quality and easy to use. Packaged well.  Good value as a great pocket money spend. My son liked mixing the colours but for an 8 year old boy I don’t think it was ideal toy for my son. I would not buy it for my son but I think it would suite a younger girl. I would recommend as it is a good product just not for us. Good value, packaged well, easy to play with.  Excited to use this first time around but then the excitement t wore off. My son is an outside kid so I don’t think this was suitable but would make an ideal birthday present for all the kids party’s you go to. Jolene Gosling – Harry 8 years



A great product, value for money, sensory and educational, calming for a child with special or additional needs, satisfying to play with, creative but needs better storage solution.


Lyn Awarded The Playfoam 4/5

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