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PlayMais Bucket

This PlayMais Basic bucket is packed with more than 500 bricks made from maize, semolina and water, and coloured with natural food colouring. Simply add a little water to the sponge provided and touch the blocks on the sponge and they will magically stick together…no glue and minimal clean-up for mum and dad to clear away – just feed it to the compost bin. Let them loose with their imagination and they will be creating houses, cars, people and animals in no time, and just watch how many mums and dads get stuck in too!

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PlayMais Bucket Reviews

Product Tested By Lucy Shaw – Holly & Leanne Ages 5& 6 Years

Lucy Awarded the Playmais Bucket 5/5

This is such great fun and I was impressed with the amount of contents in the bucket, I thought there would be a lot less. Both my girls enjoy making models and crafting things so they really enjoyed this. The bucket is great because it stores the Playmais inside and you can take it along withyou if you go out too. They managed to make the recommended models on the instructions together and also enjoyed making other things too, such as love hearts and flowers. This is really fun and great for the creative imagination,and at such a reasonable price. Had a lot of fun with this and I will be recommending, it’s fantastic! Lucy Shaw –Holly & Leanne Ages 5 & 6 Years


Product Tested By Madeline Cardy – Matt & June Ages 3& 4.5 Years

Madeline Awarded the Playmais Bucket 4/5

I thought this looked very interesting and June wanted to play with this straight away. The playmais bucket is great because it allows you to store things in it and it also makes it portable. Matt wasn’t so interested in this on first impressions but as soon as he saw June playing withit he wanted to have a go too. They both really enjoyed making things together and for once they didn’t argue or get upset! They both made lots of little characters and enjoy playing with them afterwards. I think it’s good value and I will buy more from Playmais for my little ones as they really enjoy it and itgets their imagination working. MadelineCardy – Matt & June Ages 3 & 4.5 Years


Product Tested By Jacqueline Ekoh – Courtney 3 Years

Jacqueline Awarded the Playmais Bucket 4/5

I was not totally convinced that my child would beinterested in playing with the product on first impressions. The bucket with a cover makes it easy to carry the Playmais around and prevents a mess but the contents break easily and become mushy when wet. This product would be more suitable for children from age 4 or 5 but my daughter found it very interesting. She used the Playmais to create lots of fun characters. The instructions were easy to follow and my daughter was able to make the recommended item using the contents. She spends a lot of time creating new characters such as snakes and even people. Lots of reception aged children will enjoy playing with this product. It gives them an opportunity to beimaginative. My daughter and I have fun playing with Playmais, It gives my daughter the chance to imaginative and create her own characters. My six year old niece enjoys it too. Jacqueline Ekoh– Courtney 3 Years

Had a lot of fun with this and I will be recommending, it’s fantastic!


Lucy Awarded the Playmais Bucket 5/5

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