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PlayMais Generic Box Set

PlayMais is an eco-friendly, green and fun new modelling material. Play with it, build with it and get creative  with it.  PlayMais is a revolutionary craft toy using 100% natural ingredients.  Sweetcorn and plant dyes are moulded into a colourful building material, which, using just a dab of water, stick to each other. Like all simple ideas, its brilliant! Once you start you can’t stop – this is THE ideal crafting toy for young artists! Not only is PlayMais fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, all of the packaging and box contents are too – even the cutting tool in each pack is made from the cornstarch! PlayMais has already won awards in its native country Germany, and is taking the UK market by storm, currently holding accolades from the NATLL Good Toy Awards, the ToyTalk Awards and Creative Play

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PlayMais Generic Box Set Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Venetia McDade – Lucina 6 Years

Venetia Awarded the Playmais 4.8/5

Great idea that allows children to be creative without mess. Large box, colorful and everything included in the pack. The quality of the contents is fantastic but we found that the knife was not sharp enough to cut through the product without sawing and therefore misshaped the pieces. But it is a plus that it wasn’t too sharp I guess! All my children aged 7 down to 2 were able to use the product. My Daughter found using the product much easier when left to her own devices rather than me encouraging her to follow designs in the book. She did struggle in some areas, especially with the pieces that needed use of the knife, with scissors she found doing this much easier. She makes the items to store as decorations rather than play items because this is what she prefers. She has definitely enjoyed using this product and we have had no tears or tantrums! Items can be added to or changed at a later date and everything needed is in the box except some water. Absolutely would buy this, I’ve avoided in the past thinking it would be messy but it’s fab. A great product to entertain a family on a rainy day. I already have raved about it to several people and it’ll make a great gift item. We loved this product. From my husband and oldest child, down to the youngest, we’ve all had a great time with the playmais and it lasted really well, both in terms of amount of product in the box and lifespan of creations. Venetia McDade – Lucina 6 Years


Product Tested By Nicola Place – Olivia 6 Years

Nicola Awarded the Playmais 4/5

Nice bright box, ideas of how to use on the front are good too. The packaging is good too but it would be great to have a zip lock to keep the contents more secure once opened. A good quality and light disposable product. The recommended age is highly appropriate and my daughter got very creative with it. The playmais sticks to cardboard; consequently she made some lovely collages with the product. The generic box gave pictures but she was not required to make specific items. She preferred experimenting and making her own ‘inventions’. Most of the items made have now been disposed apart from some collages; she did enjoy but has not played with it for a while now. An enjoyable disposable crafting product. Nice bright colors, light and easy to use, definitely recommended for creative children. Nicola Place – Olivia 6 Years


Product Tested By Emma Secouet – Daniel 3 Years

Emma Awarded the Playmais 4.5/5

I liked the fact that the product is organic and environmentally sound. Packaging wise, the cardboard is a little thin, and has squashed a bit in storage between play, and become less sturdy. Lovely quality of the contents. I love the fact it is made from organic materials and will decompose naturally. My son of 3 loves it, and my baby girl of 18 months has even had a little play, and enjoyed sticking the mais together. Several aero planes and rockets were constructed by my son that he thoroughly enjoyed. We did not attempt to make the recommended item, as my son is only 3, and doesn’t have much patience to make large constructions. We concentrated on making smaller models. Daniel has played with the models we made, they are a little worse for wear now though but he had fun making them. H loved playing with this product and found it really funny. I think the price is very reasonable and I would consider buying it because we have used most of the contents, so I intend to buy one for Christmas so the children can make our Christmas decorations from it. Great to find something original that will appeal to all ages! Very enjoyable. I loved spending time with my son doing a craft activity that he enjoyed. He has never been interested in art and craft, so it was nice to be introduced to something he would like and that I could bond with him over. Emma Secouet – Daniel 3 Years

We loved this product. From my husband and oldest child, down to the youngest, we’ve all had a great time with the playmais and it lasted really well, both in terms of amount of product in the box and lifespan of creations.


Venetia Awarded the Playmais 4.8/5

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