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PlayMais Jungle

PlayMais pieces are made of maize, water & food colouring! No glue needed – simply add a little water!
The natural starch within the pieces allows you to stick them together and build your jungle scene!

With this kit you create it all – the scenery, the jeep & the animals.

7 pre-cut cardboard sheets and over 500 PlayMais pieces.

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£16.99 available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

PlayMais Jungle Reviews

Product Tested By Sharon Elliot – Sophie 7 Years

Sharon Awarded the Playmais Jungle 5/5

I liked the look of the product it is a very colourful box and I liked the theme with the animals. It was easy to unpack. The box was easily breakable though so not as good for storing. The quality of the contents was very good, the card inside was robust and there was lots of playmais to work with. The chamois provided was good as well and easy to use. I think maybe the age should be a little older for the product though, 3+ would be with help from an adult some of the hand and feet shapes e.g. the monkey need a confident cutter. My daughter loved making the animals and wanted to make trees and other animals with the left over playmais. She set up the background and made the animals, but she found cutting the monkeys feet out slightly difficult and making the stands work on the animals. I asked my daughter if she enjoyed the product she said it was really good and she really enjoyed it and making the animals. I think it should be slightly cheaper and come in a better container than a box. Maybe some sort of cutting shapes could be included to use with playmais for children to create the feet if they can’t use scissors. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family. We really enjoyed doing this. The chamois provided was easy to use and dry and there was no mess. It is a great imaginative toy and is a toy that can be added to and extended. Sharon Elliot – Sophie 7 Years

Product Tested By Amanda Warry – Carley & Warren Ages 8 & 10 Years

Amanda Awarded the Playmais Jungle 4.5/5

The box was very exciting, Carley and Warren couldn’t wait to play with it. They both worked together very well with this and made all sorts of different things, flowers, food, people and even animals! I was pleased that there wasn’t a lot of mess with this too and it kept them both entertained for ages with no arguments! It’s a fantastic creative tool and Warren usually gets bored of being creative but he seemed to enjoy this a lot with his sister. We have put the finished items on display on the shelf downstairs so they can be admired can’t get broken. I think the price is good for the fun and development factor, we will definitely buy more! Highly recommend, such fun. Amanda Warry – Carley & Warren Ages 8& 10 Years

Product Tested By Kirsty Galbraith – Francis, Rebecca & Matthew Ages 17 Months, 9 & 11 Years

Kirsty Awarded the Playmais Jungle 4/5

The product was packaged in a basic way but I don’t think it needs anything fancy as the box has to be practical and sturdy to store the playmais. My children made all sorts of different creatures with the Playmais, pretend food, vehicles and people – the sky really was the limit. It is very good for imaginative play. Both my 9 and 11 years old had no trouble with this and they managed to make the recommended items. It’s delicate once finished and is better kept on display and not played with but the kids were very proud of their creations. On a wet half term afternoon it certainly filled a couple of hours and more were made the next day. I think £10 would bea more affordable price but it is good and its great fun! Brilliant craft and imaginative toy for a wide age range, good for motor skills too. Kirsty Galbraith – Francis, Rebecca & Matthew Ages 17 Months, 9 & 11 Years

It is a great imaginative toy and is a toy that can be added to and extended.


Sharon Awarded the Playmais Jungle 5/5

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