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Hands up if you love to playteachers… ask this question to any group of children and loads of hands shoot up. Kids love school… especially when they’re the teachers.playteachers is a role play game which provides children aged 4-10 years with the opportunity to create their very own mini classroom. It can be played with friends, family or even dolls and teddies.With our new playteachers packs imagination has no limits as children can have fun creating their own school using the props enclosed with each pack.

the children’s game which encourages imagination through playbuilds confidencedevelops speaking and listeningis perfect for a mini teacher-to-be
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 and Bizziebaby Silver Award Winners 2017 – Toys 5 years Plus Category 

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Playteachers Game Reviews

Product Tested by: Emily Crombie – Emilia 5 Years

Tested By
Emily Crombie – Emilia 5 Years

Emily Awarded
The Playteachers Game 5/5

Great for
school role play. Packaging good and
comes with resalable bag. The game is pretty self-explanatory. My daughter understood the concept of the
game but big sister often helps. Great play value. Liked the white board pen
for writing on the various cards. My
daughter enjoyed playing this game and kept her interest. Good quality
laminated card therefore white board pen rub off so can be used again. My only suggestion would be to have multiples
of some of the cards so can be played with more children. Nothing I disliked about this game. Great value for money. I would purchase and certainly
recommend. Lovely set for role play,
great preparation for school. Emily Crombie – Emilia 5 Years

Tested By
Sarah O’Neill – Leah-Mae & Freya – 7 & 4 Years

Awarded The Playteachers Game 4.2/5

It is a
goodgame for those who have good imaginations and into playing teachers.
Nice that it all comes in alittle plastic bag with handle so you can keep
everything all together. Personally think it is slightly overpriced. It was ok
just standard packaging and could fit through post. Nice little plastic bag to
keep everything together. The game concept is verystraight forward and
can use straight away no need for arranging things or setting things up before
they can play. My daughters understood the game. They can play this game
however they wish to use it. My children loved playing this game and have a
very good imaginationand role play when using the game. It’s very good
for helping taking in turns as one can be the teacher whilst the other is the
pupil then they can swap round and have two different sides to the game. My
children are very much into playing teachers so they don’t lose interest but
other children who maybe not so much into playing teachers could lose
interestquite quickly. They play with it all the time take it in
turns to pretend who the teacher is and who the pupil is. They have also used
the stickers in general and like to give them out to peopleas well as use
them on their own sticker charts. Some of the things could be easily ripped but
its good quality wipe board card for them to use over again. I do feel like it
is a bit expensive for what it is especially if they use it every day the
stickers can easily run out and have no more room left in the register book. I
like the fact that all the awards are made wipe ableso they can reuse
these every timethe use it. After playing with the game I don’t think I
would consider buying it, as much as my children have enjoyed playing with the
game I feel like you could get other things similar around for a cheaper
price. I would mention the product to friends. My children have loved
playing with this pretending to be their school teachers and getting to give
each other the same awards as their school which they have enjoyed doing. Sarah O’Neill – Leah-Mae & Freya – 7 &
4 Years

Tested By
Anita Snell – Mia 5 Years

Anita Awarded
The Playteachers Game 4.7/5

Looked a good
quality game as my daughter loves pretend play.
Also liked the fact came in a resalable bag so you can keep everything
safe in one place. Game is very easy to
understand. Mia totally understood the
game and really had fun playing teachers.
She loved playing this game using her imagination and having fun being
the teacher and in charge. Helped her to be more creative coming up with ways
to think of awards for her pupils and she loved creating a timetable for her
and her friends. Also good fun for
parents to join in too. This helped her to be in control, take turns and to use
her imagination to think about ways to create her own timetable and handing out
awards. This game certainly kept Mia and her friends entertained and amused and
is played quite often in our household.
I do think it is a little bit expensive but when you take into account the
playable value worth the investment. Has
certainly kept Mia happy. The quality of
the contents is good and liked the laminated board and Mia loved the
stickers. Nothing we really disliked
about this game. I would purchase as a
present and would certainly recommend.
Would be ideal for Nursery schools to have this game in the classroom.
Great little game, ideal for Role play and my daughter really loved her
Playteachers set. Anita Snell – Mia 5

Nothing I disliked about this game. Great value for money. I would purchase and certainly recommend. Lovely set for role play, great preparation for school.                                                                              


Emily Awarded The Playteachers Game 5/5

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