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Plum Baby 12Mnths+ Big Meals

Feeding your baby is a joy, and can give you, as a parent, a real sense of satisfaction. It can also be messy and chaotic and we know you’re pushed for time, so we’d just like to offer a little help, guilt-free!

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£2.39 ea Available at Tesco, Boots, Morrisons, Ocado, Waitrose and online

Plum Baby 12Mnths+ Big Meals Reviews

Product Tested by: Hayley Doe – Alexander 14 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Doe – Alexander 14 Months

Hayley Awarded the Plum Baby 12mnths Big Meals 4.7/5

Fantastic! They taste very original, even my husband liked them. The nutritional benefits have every thing a child needs. The packaging is great, it’s interesting and traditional. It can also be eaten at room temperature straight from the pot! What could be easier than that? They taste great so the ingredients must be good. The pots are also big so they are great value. I would definitely consider buying it and have already recommended it to others to try because I can’t fault it. My son really enjoyed these two products – he nearly finished the pots each time and they are not small! I will definitely buy these again. Hayley Doe – Alexander 14 Months

Product Tested By Annette Linden – Rosie & Annie 1 Year Twins

Annette Awarded the Plum Baby 12Mnths Big Meals 4.1/5

They smelled absolutely lovely; however I thought they looked a little greasy. The website is very professional, beautifully designed and inspirational. It makes me want to buy their products. The Giant Couscous was absolutely lovely and the girls loved it. I personally didn’t like the Cape Curry but the girls were more than happy with it. Both are quite greasy/oily. All good quality ingredients and interesting different flavors. I think the packaging is lovely. Looks very good quality. It is great to pop in the bag; however it does still need warming up. I wouldn’t want to give it to the girl’s cold as it is quite greasy. I think both products are high quality and use top quality ingredients. Although I understand that this is a premium product, I do think it is a bit pricey. It could perhaps be a little less oily as you can taste the oil when eating it.  I would happily buy it as the girls loved both varieties and both are unusual flavors and make a difference to the usual pasta offerings. The only thing that would stop it being a regular purchase is the price. I would gladly recommend this especially if someone’s child was being particularly picky with food as this might just make them try something new. A good quality product, which was enjoyed by my girls greatly. I do feel the price point is a little too high to make it a regular purchase. The product is very oily and although it smells lovely when being cooked and served, I could still smell the products on my girls’ breath for two days! I did like the products though as they are unusual flavors and the girls seemed to like them and wanted more. Annette Linden – Rosie & Annie 1 Year Twins

Product Tested By Narva Davidson – Izzy 14 Months

Narva Awarded the Plum Baby 12mths Big Meals 4.8/5

Large sized pot, colourful and easy to read label, very eye catching. Certainly stands out on the supermarket shelf.  The website is very user friendly, and colorful to browse through. The FAQ’s section has some really useful info which I have not seen on other baby sites. Its layout is easy to use, from ordering on line, to the mums on line community. You can sign up to a newsletter, and have a read of recipes. Overall, a nice readable web site.  I have tried other baby foods, and this tastes like real food! You can taste the ingredients and the different flavors. It has a lumpy texture, great for little ones. Because it’s organic I feel it is beneficial. 44% of the ingredients are veg, then 15% organic mango puree. There are no preservatives used and on the web site it says that the food is packed under high stream pressure, and with the airtight seal provides the long shelve life. Its very easy to use, outer wrapper easily comes off and the seal on the pot is very secure, but again easily comes off. Vey convenient as it is a meal in a pot, however my only negative would be not having a reusable   lid, as sometimes Izzy didn’t eat the whole pot whilst out, and knowing she would eat more within an hour, left me with a pot with no lid. Hence I had to  throw away, as I had no way of keeping it safe, I will in future use the travel pouches off plum food, or take a spare little pot out with me if I am out and about. I tasted the food and it’s lovely! Izzy enjoyed them! They certainly look far more appealing than other baby foods and u can see the ingredients in the food itself. They are expensive but I do think you get what you pay for, and I would buy a small selection to use over jacket potatoes and pasta. On the website it says you can freeze the food, so I would do this, split a pot into 2 and add some carrots, etc to make a meal.  The expiry date is long so a good store cupboard item. The taste could not be improved in any way, its lovely as it is. Izzy loved the couscous with chicken, squash and red pepper! The pots I tested I would never in a million yrs be able to make myself, and wanting to give Izzy a varied diet with lots of tastes and textures, it is an ideal way to introduce new flavors. The pots don’t contain any eggs or diary products, so again a big positive for children who have problems with eating diary foods etc.  Excellent for all the above reasons. The pots take the guilt away from not having home cooked every meal! I cooked everything for my first daughter and froze it, but these pots allow flexibility and quickness when required, and also a base to add other ingredients if wanted. The different pots combine the flavors so well, and I certainly won’t turn my nose up to one over a jacket potato!  Well worth spending the extra money and you and baby/toddler won’t look back and discover the jars aren’t that nice! Narva Davidson – Izzy 14 Months

Fantastic! They taste very original, even my husband liked them.


Hayley Awarded the Plum Baby 12mnths Big Meals 4.7/5

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