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Plus-Plus Basic 240pc Tube Construction Building Toy

Contents: 1 x Plus-Plus Basic 240pc Tube
Can be used with other Plus-Plus Regular pieces found in other sets
Open ended play pattern encourages 2D and 3D creations
A perfect STEM educational toy which encourages fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience
All pieces are the same size (2cm) and can be constructed to any shape or size
Product Description
Plus-Plus construction, lets you turn your creativity into reality. Each tube contains 240 piece of one shape, in multiple different Basic colours which offers endless opportunities. The open ended play, allows you to create models in either simple or intricate 2D or 3D builds.

You can also follow inspirational how-to-videos on the website Once you’ve completed your build, take apart and start again to create something completely new and then store back in the clear tube to take it with you on the go! There’s lots of other colour combinations to collect too.

Its the perfect STEM educational toy that stimulates fine motor skills, creativity, focus and patience. Plus-Plus can be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine to keep it hygienically clean.

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Plus-Plus Basic 240pc Tube Construction Building Toy Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 6 Years

Nicola Awarded The Plus-Plus Basic Tube 5/5

Initially I thought it was very small – much smaller than I expected for the price. I love the concept. It sparks imagination in children and an alternative to other toys out there. Very good instructions simple and easy to understand. For my child’s age the pieces were very easy for him to hold. The variety of pieces in the tube was perfect for my son’s imagination to create different shapes/characters. To start with he was just making 2D shapes but it didn’t take him long to venture into making 3D shapes. This has been played with every day. It has become a very popular toy in our house. He has been sharing it with his 8 year old sister who has also been enjoying it. My son does play with this with his sister and she is really enjoying this toy too. We haven’t got any other sets but it’s good to know as we will definitely add them to the Christmas lists. We love the size and shape of the packaging. It is perfect for taking away on holidays. This has been great for keeping my children’s attention away from the usual screens. My sons patience has become a lot better than it was before. My son enjoyed making Minecraft figures. I did not know you could place the pieces in mesh bag and wash in washing machine. Another great addition to why this product is very good. My son loved being able to be creative. I loved seeing the pleasure in my children creating things using their imagination. This is very good value for money. Quality is very good as hey are extremely sturdy pieces. I do agree 5+ is ideal age as pieces are quite small I am not sure many under 5s would be able to grip very well. Also fear of swallowing. I will definitely be purchasing some more Plus-Plus sets for Christmas presents for us and others. I would also buy this set as it has been very popular in our family. Great toy and would recommend and I already have. We loved this product for quality and it gets played with a lot. Nicola Jenkins – Nathan 6 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Duncan – Lily & Poppy – 9 & 6 Years

Caroline Awarded The Plus-Plus Basic Tube 5/5

Looks fun with the bright colours. Good to let the kids use their imagination as there are many possibilities that can be made. Lily was able to follow and copy the instructions, Poppy struggled building the man as the instructions show 2 or 3 pieces at a time and it wasn’t obvious to her how the parts at the back were to be connected. The pieces are a good size for their smaller hands to hold and fit. I think it’s a case of the more the better to build more creative things. There was sufficient for one to play with it, but they argued over there not being enough when they both wanted to play with it. They were mainly building 3D shapes. They played with this every day. As soon as on as one was playing with it, the other wanted to join in. The girls liked making lots of little spider characters with them for role play games. Knowing you can add to the set is good, but this is the first Plus-Plus set we have had. However, it would be great to have more with some additional shapes. Great that is comes in a tube as it needs to be stored easily to keep it all together when you take on your travels. This is definitely a good STEM educational toy. The pieces are quite intricate and can be connected in a few ways. So it allows them to imagine what they want to build and then think about how they can do it. Depending how they’re joined they may not stay together, so they need to persevere. My children enjoyed making lots of little 3D spider characters (fitting several together). I did not know you could wash these pieces in the washing machine and very beneficial as it means they can be kept for a lot like Christmas longer. My children loved being able to use their imagination. I liked the fact it was small and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Expansion packs can be suggested for birthdays/Christmas and make it even better by having more possibilities. It is a bit pricey for the number of pieces, but being able to buy in small amount over time is a benefit. Good quality as none of it broke and it’s strong enough to go in the washing machine. The pieces are quite intricate, so aren’t really suitable for younger children. At 6 and they 9 they enjoyed the challenge of these unusual shapes and their possibilities. I would buy other Plus-Plus designs to integrate with this set and to allow them to build more. I would buy this set as it was good at keeping them entertained and allowed them to play together. They really enjoyed playing with it. I would recommend as it is a universal product, I can’t see why any child wouldn’t enjoy it. Great toy to foster imagination, dexterity and just have fun. Nice bright colours. Interesting, unusual shapes with a few ways of fitting together. Endless possibilities for model building and being creative. A popular toy that they keep asking to play with. Caroline Duncan – Lily & Poppy – 9 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Andrea Kemp – Lucy 6 Years

Andrea Awarded The Plus-Plus Basic Tube 4.5/5

When the item arrived it was in a tube but you could see the product from about half way down due to the clear plastic casing of the tube. It looked very colourful and like it had many pieces in the tube. The concept of the Plus-Plus building toy is great as it sets out the foundation for children to create and use their imagination to make some wonderful objects. There are many colours and pieces to use and you can make so many different things but you have to really think about how you will connect it to get the desired results you want. I found the instructions fairly easy to read although to be honest Lucy used the little pictures to create some of the designs she could see which I though was a great starting foundation. The pieces were ok although on the small side which Lucy found a little frustrating when trying to connect pieces together. Sometimes she found that as she finally connected one piece another would fall off which put her off and she would have to come back to it after a break. The colour choices were good and there was plenty to be able to form various different creations without too much issue. Lucy did comment about why isn’t there a nice pink in there but she loves the colour. Lucy has enjoyed making various different shapes with the building bricks to start with she made more flat based objects but as she has become more confident and also being helped by my husband she has worked out how to build more effective box shapes. Lucy has been back and forth to the Plus-Plus building bricks as she finds it better to build bits at a time so will spend an hour with it then go off and do something else and will then come back to it. Lucy finds it frustrating if bits disconnect while building which she will then leave it until a later date. Lucy has enjoyed building things with her dad as he is very good at construction so they make a great team she has also let her little brother George have a go although he finds it very tricky as he is only 2 but he enjoys passing her pieces and it has been great for counting and colours. Lucy has seen that they do the Plus-Plus in other colour tubes and is already eyeing up some of them as she has a great idea for a princess and dragon themed building. I think it’s great that they have many sets as it really is a great toy for using imaginative play. The tube is great for storing the pieces but we also took a tray with sides so that Lucy can build the pieces in the car or at other houses and it all be kept safe and in one place as it’s easier to tip the pieces out of the tube when you are building so need something to put them on. As a parent who’s occupation is a Manager in early years I have to admit this product does offer so much educational bonuses for children, it’s not only the fine motor skills and the concentration it’s also the counting, problem solving, number recognition when seeing how many pieces you have in certain colours it has so many educational aspects which is great to see in a toy and the way it makes them use their imagination is amazing. Lucy has been enjoying making various creations from people to flowers to enchanted lands the list is endless. It has been great to see Lucy use her imagination and to think up so many different things to create. I think it is great that the toy can be machine washed as it takes away the whole faff of trying to get them clean and having to pick the pieces out the sink and drying them all this way you can wash them and hang them up to dry in the bag. Lucy has liked various different aspects the fact she can create different things with it plus that you can buy other colours to add and combine to make even bigger creations. Lucy has also really enjoyed using the bricks to help her with maths as she finds they are great to put in groups and do adding and subtracting and multiplying in such a fun way which makes this product very diverse. I like the fact that this product makes them think outside the box and use their imagination and thinking skills, seeing one piece not look quite how Lucy wants it to and seeing her problem solve to work out how to make it right again. This product takes a lot of concentration as it can be quite fiddly but it provides lots of entertainment for my daughter and it’s been great to see what ideas and creations she has made. I would say this product is great value for money it is a very inexpensive product that provides lots for the child to do and provide copious amounts of entertainment and is easy to store away and doesn’t take up loads of room on the shelf which is a bonus. The quality of the product seems very good the pieces seem to be firm and connect ok with little signs of any wear or damage after quite a lot of use, The product can be cleaned easily to which is great. My daughter is 6 and although she found it very fiddly it is definitely age appropriate for her so the age bracket is definitely perfect. We have already looked at other Plus-Plus sets and Lucy has picked out some that she wants to make her creations even bigger and better so we will definitely be buying some more to add to the collection. They are such a great prices as well and easy to store so make a great addition to the set we already have. I would definitely buy this product it’s not something we really paid attention to before but since being given the chance to review it has opened our eyes to the product and what great amazing things can be created. The usual things like Lego seem to be in the forefront but I would definitely recommend this as an alternative to spark your child’s creative side. I would definitely recommend these sets to friends and family and actually they would make a great gift for a child that is maybe a little different to what they might usually get. I think the product is great value and can be added to as well which is amazing. This product is great and give amazing foundations to spark the children’s imaginations and creative minds but can be a little fiddly and tricky for the younger age bracket. This product definitely needs a lot of patience and time but the end results are definitely worth it. This product is amazing for sparking the curiosity and imaginative side in the children. They can make so many different creations with this product and with the added bonus of other sets can even develop them further. My daughter is 6 and found it a little tricky to build the pieces together and a little frustrated when some of the pieces disconnected while trying to assemble but overall she has had hours of fun with this product. The pieces are very small but store away nicely in there tube and we used a tray with sides to tip them onto while my daughter was making her creations. The price of the product is great and really won’t break the bank and would definitely make a great gift for another child to. There is a piece of paper with some designs on in the tube which my daughter found great for copying to help get her started and used to creating different things she started with the easier designs and has slowly built up the confidence to make more complex items. This product is great as a family activity and my husband has definitely enjoyed helping our daughter make some lovely things which has been so lovely. Andrea Kemp – Lucy 6 Years

Product Tested By Habiba Begum – Mikaeel 5 Years

Habiba Awarded The Plus-Plus BasicTube 4/5

I thought it would be bigger but they were tiny pieces. It was a good concept. Easy to connect together. My son was able to follow the instructions to build what was shown. The pieces were easy to hold and put together. My son was able to use the pieces to build different things but I feel the shape of it can make it difficult sometimes. My son was able to build 2D and 3D models using the pieces. This would be used once or twice a week but my son did prefer his other building toys. This is the first time we have had a Plus-Plus set so good to know you can add to your collection. This is a very good travel toy as it can easily be stored in a travel bag etc however because they are very small pieces it will be easy to lose some pieces too. This is an ideal STEM educational toy as my son was able to be imaginative when playing with the toy. He enjoyed using the instructions to create the figures. If it gets dirty it is beneficial you can pop in mesh bag and pop in washing machine if gets too dirty. My son enjoyed being creative as well as following instructions on things to build. I liked that it was colourful and easy to take with us when travelling. It is a good toy and reasonable price. However, I feel there are other building toys that will be more easier to use for the children. Quality is very good. This is ideal for 5 years plus and my son found it easy to play with and use. I would not buy this as my son did prefer his other building toys. This product was enjoyed by my son as he likes to build and he enjoyed following the instructions provided. It was also a good size to take with us when travelling. Habiba Begum – Mikaeel 5 Years

I do agree 5+ is ideal age as pieces are quite small I am not sure many under 5s would be able to grip very well. Also fear of swallowing. I will definitely be purchasing some more Plus-Plus sets for Christmas presents for us and others. I would also buy this set as it has been very popular in our family. Great toy and would recommend and I already have. We loved this product for quality and it gets played with a lot.


Nicola Awarded The Plus-Plus Basic Tube 5/5

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