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Plus-Plus Puzzle By Numbers – Rainbow

Plus-Plus is one shape with endless possibilities!

Plus-Plus Puzzle By Number® Rainbow 500 piece combines the artistry of a paint by number with the satisfaction of a puzzle into a unique creative experience.

Using the enclosed pattern, fill in the design by matching each number with the corresponding color. When you are done, display it on a table or hang it up as room decor – no glue or ironing required!


500 color mix pieces (Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Purple, Pastel Blue, Turquoise, NEW Coral, NEW Apple, NEW Lilac)
1 pattern flyer

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Price £22.99 Available Amazon and Toymaster Stores

Instagram: @plusplus_official

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2023 Puzzles Category

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Plus-Plus Puzzle By Numbers – Rainbow Reviews

Product Tested By Erin Parnell – Daughter 6 Years

Erin Awarded The Plus-Plus Puzzle By Numbers Rainbow 4.4/5

The box was very well presented, and we were instantly excited to open it to find out what we were doing! We loved it, found it easy to follow, and once I explained the colour/number key to my daughter she was off! The instructions were great, it was very simple to follow. My daughter and I knew instantly what we needed to do and were very excited to get started on our rainbow. The puzzle was very easy, the colours were clearly distinguishable and we knew which ones referred to the ones that were on the sheet. Differing from other puzzles, all the pieces were the same shape, so only knowing the colour was fine. The pieces were hard to handle after a while due to the edges, and how small they were, and they didn’t easily squash together to match the picture below, so it required some adult pressure to push them together closely enough to mirror the image on the sheet somewhat. My daughter enjoyed the puzzle and the imagery, although she has not done a “paint by numbers puzzle or artwork” before she still found it interesting to do. She enjoyed the bright colours and being able to do it herself. She was very proud of her puzzle and it is now on her bedroom wall next to her bed as it is a very pretty picture! This is now on display on her bedroom wall next to her bed. It didn’t take too long to complete, which is a little unfortunate (she is 6) and maybe took a maximum 1 ½ hours (with some adult help for squishing). She wanted to just have fun with the pieces and create her own picture. I am not sure if it was the piece size or shape or the colours. She completed the puzzle in 2 sittings across 1 day. Although we did not need to wash these puzzle pieces I can see how this would be beneficial, children often get grubby hands from all sorts, so knowing it is washable safely is a great benefit. She enjoyed the fun of creating the puzzle with its bright colours and also the fulfilment of showing off her finished piece. I do agree that the quality is great however the price is quite expensive for a puzzle you can only complete once, although you can have fun with your imagination with the pieces, like all puzzles once it is made it is done. Very good quality pieces, instructions and imagery. I am not sure on the upper age limit, as my daughter has only just turned 6 and completed it very quickly, so perhaps an older child might not find it as much fun. But not having an older child to check it on, it is difficult to say. Although we did enjoy the puzzle and it looks great on her wall, I think due to the price point we would not buy another. I would not recommend purely based on the price – nothing to do with the quality. As I mentioned it is a lovely puzzle as with all puzzles once it is completed it is done, although you can use the pieces and your imagination my daughter did not want to unmake her rainbow, instead she wanted it displayed in her room. This is a great quality puzzle, that can be washed which is an added benefit. The bright colours help maintain focus for the child and I know she had great fun making it. She shows it off to her friends when they come and play. If it weren’t for the price point, we would definitely buy more. Erin Parnell – Daughter 6 Years

Product Tested By Charlotte Wallace – Daughter 6 Years

Charlotte Awarded The Plus-Plus Puzzle By Numbers Rainbow 4.2/5

It looked interesting and I was curious how it would work and how it would hold together enough to hang on a wall. I think it’s excellent and a great way to extend the colour by numbers concept. It is clear how to build the picture, although if the pieces aren’t clicked in tightly they can be tricky to line up correctly over the pattern and mistakes can be made. However I’m not sure how else to show this. Perhaps a duplicate of the pattern but in colour and smaller so you can count the pieces? It was a bit tricky for her at first, but soon got the hang of it. We found it very tricky to build the 3D figures from the online instructions and found these instructions difficult to understand. She didn’t put them together closely enough so as the puzzle grew it was a bit tricky to match it to the instructions. However she held them ok and managed to work it out closely enough. My daughter was excited to see her rainbow coming together. She was very proud and wanted to put it on the wall. When I told her she could make something else with the pieces she initially didn’t want to break it up. I’m afraid we didn’t put it up anywhere but she had it in her room. My daughter completed this over 3 evenings after school and before dinner. Once she had enjoyed looking at her rainbow for a few weeks and I showed her what else she could do with the pieces she was excited to try making something else. This definitely stimulated her focus and patience. I would not say being able to wash the pieces would be beneficial as they did not get dirty. I don’t understand how they would get dirty enough to need to go in a washing machine, I would just hand wash or wipe them if I needed to. My daughter enjoyed the satisfaction of making the rainbow herself, but she has also enjoyed playing with the pieces and making patterns. It is a really clever idea and I can take a few pieces with me when I go out and it occupies the children when they need to be kept quietly amused e.g. in waiting rooms, church or at restaurants etc. My 2 year old son also enjoys them. It costs quite a lot more than the boxes of just pieces and the only extra thing you get is instructions to make the rainbow and more pieces. If the child only uses it for making the rainbow once then it is a lot of money for that. Good quality product. Ideal age appropriate for my daughter for making the rainbow. However, I think it could be a little bit tricky for a 5 year old but they would pick it up with help. For making the figures online then I think it would suit a slightly older age. I would not look at other Plus-Plus puzzles to purchase for us. I feel there are enough pieces to play with in this set alone, particularly for the ages of my children. Also it’s a bit annoying when the pieces end up all over the house. I would look to purchase Plus-Plus sets rather than colour by numbers as it’s more cost effective. I would recommend. I have bought two Plus-Plus sets for my nephews for Christmas. One of the younger sets of large pieces and one set of the small pieces. I was surprised how small the older box looked though. So as a gift doesn’t look very exciting when wrapped. I really like the product and the possibilities it provides. It keeps the children’s attention and is great for taking a few pieces out to keep them amused quietly. The box could be improved and more instructions included with the set for building other things. The set alone, although fun to build can be short lived and therefore being made aware of the other possibilities through an instruction booklet would be helpful. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to review this product and am glad to have been introduced to Plus-Plus. I think it’s a great idea and I love all the possibilities it provides. However it was only when prompted by Sharon that I went online to discover the other possibilities. These were quite tricky to make but I like the ideas. It would be really helpful to be able to purchase an instruction book for all the other designs that could be made including other puzzle by numbers designs. It would be good for this set to include other designs achievable with this set of colours. Also to include which extra set of Plus-Plus pieces would enable this to be achievable. It would be helpful if the box included a container/bag to keep the pieces in after use. Once the box is opened it doesn’t close so isn’t very good for storing the pieces or even the instructions. Charlotte Wallace – Daughter 6 Years

Product Tested By Maria Glinska – Lilly-Rose 6 Years

Maria Awarded The Plus-Plus Puzzle By Numbers Rainbow 4.4/5

I first fought this would be a really lovely birthday gift for this age group. I thought it was different and fun. Also it’s a great alternative to puzzles. I think the instructions were very clear for a parent to understand but could possibly be a bit more child friendly. My daughter did find the puzzle easy to do. However, the paper under the puzzle kept moving and was sometimes hard to make sure you were placing the piece in the correct place because of this. This did not stop my child completing the puzzle. The puzzle pieces were ideal size for her to hold and slot into place. My daughter enjoyed creating this puzzle and she has it hanging up in her room still. She definitely was proud of her completed puzzle and wants to get more puzzles like this. This is now on show in her room. It took my daughter roughly one hour to complete. She would like to get more sets to complete more designs. Definitely stimulated focus and patience. She was patient when trying to work out where the pieces were meant to go and didn’t lose focus at all. I did not know you could wash the puzzle pieces but that would be helpful especially to after school groups where lots of children would play with it. My daughter loved the fact it was a rainbow. I liked how well pieces fitted together. I think this is great value for money and would definitely buy as gifts for friends birthday parties. The quality was really great which is why the pieces went together so well. I think it is age suitable however for 5-8 range they may need some parental supervision. I would buy other Plus-Plus puzzles as it kept my daughter focused and engaged. Perfect for a rainy day activity. I would buy this rainbow puzzle because of its high quality. I would recommend because it is a great alternative to traditional puzzles. This is a great product with lots of different possible designs. The only down fall is the mat moves under the pieces which without parent supervision can make it a bit difficult for a child to use. A possible idea is to have the colours come separately. As with the rainbow one we decided to do it colour by colour. Additionally if they were made from recycled material that would have been a bonus! Maria Glinska – Lilly-Rose 6 Years

As I mentioned it is a lovely puzzle as with all puzzles once it is completed it is done, although you can use the pieces and your imagination my daughter did not want to unmake her rainbow, instead she wanted it displayed in her room. This is a great quality puzzle, that can be washed which is an added benefit. The bright colours help maintain focus for the child and I know she had great fun making it. She shows it off to her friends when they come and play.


Erin Awarded The Plus-Plus Puzzle By Numbers Rainbow 4.4/5

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