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Pocketbum Babygrow

Designed for ease and comfort, Pocketbum is fastener free. No poppers or zips means no risk of allergic reactions to metals, so perfect for baby’s delicate skin.

The helpful integrated fold over mitts (up to 3 months), keep little ones protected from accidental scratches. The all-in-one Pocketbum babygrow covers all your needs with long sleeves, enclosed feet and an envelope neckline for easy changes and comfort.

Designed and made in the UK from OEKO-TEX® Standard certified cotton, your little one will be snug as a bug in the new Pocketbum babygrow.

Available is sizes 0-12 months

Available in White, Milk or Grey

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Price £25.00 available to purchase online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2021 Baby Clothing and Sleep Wear


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Pocketbum Babygrow Reviews

Product Tested By Isabel Tomlin – Maeve 5 Months

Isabel Awarded The Pocketbum 5/5

The packaging felt very personal which was nice. Really nice design which is neutral and soft. I asked for a 6-9 months one as my baby is on the larger size and it was slightly bigger to start but she now fits in it great. She did feel comfortable in this as it is very sort and easy to move in it.  I found it easy to use, the instructions explained it well. This was very easy to change baby as followed the instructions once then remembered easily.  While using this we did not have any poo explosions so could not comment on how effective the excess fabric would be.  I do agree this is a generous size.  Maeve could move around free and easy and she definitely found it comfortable. I found the material really lovely and soft. I actually just washed it with all other baby grows and it was fine. My daughter would wear this about once every 5 days. Mainly used this for her to wear at home. Quality is very good as you can tell it is really nice fabric. I love how cosy it is and how snuggly she looks in it. At first I thought it seemed a little pricy but you can tell it’s well made and it’s really easy to use so yes good value. I would definitely purchase it for any new babies of family/friends as I think it’s really cosy and lovely. I would recommend as I think it’s a lovely cosy outfit for babies. It’s cosy, comfy and adorable. Easy on babies skin and made so well. Definitely a must have for little babies. I really like it, it’s super cosy and comfortable, breathable and she could wriggle around freely in it. I thought the price is fair and I’d definitely purchase again. Isabel Tomlin – Maeve 5 Months

Product Tested By Amy McAfee – Annie 4 Months

Amy Awarded The Pocketbum 4/5

Lovely packaging and product looked nice quality, good first impression. I liked the design, especially the lack of buttons/zips. My little girl is small for her age but this fit like other size 0-3 clothes so I would say yes a good fit. She seemed to be comfortable in this. I like the lack of zips/buttons, I personally think a zipped sleep suit is still the easiest to use but I always worry about the zip catching her neck, this was a good alternative. I still found this slightly fiddly in the middle of the night to change her nappy  when bleary eyed but still better than trying to match poppers!! Fortunately we never had any poo explosions in this so didn’t have to put it to use but I think it’s a good feature! I like the fact it’s generously sized at this age as it means it will last longer! My daughter is on the smaller side as well so I imagine this will last until she’s at least 6 months. The material was lovely and soft. So far this has washed well and has not shrunk or bobbled. I would use this a couple of times each week. We used this at bedtime. I liked the feel and thickness of the material.  I really liked the lack of poppers/zips and the soft fabric. This is the only negative thing I have to say about this product, on average you need about 7-10 baby grows per age, I could not justify spending up to £250 on the amount I would need, I think they are slightly pricey really. I would buy this again but only if it was not as expensive.  I would recommend for the innovation but not the price tag. I think this is a really innovative product of lovely quality. I just question the price tag, I would hope to get 2 for this price especially as little babies need a lot of baby grows! I loved using this product, the quality is lovely and the design is innovative and useful, I’ve never seen anything like it! My only question is over the price tag which I think £25 is a little expensive for one babygrow. Amy McAfee – Annie 4 Months

Product Tested By Cherelle Moxam – Roman 8 Months

Cherelle Awarded The Pocketbum 4/5

When the Pocketbum baby grow arrived, it came with a personalized card which I was extremely taken back by, just at how thoughtful it and made me feel important as an customer. Overall, my first impressions of the company was that they clearly value their customers and have positive ethics. I found the presentation of the product was very neat and well presented, where I was extremely excited to try this baby grow for my son. The design of the Pocketbum baby grow I felt was very plain appearance wise, however I loved the concept of the design as it was very practical and made checking and changing baby’s dirty nappy easier. This is definitely the first baby grow I have owned that don’t have baby poppers or buttons on it. It took a while to get used to it, however I quickly enjoyed the fact it was popper and zip free as a personal top annoyance is aligning the incorrect poppers and having to redo them. I ordered a size up (9-12months) for my 8-month-old son, as he is quite big for his age, and it was a great fit, with the opportunity for him to grow into it. It was a very snug comfortable fit for him where he seemed happy and free in it. My son was very comfortable in this. He is currently rolling and trying to crawl, where in the daytime he enjoys lounging on his playmat and it was very clear he was flexible and at ease in this. The material for this is breathable so ideal for the recent warm weather, whilst the fabric is very soft and gentle on his skin. It was definitely designed for ease, where the design made my life very easier for baby changing. I love that I was able to peek to see if my son had a dirty nappy and I could change him whilst he was still clothed on the lower half. This design is however only suitable for nappies rather than nappy pants though. It was easy to pull the pocketbum away to see if a change was necessary however I did for the first few tries find it hard to adjust to changing without the use of clothes poppers. Most children wear have poppers and zips so it was a hard adjustment, where I do prefer it depending on what they child is wearing. The excess fabric was fairly effective in terms of holding explosions however for me defeated the whole point as I had to take the whole product off which was a shame as I loved the outfit on. I agree that it was generously sized as the material and fit is stretchy for comfort and ease for the parent to manoeuvre the pocket for checks and changes. The fabric remained soft and in good quality after multiple washes which was impressive. My 8 month old son appeared very snug in this and it was a joy to watch him roll about flexible and with ease. He appeared very comfortable in this and I’m sure he was very relaxed in this as the cotton material is gentle and soft against his skin. I admire that the pocketbum is produced in the UK as it is always a pleasure to support quality homegrown businesses. It washed perfectly. The fabric remained soft after a wash and the quality remained the same. As per the wash instructions I washed on a 30 temperate with white clothing only to ensure that it was cared and would last long. It was worn twice a week due to my messy weaning baby. It was worn in the daytime on lazy days indoors where I intended my little one to lounge and play about on his playmat without too much interruption. I felt that the cotton material used was very soft, high quality and a nice breathable outfit perfect for days in or night-time. I liked that the material was stretchy so easy for my son to move about whilst it made it accessible to change him. The pocketbum currently retails at £24.99 which I do think is overpriced for what it is. Although the specifications of the babygrow are great and made to make parents lives easier, I think the price is fairly steep and it would be better value for money if this price was for a double or multi pack. I highly admired this babygrow for my son, however based on the current pricing of it I wouldn’t consider buying it just as I felt it was overpriced for what it was, and was more a luxury rather than necessity. If the price was reduced, or as mentioned earlier it was priced for a multipack I would definitely consider, however after testing, at the current price I wouldn’t consider. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family. Although I don’t agree with the pricing, I loved the idea of the product, the soft high quality and truly believe it would benefit someone. It would make a lovely gift! I have rated this a 4/5 rather than the full 5, just as I felt the item was overpriced for a single unit. The design thought outside the box and moved away from traditional designed poppers, zips and fastenings that many new parents are forced to become accustomed to. Due to this being all I know, I did feel it was hard to adjust to when using the first few times, however appreciate the effort in design and its purpose. My overall experience with the Pocketbum product was a positive and insightful one. It was a pleasure to be exposed to a new product and try a new way of baby changing without the use of zips and poppers getting in the way. My son doesn’t kick up a fuss when I’m changing him with poppers, however it was convenient and much quieter to check and change dirty nappies whilst wearing this. When I received the Pocketbum it came with a card that had a beautifully presented instruction card on how to use the product. I did find the illustrations and instructions hard to follow, so did have to go onto the website for further clarification where I was luckily presented with a short one-minute video which made it easier to understand. The price of the pocketbum is slightly overpriced for what it does, however the presentation and purpose can justify the experience that you get with it, making it a positive product to experience overall. Although it was fit for purpose for me, I would definitely recommend it to others. Cherelle Moxam – Roman 8 Months

I would definitely purchase it for any new babies of family/friends as I think it’s really cosy and lovely. I would recommend as I think it’s a lovely cosy outfit for babies. It’s cosy, comfy and adorable. Easy on babies skin and made so well. Definitely a must have for little babies. I really like it, it’s super cosy and comfortable, breathable and she could wriggle around freely in it. I thought the price is fair and I’d definitely purchase again.


Isabel Awarded The Pocketbum 5/5

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