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Poco Baby Hammock

So how can the Poco Baby hammock help you and your baby get a better sleep ?Babies need to feel safe and secure, the snug, tactile and soothing environment of the Poco hammock will give your baby the best sleep possible. A large number of parents with older babies also turn to baby hammocks when their baby is not sleeping well, the improvements the Poco Baby Hammock can give your baby are truly astonishing. Not only designed to create a safe and perfect sleeping environment the hammock also eases symptoms of colic and reflux. Suspended by a spring you can gently bounce baby to sleep in his baby hammock which he and you will love. The Poco Baby Hammock has a gentle motion which is also initiated by baby’s own movements giving him a wonderful sense of floatation and relaxation helping him drift back off to sleep should he wake during his sleep time. Babies love to be held and cradled, using the baby hammock we make your baby feel cradled and secure. The Poco Baby Hammock comes complete with its own travel bag enabling you to take babies bed where ever you go, and of course this will save you space and money on additional purchases of travel equipment. Age Recommendation: Newborn Babies to 9 months
Weight Recommendations: Up to 29lbs Size Once Assembled:

Height – 60 inch / 152 cm
Depth – 38 inch / 97 cm
Width – 27.5 inch / 67 cm
Weight – 10.5kg

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£159.99 Available to purchase online Kiddicare - Baby Reflux - Baby Baby - Katies Playpen - Baby Kind - Boohoo Baby or click online to find local stockist.

Poco Baby Hammock Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynda Maclean – Angus 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Lynda Maclean – Angus 6 Weeks

Lynda Awarded The Poco Baby Hammock 4.5/5

First impression thought it looked a bit strange and was not sure how strong it would be to support baby’s weight. It came very well packed in perfect condition. The instructions were very clear and managed to follow them well and easy to put product together. The product is very robust and much stronger than I expected. I was very impressed. I found itto be a little expensive for what it is as baby would out grow it before long. I would consider buying it as a great idea and helps baby sleep well, just highly priced. I would recommend to friends as baby feels secure and helps them to sleep well. The only reason I did not give this a 5/5 is due to the price. I loved using this product as helped my baby sleep well and it is very robust, good quality and easy to assemble. Lynda Maclean – Angus 6 Weeks

Product Tested By Diana Ryan – Lorenzo 6 Weeks

Diana Awarded The Poco Baby Hammock 5/5

It is a lovely product. Looks very modern. This arrived safely as was very well packaged. Instructions could have been a little more straight forward. The quality of the product is excellent. This is very well made and you could keep and use for next baby and I believe good value for money. My baby loved sleeping in this hammock and I would purchase this item. Have already recommended. A new twist on a mosses basket. We loved it. Diana Ryan – Lorenzo 6 Weeks


Product Tested By Ian Murray – Lauren 6 Weeks

Ian Awarded The Pocco Baby Hammock 4/5

Seems to be a good quality product and a potential option for a baby to use regularly. Arrived well packaged. Frame instructions were clear and straight forward. Instructions for hanging and setting up the hammock bed were less clear and some of the pictures were not clear/useful. Frame and spring are good quality. Ability to gently bounce baby to sleep is great. Hammock and sheets are made of rough canvas material so not ideal for babies. Suggest that a softer finish may be better. I liked neutral colour, but my partner felt a variety of colour options would be more appealing. Quite an expensive addition to cot/Moses basket (likely scenario).  Also a fairly limited time of use due to weight restrictions, so not very cost effective. Our baby actually likes sleeping in the hammock. However, the cost for the limited useful life of product would put us off. I would recommend this hammock as our baby likes sleeping in this hammock. Great to get baby to sleep in, but quite pricey for a year’s use. Ian Murray – Lauren 6 Weeks



 I loved using this product as helped my baby sleep well and it is very robust, good quality and easy to assemble.


Lynda Awarded The Poco Baby Hammock 4.5/5 

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