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How it works: It’s pretty simple, really! When spritzed into the toilet bowl before-you-go, Poo~Pourri’s pure blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS creates a film on the surface of the water.

The protective barrier traps odor under the surface, before it ever begins! All you’ll smell is a refreshing bouquet of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS. Flush yeah!


Price: £8.00 100ml bottle purchase online and also available Amazon, Selected Sainsburys and QVC


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Product Tested By Sarah Tomlinson – Evelyn 7 years

Sarah Awarded The POO-POURRI 5/5

Compact, nice and stylish bottle/design. I thought it was a really odd product until I tried it and it’s amazing! Instructions clear on how to use and this was very easy to use. You would never know anyone had used the toilet after spraying the product. Easy to spray for everyone in the family and left no residues. Used this before every bowel motion. My husband and daughter also used this.  We did have guests but they did not use the bathroom so was not used on the visits. Smells lovely and refreshing like the description.  Being natural is very important as I will only buy products not tested on animals and chemical free for my family. No I hadn’t heard of it but I did notice it is sold in Sainsbury’s when I was shopping after getting the product. Great quality, the only thing I would prefer is if it was a glass bottle to reduce plastic use. It is expensive but overall there is a lot of use in this product which makes it cost effective. The concept is great and the fact it is animal friendly and not full of nasties is a big plus. I would buy and would like to try the other scents. I noticed on the main website they do mini ones for bags which is also a good idea. I would recommend as helpful for people and your nose! Top marks as it is a great idea and does what it says. The whole family enjoyed the product and my daughter says she found it helpful, especially when having to share the bathroom on a morning.  Sarah Tomlinson – Evelyn 7 years

Product Tested By Sarah Palfreeman – Keira & Logan 9 & 6 Years

Sarah Awarded The POO-POURRI 4.5/5

I really liked the packaging; the floral design was pretty and elegant looking. I wasn’t too sure at first but it makes sense and I like the fact that it contains natural essential oils to give a fresh not chemical smell. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The poo pourri is very easy and simple to use. It defiantly left a fresh natural smell rather than a chemical based fragrance; I particularly liked the lemon scent. There was no problem with the flush, the spray was clear so didn’t leave a mark in or around the toilet bowl. The bottle was easy to spray and to store once used. I used this product once a day and other family members used it every few days. My husband and children all used the spray. None of the visitors said they had used the poo pourri when they visited our house. The aroma was very fresh smelling; I liked the lemon fragrance and thought the fragrance lasted for a long time. It is very important especially with having children in the house and trying to educate them and lead them to purchase products that are safer and better for the environment. I’d never heard of poo pourri, I’d heard of 1 leading competitor due to TV advertisements. The quality is excellent I didn’t need to use much of the product each time and the fragrance was long lasting and seemed good quality. The product would last a long time as only a small amount is required but I think it is slightly too expensive, if  I’d seen the product online I would have thought twice about it due to the price. I really liked the long lasting fragrance. I would consider purchasing it in the future; I actually prefer the fragrance to an aerosol spray as it’s not got a chemical/artificial smell about it.  I would recommend it to others and already have done. I would have given it 5/5 but the price is slightly too much, although I really like the product, the fragrance and the concept of it. I was very happy to test the poo pourri, it was so much better than I expected. The fragrance was natural and fresh it lasted a long time once it had been sprayed and really did what it said on the bottle. The instructions are easy and simple to follow, I will defiantly be using the poo pourri again and I will be recommending it to others. Sarah Palfreeman – Keira & Logan 9 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Leah Ellis

Leah Awarded The POO-POURRI 4/5

The first thing I noticed and loved was the cute packaging. It looked really pleasing, and fit nicely in my bag. I think it’s a great idea for when you are out and about. I personally wouldn’t use it in my home. Instructions easy to read and clear. Very easy to use. It was smelling beautiful after. The aroma left my whole bathroom, and bedroom smelling lovely. I did not have any issues with spraying this in the toilet and flushing. I used this about 15 times. Both me and my son used this. When my mum visited us she used this. I loved the aroma as it was sweet but not over the top. I never buy products that are tested on animals, so this is fantastic, and will entice customers to buy. I think I had seen and advert for this before being sent to review. Quality is excellent. I thought it was a little expensive for what it is. I would pay around £6 for this. I really liked the scent.  I thought it was really lovely and calming. I probably would not buy this. I don’t really use the toilet when I’m out, and I don’t feel the need to use it at home. However, I can see this being handy for someone who works away from home. I would recommend as I think this would be great for people that use public bathrooms. Not personally my cup of tea, however I can see this being used in public bathrooms/work toilets. Smells lovely, but I think it’s a little expensive. My overall experience with this is it probably needs a child lock on it. My three year old could easily open this. I also thought it was far too expensive. The packaging was lovely, and the scent lasted for days. I can see this being used in work bathroom, or to keep in a handbag for when you are out and about. Leah Ellis


Top marks as it is a great idea and does what it says. The whole family enjoyed the product and my daughter says she found it helpful, especially when having to share the bathroom on a morning.


Sarah Awarded The POO-POURRI 5/5

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