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POP for Sight Words™ Game

Practise key word recognition with this entertaining grab-and-go game!
Ages 5-9
Students will grab handfuls of fun as they recognise and read aloud high frequency words. Fast-paced game play is great for improving fluency. Includes 100 popcorn cards: 92 high frequency words and eight ‘POP’ game-play cards. Appealing popcorn storage box measures 7cm W x 16cm H. For 2-4 players.

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POP for Sight Words™ Game Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Melanie Prior – Oscar 7 Years

Melanie Awarded The Learning Resources POP For Sight Word Game 5/5

Unsure as to whether or not Oscar would enjoy playing with it. Like the packaging. Immediately caught Oscar’s eye. Size is fantastic and easily puts away in his toy drawer (stacking drawers of 4); style is great, very eye-catching and attractive to children. Entertainment value great … we played with it initially for over an hour. Then anytime someone visited (gran, aunts, friends) he would get it out and get them to play with him. I think its age appropriate. Oscar is 7 but autistic so has a mental age range of approx. 5 years. Def. appropriate for his age. Very playable. It kept Oscars attention each time for over an hour, he was very happy to initiate play rather than for me to suggest it. We use it in a variety of ways, as a reading tool for individual words and then we try and put sentences together with it. It is really helping him with reading and assisting him with sentence building. We try and make sentences of what we have done each day so helps with the social aspect. Very easy for my son to play with and not lose interest. We make sentences with it. He tells me how he is feeling with the words. Quality of this toy is fantastic. Great value for money. I would purchase this toy and already have for my nephew who has a birthday soon. Very impressed with this. At first quite concerned that it might not hold Oscars attention but it has far exceeded my expectations. Melanie Prior – Oscar 7 Years

Product Tested By Emma Tomlin – Jack 7 Years

Emma Awarded The Learning Resources POP For Sight Word Game 3.9/5

Lovely bright packaging which is appealing to children. The packaging looked like an old fashioned popcorn box and was bright and appealing. Box is a good size. Compact and easy to store. My son became bored fairly quickly as the words were too easy for him so there were never any ‘unpopped’ cards. I personally feel this is ‘too young’ for a 7 year old. Words are very easy so no challenge. It teaches children to take turns, sight words and patience. Maybe a younger child would find it more enjoyable but Jack got bored quickly. Jack also enjoyed throwing the popcorn cards in the air and trying to catch them in the box! Cards are thick and sturdy and have a lovely gloss finish. Price is very reasonable. I would consider purchasing this if the words were more age appropriate. I think for younger children this product would be great fun. Lovely product for the right age! The product is a good game. However my son aged 7 found it far too easy. My friend’s son who is 5 had a fab time with it. Emma Tomlin – Jack 7 years

Product Tested By Grace Ivemy – George 8 Years

Grace Awarded The Learning Resources POP For Sight Word Game 5/5

Looked a good quality toy. The packaging was really bright and colourful and caught George’s attention immediately. The box is a great size and easy to store everything away and does not take up too much room. The entertainment for George was invaluable. We played with this for hours, and it kept his attention. George is 8 but he has a mental age of about 4-5 so this was perfect for him. He could understand the game and also pick up everything with ease. When you have a child who needs extra special care and find toys that excite them and enable them to have interactive fun with all the family, this is a blessing. Age suitability is ideal for George. We all joined in the game together and had lots of fun as a family. This is great to use as word recognition, reading exercise and it really helped us work with George to understand how to put words together. Really has helped him with his reading. My son loved this game and it really did hold his attention. The quality is excellent and for us amazing value for money. Thank you. Grace Ivemy – George 8 Years


Very impressed with this. At first quite concerned that it might not hold Oscars attention but it has far exceeded my expectations.


Melanie Awarded The Learning Resources POP For Sight Word Game 5/5

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