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PosturePlast for lower back pain
What is PosturePlast
Helping to break the habit of bad posture
PosturePlast is a truly innovative product that incorporates 2 key technologies to deliver Active Back Control to the lower back area, treating poor posture and delivering pain relief.
Firstly it is a self-adhesive X shaped patch that when applied to the lower back holds the body in the ‘safe zone’, reminding the wearer to stand and sit correctly and keeping their body within a healthy range of movement at all times.
Secondly it has a soft, flexible strut at its centre, which helps concentrate effectiveness in the critical spinal area. Many people have told us this strut gives them added confidence that they are moving and standing correctly.
The unique combination of the strut and the adhesive patch in PosturePlast ensures highly effective posture correction yet it is comfortable to wear and discreet under clothing.
For the 60% of people who are self treating their lower back pain, PosturePlast can be applied easily and the benefits felt almost immediately.

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£14.40 Available to purchase online

PosturePlast Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Parrett

Product Tested By Claire Parrett

Claire Awarded The PosturePlast 4/5

Looked to be a good useful product. Packaging is fairly standard, but ok. Instructions easy enough to understand. I needed some assistance to apply this to my back the first time, but with practice it would be ok. Difficult to say if my posture did change using this as I do have a slight curvature of the spine, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure I could wear it for long periods. Once in place this was definitely secure. Once again when removing this from my back I did need help. Looked to be a very good quality product. If you suffer from back pain and this works for you then good value for money. The design of this item is good and well thought out. I would not personally purchase this item because I don’t feel it would be beneficial for my curvature of the back. However, I have recommended to some friends who suffer with back pain. Looks to be a good product, but unfortunately wasn’t of benefit to me personally, but I could see how it could benefit some. Claire Parrett

Product Tested By Janice Ringwood

Janice Awarded The Posture Plast 4/5

Arrived well packaged and looked a good quality product. Instructions easy to understand and follow. I did not find this easy to secure by myself and did ask my partner to help me place this in the correct position on my back. I suffer from mild back pain and anything that can offer relief rather than taking pain killers has to be a help. I did notice my posture improved and this did help ease the pain in my back. Just by changing the way you stand can release the tension in your back and ease the pain. This did not take the pain away totally, but was a help. Was OK to wear. Once placed in the correct position was definitely secure. Did find it a bit difficult to take off as was very secure and you had to be careful when removing. Came off OK though. It is a bit expensive but it has helped ease my back pain so I personally would say this is value for money. For me it did help and I have recommended it to friends and family who have minor back aches. A good quality product, well made, durable and can help. You can watch the video online to see how this works and decide if this is the right item for you. For me it helped so was pleased to be able to review this item and thank you. Janice Ringwood

Product Tested By Lynn Barratt

Lynne Awarded The Posture Plast 3.3/5

Very impressed, looked expensive and very good quality. Was very excited to start using it. Lovely quality packaging. I watched the video and followed instructions but needed to be placed lower than they showed, bit confusing at first. I did not find this easy to apply myself. I got into a right pickle, got someone else to do it again and went on perfectly. This did change my posture as it made me very aware of how I was standing because I could always feel it on my back. Sadly this did not ease my back pain. But after speaking to my physiotherapist about the product, she said that it wouldn’t ease pain, it just makes you move differently. Felt totally secure when applied by someone else. I did not find this easy to remove. It was painful to remove and I would advise anyone with a hairy back should not use it. It also left sticky black marks on my back for over a month not good if you’re about to go on holiday. After wearing 3 my back was red raw. Looked and feels excellent quality. They are very expensive and if used long term would work out too costly. I would suggest making them less sticky. It was good for my posture but not for back pain. I would also suggest if you do have a serious back problem and are under a doctor or physiotherapist then this product is not suitable as not designed to deal with serious back problems. Lynn Barratt

I have recommended to some friends who suffer with back pain. Looks to be a good product.


Claire Awarded The PosturePlast 4/5

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