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Potette Plus

The Potette® Plus Portable Potty and Toilet Trainer Seat can be used as a standalone potty with the legs locked in place or in the open position with the legs used to create handles that securely sit over a toilet seat (ideal for in the home or a public toilet). The legs even easily detach for cleaning purposes.A triple pack of super absorbent, gently fragranced disposable liners come with every Potette® Plus. Containing a clever pad that turns liquid to gel. Up to 3 liners can be stored on the folded potty ready for immediate use.The non-slip rubberised base makes the Potette® Plus stable and the compact, foldaway design allows it to be easily stored in most changing bags or tucked under the pushchair.Potette® Plus Portable Potty and Toilet Trainer Seat comes complete with all you need including:1x 2in1 Portable Potty & Toilet Trainer Seat1 x Travel Carry Bag3x Potette Plus® Disposable Liners

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2018 Potty Category
“News from Potette: We are delighted the Potette
has scooped a Silver Award in the Bizziebaby Awards 2018. We have listened to
all the comments regarding the packaging of the Potette and have developed an
eco-friendly cardboard version which will be available in shops from November

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£16.50 Available online

Potette Plus Reviews

Product Tested by: Jane Philip – Boyd 18 Months

Product Tested By Jane Philip – Boyd 18 Months

Jane Awarded The Potette Plus 4.9/5

It looked like a good quality product. The packaging
looked fine, simple but gave a good view of contents but before I even started
I knew it would be a nightmare to open and the battle with a pair of scissors
commenced. Saying that I did like the fact that there was not excessive
packaging. I think it is a great
idea, one product covering several potty options. Bought both toilet seat
and potty in the past for other kids so the fact this does both is great and an
added bonus it is so portable. Instructions are simple, clear and easy to
follow. This was very easy to use. This
was easy to use utilising the stand alone legs.With my son being younger he was happy and confident being low to the
ground. It was easy to use on the toilet though maybe a little more
movement than specific toilet seats but not a major issue. He preferred
using it on the floor as a potty but yes overall he was comfortable. It is very
small and compact and perfect for taking on days out. My older child also
used it when we were caught out. This was very easy to keep clean. Good quality sturdy product which I think
will last. This is definitely affordable at £16.99. I really like the fact that it is both a
toilet seat and a potty saving space when experimenting what your child
prefers. I would purchase because it is so compact and handy. I would recommend as far as toddler product
go it is affordable and useful. Very
easy to use and sturdy product. Overall happy with the product and something we
will continue to use. My son is in the early stages of potty training so
it was a great gentle start for him. Good price my only concern would be the
ongoing price of liners. Jane Philip – Boyd 18 Months

Product Tested By Jennifer Downs – Isabella 18

Jennifer Awarded The Potette Plus 4.8/5

looked neat and tidy and easy to use. We
could not wait to try it out. Lovely
packaging as you could clearly see what the product was. I think this is a great idea one potty that
can be portable, use at home on the main toilet and take anywhere with you.
Instructions clear and easy to follow.This was so easy to use. This was easy enough to use on the floor and
was stable and Isabella was comfortable using it. It fitted fairly well on our toilet seat, and
was easy enough for my daughter to use.My daughter had no problem using this; no complaints so must have been
comfortable enough for her. This is just
right size to take on your travels, and this came on holiday with us and we
have also taken with us when visiting friends and family. So easy to take with you. Very easy to keep clean. This is good quality and well designed for parent’s
needs. Certainly represents good value.
I liked the versatility this potty offered and the liners were a god send. I
would purchase this when our son is old enough to start using a potty. I would recommend as it is a potty, toilet
seat and easy to take with you on your travels. Really great little potty with
so much to offer. We found this easy to
use, comfortable for my daughter and ideal to take with you when
travelling. Something we will be using
for a while and ideal while potty training. Jennifer Downs – Isabella 18

Product Tested By Caroline Campbell – Bethany 3 Years

Caroline Awarded The Potette Plus 4/5

It looked good quality but my very first
thought was that it’s in one of the really annoying packaging that you have to
get scissors to be able to get into. With
a family camping trip booked and a 6 hour drive to Devon, I really loved the
idea, particularly with the long drive.Simple to follow instructions but
a pretty simple concept. Extremely
easy to use, instructions aren’t really even needed. Very easy to use at home
utilising the stand alone legs, but a little low for my 3 year old. Once I got my head round this easy enough to
use in the home on our toilet. She seemed to find it very comfortable and
was happy to use it. This really
is the main thing that caught my attention and the main appeal. It packed away
in the car easily and gave us peace of mind on a 6 hour drive. It was perfect
to have in case of her needing the toilet overnight whilst camping. I doubt I
would take it on a normal day out though. Easy to keep clean and the
liners are great for this. Well
made, decent quality. I think
it’s a little expensive for what it is and considering you need to keep buying
liners but it does offer something I haven’t seen in any other product.I really liked the portability for long
journeys and camping. I would purchase because it’s perfect for long journeys
and camping but the price would be a bit off putting, I’d look for a special
offer. I would also recommend for the same reasons. Once
I finally managed to hack my way in to the annoying packaging, I found a really
well designed and good quality item. It was perfect for the car and camping but
a little big and bulky for days out, although smaller than alternatives; I
generally don’t think it’s necessary for a day out. Caroline Campbell –
Bethany 3 Years

Overall happy with the product and something we will continue to use. My son is in the early stages of potty training so it was a great gentle start for him.


Jane Awarded The Potette Plus 4.9/5

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