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Pourty Potty

The Pourty potty has a large and wide seating area which is comfortable to sit on for boys and girls. With some potties the narrow seating area can be uncomfortable and leave a red ring around your child’s bottom when they stand up. The Pourty potty is made out of a sturdier plastic than most normal potties. This helps give the child confidence when sitting on the potty and also means that there is less risk that the potty will stick to their bottom when they stand up (which can have unfortunate and messy consequences).

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Pourty Potty Reviews

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Product Tested by Karen Johnson – Abigail 2 years 4 months

Karen Awarded Pourty 5/5


It is a very good quality, made out of good material, lovely colour (deep purple), and sturdy. The size just right, not too big, not too small. Really good, so easy to clean, smooth plastic so no hard to clean ridges. It is very stable and she was very happy with it. So much better than other potties I have bought in the past. It’s really good quality, I was surprised actually how good it was at a very reasonable price. I would consider buying it, always handy to have a potty upstairs as well as downstairs. I am really pleased with it; it has a very clever but simple design. I think it is definitely worth the RRP. Karen JohnsonAbigail 2 years 4 months


Product Tested by Gill Cattanach – Max 2 years

Gill Awarded the Pourty 3.4/5


The Pourty is solid and smooth feeling. It’s a good shape, not too narrow and high enough at front for boys! My son is quite large for his age so the Pourty only just fits now – couldn’t be any smaller for him. He is just learning how to use it. It is easy to tip out in particular. It is solid and not cheap and plasticy even though it is made of plastic. There are much cheaper potties around but they don’t look so good. If on a tight budget you may opt for a cheaper one. Good strong potty easy to clean but possibly a little bit narrow for all sizes of children. Gill Cattanach – Max 2 years

Product Tested By Tracy Griffin – Kyle 2 Years

Tracy Awarded the Pourty Potty 4.5/5

I thought the potty looked strange at first but now I think its very practical. I think the bag is very good and I think the shape is suitable. I think the potty is a little bit big but it looks very comfortable to sit on and my child likes using it. The potty is very easy to keep clean and the quality is satisfactory, although I would prefer for the material to be a little softer because my baby has sensitive skin. However, I think the product is great value for money and it works great! Very easy to use and handy to take out with you too. Tracy Griffin – Kyle 2 Years


It is a very good quality, made out of good material, lovely colour (deep purple), and sturdy.


Karen Awarded Pourty 5/5

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