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Pregnacare® Breastfeeding – 84 tablets/capsules

Pregnacare® Breast-feeding is an all-in-one pack with key specific ingredients for the postnatal period. The carefully balanced comprehensive formulation of micronutrients helps safeguard healthy milk production in women and includes specific supporting nutrients e.g. calcium, and vitamins D3 and K. 

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£15.25 84 tablets/capsules - Available Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy or purchase online and

Pregnacare® Breastfeeding – 84 tablets/capsules Reviews

Product Tested by: Jennifer Slater – Alice 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Jennifer Slater – Alice 7 Weeks

Jennifer Awarded The Pregnacare Breast-feeding 4.1/5

Initial impression was looked like a high quality product which will be easy to take. The packaging was great. I liked the printed days of the week on the packet, very handy for a new mum! The instructions were very informative too. Good formula of vitamins and provides you with peace of mind if you have perhaps had an unhealthy diet over a day or 2 (also new mums often forget to eat!!)  The tablets seemed very large though. I am familiar with Vitabiotics but never heard of Pregnacare Breastfeeding. I have taken other vitamins from the Pregnacare range but didn’t realise they had breastfeeding tablets. I have not been recommended this product by any health professionals either. The quality of this product appears to be very good. I think it is quite expensive and would perhaps wait until it is on an offer e.g. BOGOF in the supermarket and then I would consider buying them. I would also recommend this to my family and friends too. Very practical for forgetful new mums and provides peace of mind. Jennifer Slater – Alice 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Katie Loneragan – Jack 12 Weeks

Katie Awarded The Pregnacare Breast-feeding 5/5

My first impression of this product was professional, natural and honest with attractive and professional looking packaging. Clearly states what the product is for. Very clear instructions, particularly considering there are two tablets that you take different quantities of. The tablets are also labelled with the days to aid use. The formula appears to be beneficial due to the calcium and omega 3 content. I have never tried any supplements previously so was all new to me. I have seen the brand but have just never used it. I was aware of the Pregnacare brand for conception and pregnancy but did not realise there was a specific breast feeding one. This product was not mentioned by any health professional that I have had contact with either. To me it’s of very good quality of packaging and content. I think this is very good value for money considering the benefits it offers to Jack and me. I was surprised at the low cost and would definitely buy this product. I would also recommend it to family and friends. My overall experience with this product is a well established brand offering value for money, benefits to myself and my baby during such an important stage. Katie Loneragan – Jack 12 Weeks

Product Tested By Smeera Laude – Yori 5 Weeks

Smeera Awarded The Pregnacare Breast-feeding 4/5

The packaging for the product made it clear what it was for via the picture. I did not like the fact that every side of the box and the top and bottom was full of information on the product. Whilst it is good to have information, it was a bit too much. Having said that the tablets inside were clearly marked as to dosage and when they should be taken. So to me too much information on every surface of the box – a bit off putting for a product that covers all the needs of a breastfeeding mother. There seemed to be a lot of box turning to be done before you see the instructions. It would be better for these to be clearly stated so that a potential buyer in a shop could pick up this product and see straightaway and simply how they are to be taken and the main benefits, rather than the huge amount of information that is provided. I really liked the tablets. I liked the fact that the days of the week are printed by the tablets so there is no confusion if you have taken them – really important in the early weeks after having a baby when your mind is in a fog of lack of sleep. I really like the reassurance the tablets gave that I am getting the full nutrition I need to pass on to my baby, in particular the omega three.  The tablets were easy to take, had no nasty flavour or after taste. I have seen these in the baby aisle of the supermarket but never been recommended this product by any health professionals. I feel this is a quality product. Whilst the information on the box was too much for me, it is clear that it is a quality product – as Pregnacare works with the NCT it is reassuring. In addition I like the fact that there are no artificial colours etc which indicates better quality than other supplements. It is worth spending the money for the peace of mind for me and to ensure that my baby has what he needs at this important time. I have actually bought more of the product since completing the sample as I am breastfeeding my son. I would definitely recommend these to family and friends. Pregnacare breastfeeding tablets give a mother the reassurance that she will give her baby ideal nutrition at a time when looking after her new baby is the priority. Smeera Laude – Yori 5 Weeks

I have taken other vitamins from the Pregnacare range but didn’t realise they had breastfeeding tablets. Very practical for forgetful new mums and provides peace of mind.


Jennifer Awarded The Pregnacare Breast-feeding 4.1/5

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