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Pregnacare Plus

Pregnancare Plus
28 x Original Pregnacare Prenatal Vitamin Tablets
28 x Omega-3 DHA Capsules For Pregnancy.

Pregnacare Plus is the ideal formula for every stage of pregnancy – from before conception, throughout pregnancy and whilst breast-feeding. The dual pack provides the original fully comprehensive multivitamin tablet, which delivers all the essential nutrients for pregnancy including the recommended level of 400mcg folic acid.

Winners Bizziebaby Silver Award 2008 & 2009

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£12.67 Pack 28 Tabs/28 Caps - Available Boots, Superdrug, Holland & Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy or purchase online and

Pregnacare Plus Reviews

Product Tested by: Tracy Mabbott – Brody & Rhys Aged 32 Months & 18 Months

Product Tested By Tracy Mabbott – Brody & Rhys Aged 32 Months & 18 Months

Tracy Awarded The Pregnacare Plus 5/5

Good quality packaging and a well known brand.  Instructions very easy to follow and formula is tried and tested and effective.  I have used Prengacare during my previous 2 pregnancies.  Am very familiar with Vitabiotics good company offering quality products.  However, I had not heard of Pregnacare Plus until this pregnancy.  I have not been recommended this product by any health professionals, just told to take folic acid. Quality of this product is superb and very good value for money.  Found Pregnacare plus tablets smaller than the previous pregnacare tablets I have taken which made them easier to swallow. Also I found the previous tablets had a funny smell to them which made them hard to take especially during early pregnancy. Thank god that has improved too as there is no way I would have been able to take them this time as I seem to be constantly suffering with morning sickness.  I will continue to use them as I have done in both previous pregnancies. More needs to be done about raising the awareness of the importance of taking folic acid before trying to conceive. I fell pregnant with my first unplanned, by the time I found out I was 8 weeks gone. I started to take pregnacare straight away. I’m glad I did, my son was born 5 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in SCBU. When we got him home our health visitor referred us to our Doctor due to a large dimple at the base of his spine. Luckily it was just a dimple and wasn’t Spineabifida as suspected. That weekend waiting for the appointment with the Doctor made me realise the importance of folic acid!   Tracy Mabbott – Brody & Rhys Aged 32 Months & 18 Months

Product Tested By Sue Webb – Baby Due March 2010

Sue Awarded the Pregnacare Plus 4/5

Handy inner package to slip discreetly into handbag. The instructions were easy to follow but I Would like the product to have contained calcium as this is a very important vitamin in pregnancy. I have not tried any other supplements before but I am familiar with Vitabiotics and my midwife recommended that I take them. I think the quality of the product is good but I am not sure if it is helping me because I have not yet noticed any huge changes. I think the product is slightly expensive compared to other brands; however I suppose you pay for the good trustable reputation. I was already using this product prior to testing it so I was very happy to have it sent to me! I prefer taking this because yellow omega 3 tablets are very difficult to swallow and I don’t find them very pleasant, so it’s always nice to find something better. Sue Webb – Baby Due March 2010

Product Tested By Irene Gilmour – Elie & hayden Aged 6 & 2 Years

Irene Awarded The Pregnacare Plus Top Marks 5/5

Initial impression is that it is a well known brand which I have used in previous pregnancies but now better as this one contains Omega 3.  Packaging is very eye catching and gives all the main information and points on the box.  Instructions are clear and easy to understand.  I personally feel this contains all the vitamins I need in pregnancy.  Now I have tried this it is better as it contains Omega 3 with dha which other brands do not.  I am very aware of the Vitabiotics company but had not heard of the Pregnancare Plus.  I was recommended to take folic acid by my health professional, but feel this product is better for me.  Quality is good.  I did notice a difference while taking this supplement and felt less tired and also my skin looked better.  Most definitely good value for money.  Just one suggestion you could make the tablet smaller as it can be quite hard to take in early pregnancy.  I will certainly be purchasing more.  I have already recommended this to my friend who is trying for a baby.  I felt a lot healthier within a few days of taking this product so it worked for me.  Irene Gilmour – Ellie & Hayden Aged 6 & 2 Years.

Quality of this product is superb and very good value for money.


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