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Presidio Grip Phone Case

With an ultra-slim design and superior impact protection, Presidio™ GRIP is a line of premium grip iPhone 7 Plus cases unlike any other. It’s designed like a fortress, with a protective perimeter to keep shock away from your iPhone 7 Plus.Presidio GRIP features the IMPACTIUM™ Shock Barrier, Speck’s innovative new shock-suppression technology that protects your device without adding unnecessary bulk. IMPACTIUM is a dynamic shock-absorbing material lining the interior of the case that absorbs and disperses shock from impact. IMPACTIUM absorbs 52% more shock from impact than traditional TPE rubber.This material is formed into ridges on the inside perimeter of the case that compress on impact to absorb and disperse force before it reaches the device. The case’s hard exterior also works to disperse shock away from your phone.Presidio GRIP is drop tested from 10 feet multiple times by a third-party laboratory to test its superior protection from an extreme height, so you can be confident it will hold up to everyday drops. All Speck cases, including Presidio GRIP, are lab tested for scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and precision fit.Presidio GRIP cases feature a scratch-resistant matte finish with a range of elegant and vibrant colours.Presidio is our slimmest line of cases yet, adding 20% less bulk to your phone than previous CandyShell cases. We’ve removed all excess material and created a case that’s more protective than ever, thanks to the IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier.All Presidio cases come with a lifetime limited warranty.

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£19.95 to £34.95 – depending on the type of phone Available online

Presidio Grip Phone Case Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Yvonne Philpot

Yvonne Awarded The Presidio Grip Phone Case 4.9/5

This looked high quality and well-made when
arrived. Packaging professional and gave you all the information you need. Instructions clear and easy to follow. Really self-explanatory as so easy to fit.
This was a perfect fit for my phone. So
easy to place phone in it and was nice and comfortable to hold. Also it has been through the mill a bit and
dropped a lot but still going strong. I
really liked the design. Loved the way
it fitted around the phone and still gave you easy access to all your side
buttons. Could not have been easier to
place on my phone done in seconds. This
is a very high quality phone case, so much so my sons have now purchased one
each as they were looking for a good quality phone case. Everything easy to access and top
protection. If I had looked at this
online I would have not purchased this item, but now after testing it out yes
it is worth the expense. Your phone is
your lifeline and you need it protected at all times so great value for money
as this case is durable and will last for many years. Other phone cases I have
had before just fell apart. Not this
one! I just loved the fit and it is nice to hold, just feels top quality. I
would buy another one, but I cannot see this being damaged for a long, long
time. I have already been recommending. A
high quality phone case gives excellent protection and fits like a dream. This also comes with a Lifetime Warranty
which just shows you how good this case is. Yvonne Philpot

Tested By Carys Thurlby

Carys Awarded
The Presidio Grip Phone Case 4.8/5

liked the packaging and the phone visually. It looked slick and high end. When
I took it out of the packet it felt like a quality product – it was light
weight but felt solid. Packaging looked slick and modern. Clean. I liked the way it
wasn’t over packaged with wasted plastic but had an appropriate amount of
packaging to keep it safe. There wasn’t much need for instructions as it just
clipped on very simply. I loved it. I love the white and silver colour
combination. It is very tactile with the ridges and the space for the camera
etc. is perfectly designed. Unlike my old case, it has enough clearance around
the flash that it doesn’t bleach the screen. The only downside,
when I’m texting (or playing a game!) I tend to hold my little finger under the
phone to support it and it slips into the bottom indent, which is rather sharp.It
fits very snuggly and all of the holes for the chargers etc. are well fitted.
The only problem is that it doesn’t lie perfectly flat so when I’m bashing out
a text or email with the case on the desk, it wobbles every time I touch the
screen. Couldn’t
be easier to fit on phone! It just popped on. I love it and will
continue using it. I haven’t tested it by dropping it but it feels solid. My
baby often grabs my phone and drops it onto carpet and it’s survived. The case
hasn’t cracked or chipped. Very
good quality it’s solid and robust whilst being
light weight. The materials feel high end. I think it is hard
when there are shops offering much cheaper, but the product feels so much nicer
than the cheap versions, so yes good value. I mainly
it’s looks and tactile nature of the ribbing on the back. It looks professional
and slick. It’s reassuring that my phone is protected as I am notoriously
clumsy. It
still looks brand new after 6 weeks of use, despite being white. If I could afford it, which is different than whether it
is good value, as it depends on my bank account contents. If I had the finances
I would definitely go to this product over the cheaper versions. I would
recommend for all the reasons above. It’s
done a great job protecting my phone, look and feels good. The only two flaws
are the sharpness of the hole in the middle which is affecting my little finger
and the wobbliness when it’s resting on a desk. I really liked
this product and it has suited my needs perfectly. I haven’t felt like I’ve
been “testing” it so much as just getting on with using it as normal. Carys

Product Tested By Gemma Hoxey

Gemma Awarded The Presidio Grip Phone Case

Looked a good
quality phone cover. The packaging was very nice and kept the case very well
protected. Instructions so easy to follow. The design is good but I find some
of the buttons hard to push with the case on. It fits my phone perfectly. Very
easy to fit onto my phone. I feel it is a good phone case and offers good
protection to the back of the phone, not on the screen. The quality is excellent. I wouldn’t normally
spend this much money on a phone case. I liked how well it fitted into the
phone and I love that it is glittery. I
would not purchase this due to price as feel just a little bit expensive. I
would recommend as good quality phone case. I think it is a good phone case, it
fits the phone well is easy to put on,
the bottoms are a little bit hard to use and it also doesn’t protect the screen
like some of the different cases would. Gemma Hoxey

I have already been recommending. A high quality phone case gives excellent protection and fits like a dream. This also comes with a Lifetime Warranty which just shows you how good this case is.


Yvonne Awarded The Presidio Grip Phone Case 4.9/5

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