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Primrose Kitchen Raw Super Organic Beetroot LSA

LSA stands for Linseed, Sunflower seed and Almonds and was originally invented in Australia as part of a liver cleansing diet. LSA offers us a healthy source of fat in the form of omega, 3 and 6, which offset the effects of saturated fats (the ones that lead to cardiovascular disease risk).The Soluble fibre from raw linseeds has benefits for cholesterol and blood sugar balance. In particular, the lignans present in the fibre have documented cholesterol-lowering properties.The ALA (Alpha linoleic acid) found in linseeds also offers anti-inflammatory support.Sunflower seeds are high in Vitamin E, a powerful anti oxidant that protects our organs from free radical damage.Raw almonds help to lower cholesterol levels and decrease insulin secretion (in patients without diabetes), and reduce the glycaemic impact (GI) of carbohydrate-rich foods.The beetroot powder we have added to our LSA compliments the other ingredients in supporting the liver and heart. Not least of all the betaine, a significant photochemical found in beetroot, which helps the liver process fat and therefore help lower cholesterol. It also contains a wide range of B vitamins, vitamin A and C and beneficial minerals.And all these ingredients are ground down into a fine powder to make it easy for our body to assimilate the treasure trove of goodness they offer. 100% ORGANIC/GLUTEN FREE/DAIRY FREE      

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Primrose Kitchen Raw Super Organic Beetroot LSA Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharon Booth


Product Tested By Sharon

Sharon Awarded The Primrose Kitchen Raw Super Organic
Beetroot LSA 4.5/5

I was really interested to try these and whether they did
taste like Beetroot. Packaging was what you would expect from an organic
product; it was nice, easy to access product and reseal. The instructions were
simple too; simple label did not state vitamin content or health benefits of
the product. I had to go online to the website to find this out. The quality is
great with great health benefits. It turned cereals pink and didn’t really have
a taste to it, so my son especially liked having a bowl of porridge as this
made it more interesting. It does offer value for money; you got a lot in the
pack and this will go a long way. I would absolutely buy this brand again; not
necessarily this flavour. My husband and I would like to try the rest of the
range, as my husband and I were really interested in the concept and loved the
information on the website. I would recommend this product to family and
friends; there is a lovely range of products on the website. This is a great quality
product with health benefits. I would have liked ideas on how to use rather
than just on cereals. Also label lacked detail on health benefits and vitamin
content; it was too basic, so label could be improved. The website is great a really informative one
and will try some of the other range. Sharon Booth

Product Tested By Laura
Lawton – Elliot 2 Years and Arlo 10 Months

Laura Awarded The Primrose Kitchen Raw Super Organic
Beetroot LSA 4/5

This looked of high quality and expensive, looks like it
would have health benefits, the type of thing you would buy from a health food
shop. The packaging looked really natural, no waste. Very bright label suggests
it has a lively taste. The instructions need to be more detailed – how much do
you put on your porridge? The product was quite clumpy rather than a fine
powder. I think that for the amount of product, compared to what it actually
does/the extent to which it enhances/adds to your cooking experience, I don’t
really think this is a value for money product. Unfortunately I wouldn’t
recommend this product to family/friends as it isn’t an essential or outstanding
need to have luxury item. If someone is a health fanatic or enjoys buying
expensive luxury food then this is something to consider. Laura Lawton – Elliot
2 Years and Arlo 10 Months

Product Tested By Andrea
Bellingham – Sarah 16 Months and George 4 Years

Andrea Awarded The Primrose Kitchen Raw Super Organic
Beetroot LSA 4.2/5

This product is tasty enough but initially the pink colour
in my porridge put me off. I like beet root and became more used to the colour
afterwards. The packaging makes the product look attractive and organic in
nature but lacked nutritional details which I always look for. For example
calcium, iron, zinc etc. Also what does LSA mean without access to the Internet
in the shop there is no explanation for this important ingredient. Also it is specified for use just with
porridge when in fact in could be used as a topping on other foods such as
yoghurts or smoothies! Is it free from sugar, gluten, yeast? It doesn’t state
these important facts. I would like to have been told approximately how much in
grams to take daily; again this leads back to the nutritional value. As above
recommended products for sprinkling onto too. The quality is very good for
beetroot and it was tasty! I also like the fact that it is organic and I assume
it contains no nasties! It does offer value for money; this is what you would
expect to pay for an organic product of this nature and goodness. I would
consider buying this now; if there was nutritional values stated and if it was
available in Northern Ireland health food shops. I would recommend it to other because
I liked it and it is a quality food! It is full of goodness but changes the
appearance of your food to pink! Andrea Bellingham – Sarah 16 Months and George 4 Years



This is a great quality product with health benefits. 


Sharon Awarded The Primrose Kitchen Raw Super Organic Beetroot LSA 4.5/5   

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