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Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 POTTY

The 3-in-1 Potty arms parents with maximum versatility and functionality. Step One: Personal Potty. Step Two: Toilet Adapter. Step Three: Step Stool for toilet or sink. The 3-in-1 Potty features a non-slip bottom, removable bowl.  Removable bowl and deflector shield allow for easy clean-up.


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£19.99 Available amazon, independent nursery retailers, kiddicare, jojo maman bebe or click onlne for local stockist

Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 POTTY Reviews

Product Tested by: Diane Somers – Oliver 2 Years 8 Months

Product Tested By Diane Somers – Oliver 2 Years 8 Months

Diane Awarded The Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Potty 4.6/5

I was amazed at how large the item actually was and realised this would not be portable therefore as a potty would be used in the house although we could pop the toilet trainer seat in a bag should we go out during the day (although this may cause a little confusion with Oliver at first). The item was easy to remove from the packaging, easy to put together although we were a little confused at first as to how the additional grey rubber ‘spout’ attached but trial and error prevailed. It was a very different shape to others on the market and it came across as being a quality item that a lot of thought had gone into. The rubber guard helped to prevent spillages. It was quite bulky and would not be suitable to transport around however it reflected that fact that it would be sturdy as a step stool. The shape was a lot better than a traditional potty and when used I checked Oliver and he did not have the pressure marks from the traditional shape so definitely more comfortable. Oliver was very intrigued and spent a lot of time taking it apart and putting it back together again. The removal tray was excellent as it fitted perfectly in the sink to wash ready for use again.The stool was easy to take apart and turn over from being a potty however I would struggle if two children were at different stages. Oliver was happy to remove the trainer seat and the potty insert and turn it over however he also attempted this whilst he should have been sitting down to use it – it could have been an unfortunate accident. The seat secured well to our normal toilet seat and stayed in place when Oliver stood up. More than happy to use it as a potty and as a toilet trainer as Oliver felt confident it would be comfortable. Excellent quality, very sturdy and grips well to reduce falls. It is 3 products in one so in comparison to the individual items and storage needs then it is value for money. Only drawback is not being as portable as a singular potty due to the size of the product. I would purchase as a product for use at home it would be ideal however not as practical as a take-out item although the trainer seat would be fine to use in public toilets. I would recommend as practical, pleasing to the eye and safe! The size was a little bit of a shock but came across as well thought out as it was extremely study as a stool. Disappointed that the trainer seat would stick to Oliver’s bottom when he stood from the potty as the ‘suckers’ did not come into contact as well as they did when used as a trainer seat.  The design meant it was more comfortable for Oliver to use as it did not leave marks on his skin from prolonged sitting and he was able to sit on it longer whilst training. Diane Somers – Oliver 2 Years 8 Months


Product Tested By Ellen Mackenzie – Jack 2 years 2 Months

Ellen AwardedThe Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Potty 4.8/5

I thought the Potty looked quite strange but on further inspection it was neat and tidy and very strong.With the piece in front of the potty being rubber it seems to protect better and so no floor accidents. It is a little large but thats not a problem unless you want to take it with you. My little man was quite happy to sit on the potty whilst doing his business so it must be comfy. He loves it both for using to go to the loo and also to stand on to brush his teeth. Love the fact the inner is removable to easily transfer to the toilet. It is easy to swap from potty to foot stool but can be a bit fiddly if in a hurry. Absolutely love the fact the seat has the suckers as my little boy seems to fall in the toilet or the seat does with the other toilet seat I have. It is very secure for when he is sat on it. My son is very happy using this and loves it. Excellent quality. Well made.The value is fab! You can easily pay more than this for a good potty and this is one of the best in my opinion. I would definitely purchase this item. I would highly recommend to friends and family. I love the versatility of the Prince Lionheart 3 in 1 potty.  It is strong and easily transfer through the potty training stages. My little boy loves it. Ellen Mackenzie – Jack 2 years 2 Months


Product Tested By Heather Anderson – Annie 2 Years 6 Months

Heather Awarded Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Potty 4.7/5

This looked good quality and sturdy when arrived. Was quite large. Very easy to use and packaging high quality and instructions clear and precise. This is very versatile as you can place one section on your toilet which made it easier for Annie to use the normal toilet in the bathroom. You can take it out as a portable potty and use it as a stepping stool for them in the bathroom, or like us used in the kitchen too when Annie was helping me cook. The size is large but it is well made, and has so many uses. Really like removable section to place on our normal toilet as this was safe and secure when fitted. Annie was really comfortable using this potty. She enjoyed sitting on it and loved using it as a stepping stool as you can imagine. Very easy to clean and ideal to take with you on your travels. We took this with us to our holiday cottage in Devon and was great. This is such a great design and love the fact you can use as potty and stepping stool. The seat also has suckers on the base so makes this very secure when placed on toilet seat. The quality is excellent. Really good value for money as so many uses for one item. Ideal for any child potty training and has been a real hit with us. Love the versatility, ease of use and design. We loved it. Would highly recommend. Heather Anderson – Annie 2 years 6 Months


The design meant it was more comfortable for Oliver to use as it did not leave marks on his skin from prolonged sitting and he was able to sit on it longer whilst training.


Diane Awarded The Prince Lionheart 3-in-1 Potty 4.6/5          

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