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Prince Lionheart Reversible Playmat

Play, learn, protect and engage with our colorfully illustrated double-sided playMAT! Finally, a well-designed play mat that lasts through the developmental stages of your child! Our play mats have been designed to cushion and delight babies during tummy time, entertain toddlers for play time, and encourage young learners of all ages to engage and explore. Search for the hidden characters, count the creatures, sound out letters, or master the road rules: the only limit is their imagination!• Water-resistant, wipes clean.
• Non-toxic.
• 5.8FT x 6.5FT
Price £39.95 Available amazon, independent nursery retailers, jo jo maman bebe or click online to find local stockist


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Prince Lionheart Reversible Playmat Reviews

Product Tested By Claire Couldstone – Harry 2 Years

Claire Awarded The Prince Lionheart Playmat 4.9/5

The pictures and design of the product look amazing. I really liked the fact that it came in a bag too so it was easy to transport and store away. I like the product and I liked the fact it was so big as I have previously struggled to find a large play mat. However, it was too big to fit in my living room it is so big. When Harry was playing on it kept curling up at the folds and he was frustrated when his toys kept falling over as the mat wouldn’t lie flat. The mat is great for playing outside – even if the grass is slightly damp Harry could still play out as the mat has a waterproof film to it. No concerns about my son using this playmat, other than the folds that could prove tricky if the mat wasn’t flat as there was a risk of him falling over. The design of the mat is great. Lots of colours and pictures. Harry was able to identify a lot of the pictures on both sides of the mat. Due to the city side of the map not being UK based – i.e.roads and road signs etc. This is not a problem as Harry is too young to understand but as he got older he may wonder why some of the things had different names to what we use. Harry enjoyed playing with the mat. We mainly used it outside due to the size. He liked to look at all the pictures and colours. He is obsessed with cars at the minute so really enjoyed the city side of the mat. I have wiped the mat clean when we have used it outside as this is wipe clean only. This is different to other toys- its dual sided. Very large in size. As I previously mentioned I have struggled to find a mat of this size. We used to have wooden flooring and this would have come in great use when Harry was younger as it gives some padding. I think it is a versatile product. Especially as it comes in 3 different themes. It was easy to use and put away. This is great value for money as the other mat I bought last year was much smaller and a similar price. I would purchase this item as it is a great size. Appealing for children and can be used outdoors as well as indoors due to its material. I think it will last a long time too as it seems very durable. I already have mentioned to some of Harry’s friends parents about how great the mat is. I think this is an amazing product and I have found little to comment negatively about. The size is a plus- despite it not fitting in my living room! I could see the product used in nurseries or play groups. The only negative thing I could say is about how it doesn’t lay flush to the floor making it a slight trip hazard.Claire Couldstone – Harry 2 Years

Product Tested By Katie Prince – Benjamin 3 Years

Katie AwardedThe Prince Lionheart Playmat 3.5/5

Bright and colourful but far too big, took over the whole living room and even over lapped the fireplace,making it difficult to use. The style, the quality and the colours appealed to my children. The size is far too big for our home so will be using outdoors for the summer months. Great designs, lots of detail and bright/colourful. This playmat does interest my children and keeps them entertained. This is easy to keep clean and just wipe clean with damp cloth. This is a very versatile playmat as benefits from a different theme on each side of the mat. Great idea and would be perfect if it was scaled down in size slightly. A good quality, fun entertaining playmat but too large for our home and can only use outside for the summer months. Katie Prince – Benjamin 3 Years

Product Tested By Kirsteen Anderson – Aria 5 Months

Kirsteen AwardedThe Prince Lionheart Playmat 4.7/5

Very pretty colours and it was huge. Feels soft, but thin – could probably be a bit more padded but fine on carpets. I had not concerns at all about Aria playing on this mat. Beautiful designs, very colourful. It is very colourful so catches her eye but not so much to do for 5 month old – my 6 year old loved it though. This is easy to keep clean as wipe clean only. If I’m honest I wouldn’t market this as a baby product, would probably be more suitable for 2+ as I’m sure they would have far more fun with it. It is also very large, may be too large for people with small rooms – thankfully we used it in the garden and in the living room. Very versatile – my 6 year old loved it as she was able to play with her cars and play with her dolls as mermaids etc. This does offer excellent value for money. I would purchase this and I would most definitely recommend. My baby enjoyed rolling on it and my 6 year old loved playing with her toys on it. Kirsteen Anderson – Aria 5 Months 


I think this is an amazing product and I have found little to comment negatively about. The size is a plus- despite it not fitting in my living room! I could see the product used in nurseries or play groups.


Claire Awarded The Prince Lionheart Playmat 4.9/5

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