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Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear

Actual sounds recorded INSIDE a mother’s womb lull baby to sleep in minutes!
Since 1978, the Original Slumber Bear® / Tummy Sleep’s® authentic womb sounds have been helping millions of newborns sleep in maternity hospitals and homes worldwide!  The best just got better!  In addition to the womb sounds that will continue to lull babies to sleep, the Plus’ additional sound features can be enjoyed from 0-5 years!  Sound box has a 5 minute timer to save on batteries, with sound and motion sensors that reactivate recording when Baby cries or the sound box is moved.  Each bear comes with Silkie™, the natural bonding aid that retains parents’ scent and reassures Baby of their presence.  No. 1 Sales Worlwide!  Requires 4 AAA batteries. New recordable function allows parents to create their own soothing message for Baby. Helps promote parent/baby bonding!

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Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear Reviews

Product Tested by: Victoria Parsons – Baby Fay 8 months

Product Tested By Victoria Parsons – Baby Fay 8 months

Victoria Awarded The Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear  4/5

I was delighted to receive the slumber bear. It was soft and it was great that I could hang it on the side of the cot. It was great for my 9 week old baby who was not really playing with toys but could listen to the sounds it made. The colour of the website doesn’t look particularly baby friendly, but that is my own personal view. The font is quite small so items do not stand out. The products seem very gadgetry but I must say the safety gadgets that are for sale are quite useful. It’s good that each product has a description about how it works which is very helpful when looking at products to purchase. The packaging was good. The bear could be seen clearly, I could feel it and the information on the packaging was all relevant to the product. Without the instructions I was able to work out how to change the sounds the bear makes. However I do not have a clue how to record anything as the instructions were not very clear. The material and finishing’s of the bear is of excellent quality and the texture is perfect for a newborn. I did find that the speaker that fits in the back of the bear was difficult to get in and remove.  Once inside the Velcro part at the back of the bear would not stick shut and kept popping open. The variety of sounds is fantastic. My baby found the womb and white noise sounds far more relaxing than the lullabies but it was good to have the choice. Now she is a bit older we listen to the lullabies more. It’s excellent that the volume can be changed as some products are far too loud for babies!  My baby had trouble getting to sleep due to reflux so the womb sounds helped with this as it calmed her down and lulled her to sleep. She’s not too keen on cuddling or playing with the bear but the sounds are definitely the preferred feature. However, she seems to like to suck and chew on the material as it is soft and as she is getting older we are putting it in her cot more and more so she can play with it. A bonus is the bear is so light and small we can take it out in the car or have it in her pram to lull her to sleep. If I had seen this product in the shops I probably would not have brought it for my own child. This is because it doesn’t draw enough attention to the features and just looks like a cuddly bear. However I would be more likely to buy this bear as a gift for someone. The blue bear would be perfect for a newborn baby boy gift and the price is the amount I would spend on a gift for a friend. Taking into account other products that I have seen that play womb sounds and white noise I would do feel this item is slightly expensive. The main benefit of this product is the white noise which lulled my baby to sleep.  Wonderful for helping my baby get to sleep. Would not really classify this as a toy just yet, but has become a favourite at bedtime. Difficult to get speaker in and out of bear. Liked the blanket that can be removed. The slumber bear helped me lull my ‘sleep fighting’ baby to sleep with womb sounds and white noise. Victoria Parsons – Baby Fay 8 months

Product Tested By Joanne Dyson – Baby Declan 6 Months

Joanne Awarded The Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear 4/5

Brilliant idea and easy for little hands.  Packaging was good and protected item.  Had a look online, nice website, informative, wide variety of products and easy to use.  Instructions were clear and so easy to follow.  Quality was good.  Sounds were good, but would have loved the lullaby’s to be a little bit longer.  Declan really liked his bear and especially the blanket that came with it.  Personally I feel this is an ideal gift for a newborn baby.  If I had another child would definitely purchase this and use from day one.  Good value for money.  Brilliant first toy for any newborn and the blanket makes a good comforter.  Joanne Dyson – Baby Declan 6 Months

Product Tested By Stephanie Manuel – Baby Ella-Louise 9 Months

Stephanie Awarded the Prince Lionheart – The original slumber bear 4.5/5

This is such a lovely looking bear that produces great sounds to help to easily put my daughter to sleep without stress. I think the Company’s website is good and well laid out. I feel that the Prince Lionheart is the best product on there; some of the products are rather expensive though and this may be an issue for a household with a lower income. The packaging is small but appropriate for the product. The instructions were also very easy to read and understand. But they could be a bit too small maybe for people who have sight problems and are short sighted. The quality of the bear is great, and I am more than ensured that it is completely safe and fun for my daughter to be around. The sounds that the bear produce are also great, my daughter loves them and she loves the teddy too. This is an item that I would normally buy and I would recommend it to anyone. I also think it offers great value for money. Overall it’s a fun, adorable and practical bear that your child is guaranteed to love! Stephanie Manuel – Baby Ella-Louise 9 Months

The slumber bear helped me lull my ‘sleep fighting’ baby to sleep with womb sounds and white noise.


Victoria Awarded The Prince Lionheart Slumber Bear  4/5

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