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Prince Lionheart Stove Guard

Adjustable Cooker Guard puts a barrier between your child’s fingers and cooker hazards – hot saucepans and open flames. Heat resistant, poly-carbonate plastic adjusts to fit cookers 61cm to 91cm wide. Specially formulated adhesive tape secures Cooker Guard to your range and removes easily when no longer needed. Mounts on front or top of cooker

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£19.99 Available to purchase online

Prince Lionheart Stove Guard Reviews

Product Tested by: Karen Pal – Baby Isabelle 11 months

Product Tested By Karen Pal – Baby Isabelle 11 Months

Karen Awarded The Prince Lionheart Stove Guard 4.3/5

It seems like a fairly useful product and easy to use. There was a wide range of products availablewhen I went online and a good website, easy to navigate. I certainly plan on ordering a couple of items. The picture on the front of the box clearly spelt out what the purpose of the product was. There was enough info to satisfy me. It was straightforward and simple to use. The illustrations were also easy to follow. My little one is starting to reach up to pull things down/off so this will be very useful on the stove top. It is easily deactivated. I don’t think it could be used on anything else. The product doesn’t come loose. it is fit for the purpose it was designed for. I think it is a little bit overpriced. Other mums would certainly find this useful as little ones always seem to find their way into the kitchen and the product would prevent serious accidents from occurring. I found it easy to install as per the instructions. It is a very useful product to have in the kitchen. Karen Pal – Baby Isabelle 11 Months

Product Tested By Mel Clark – Danny Aged 1 Year 3 Months 

Mel Awarded The Prince Lionheart Stove Guard 3.8/5

I thought it was a very good idea but a little pricey for what it was. There are lots and lots of products on the website; they seem to have everything you might need to baby proof your home. The packaging is fairly informative but could be clearer. It is fairly easy to put this product together and the instructions are easy to understand. This product makes it impossible for a child to reach up and grab the handle of a pan. This product stays in place at all times and you can still use your hob for cooking.  However,  I find that it does get in the way slightly and I’m always banging my hand against it. I did know that it was possible to buy this sort of product but I had never seen or used one before. It does stay in place, however, it is only attached with sticky pads and I don’t think it will stay in place for a very long time.  I would change the colour of this as it blends in too easily with its surroundings which makes it hard to see. It is fairly good value for money, assuming it lasts a good few years. I will continue to use it as it is a very necessary item for safety. If the guard was a little sturdier and a tad brighter, with more visible colour it would get a higher mark. I appreciate that this product could avert serious injury and a necessity when you have a growing family.  I just wish it had been a brighter colour so it is more visible in the kitchen.  However, as a safety item it does the job it is designed to do.  Mel Clark – Danny Aged 1 Year 3 Months 

Product Tested By Katherine Reid – Jennifer Aged 1 Year 3 Months

Katherine Awarded The Prince Lionheart Stove Guard 4/5

Looks a good idea. is a great website, got loads of interesting safety products that I’d never even considered needing!  Packaging for this item is simple but informative. Instructions were clear & it was easy to fix.  The product stops my little one reaching up and reaching the hob or anything on it.  It’s easy for an adult to continue using the hob with it in place.  I had heard about oven/stove guards but never seen one.  Once fitted it stayed in place, only fixed in place by sticky pads so not sure longer-term how well it would stay.  But I guess if it worked loose you could just replace the pads & start again.  This is designed to be an effective stove guard and would not really be suitable for any other purpose.   Priced at £19.99 I felt this was good value.  I would recommend this to other people if they had inquisitive little ones.  Good quality product, effective and safeKatherine Reid – Jennifer Aged 1 Year 3 Months

It is a very useful product to have in the kitchen.


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