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Princess Poppy Fairytale Princess

Author Janey Louise Jones

Synopsis -Miss Mallow has decided to put on a musical show to celebrate the opening of the new school hall. Poppy and her class are all very excited especially when they get to vote on which show to perform. But things start to go wrong during the auditions when every single child wants the two starring roles! Before long Miss Mallow is at the end of her tether and cancels the show . . .

Ideal book for any little girl who has ever dreamed of being Cinderella

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£3.99 Available in all leading book stores or purchase online

Princess Poppy Fairytale Princess Reviews

Product Tested by: Liz Partland – Madeleine 6 years

Product Tested By Liz Partland – Madeleine 6 years

Liz awarded Princess Poppy The Fairytale Princess 5/ 5

Very pink! Even the pages and the type are pink.  It looks like just the sort of book my girly 6 year old would go for It was fantastic.  You can put your child’s name in at the start so it will personalise some of the pages.  Usually I get irritated by pages which have to load but these were very quick.  We have a couple of the Princess Poppy audio books already which are good value and ideal for 3-5 year olds.  My daughter enjoyed the Fun & Games section. It was very good for the r.r.p. £3.99 She couldn’t wait to start and completely lost interest in the book we were reading together already. She liked them very much and enjoyed trying to work out who all the characters were on the pictures.  There seems to be a gap from picture books suitable for 3 year olds to the more ‘grown up’ reading books, many of which don’t have pictures. 5-7 year olds definitely still like pictures!  There was an illustration every few pages which was just right. Yes, we read it together over two nights.  It was probably a bit too difficult for most 6 year olds to read on their own and it does say suitable for 7+ on the back.  However I think any school age girl would enjoy and understand the story It was very familiar to her as a girl who enjoys ballet lessons, putting on shows, dressing up and fairytales.  It felt like Madeleine inspired Princess Poppy and she loved it!  A preview of the next book about ponies was at the end of the book and she wasn’t quite so interested in this one.  She definitely wants to read the ballet one though. Yes.  She really enjoyed talking about how the characters felt and what she would do.  There were also ilustrations of things that Poppy did at school such as a Cinderella spelling test and maths test.  She enjoyed having a go at these herself and reading the lists herself It was excellent.  We both really enjoyed the story and illlustrations. Thank you. The book is about the same price as some childrens magazines so good value for money.  Also Madeleine will read it again herself when she is older and my two younger daughters will enjoy it too. If the books were available in sets they would make lovely presents.  We will pass it on to some friends to enjoy now. Can’t think of anyhting negative to say. Not for boys! Liz Partland – Madeleine Aged 6 Years

Product Tested By Sadie King – Morgan Aged 5 years

Sadie Awarded The Princess Poppy The Fairytale Princess 3.8/5

My child enjoys these books as they are well presented. The paper is a little thin but it is a paper back. I don’t think it inspired my child to read the book but she enjoyed the story. it. My child took some interest in the fun and games section which was another good aspect of the book. Each night she would ask for the next chapter or two to be read to her, and tried reading some words herself (she is just learning). Really did enjoy the story. Loves Cinderella. I’m not sure about stimulating but she did relate to her with school as well. I have seen better quality books from Princess Poppy but my child enjoyed it and that’s the main thing. I think the price is ok. That’s how much books cost now! I would buy it as my child enjoyed it. Great story and presentation on the outside. Sadie King – Morgan Aged 5 years

Product Tested By Paula Holtz – Tracy Aged 5 Years 6 Months

Paula awarded Princess Poppy The Fairytale Princess 5/ 5

Just perfect for Tracy.   A lovely book for our little princess.  A good quality book and you can also put your daughters name in the start to make it more personal.   We are already fans of the Princess Poppy audio books and my daughter loves the stories. We also enjoyed getting involved with the games section and as it was a hit with my daughter certainly good value for money.  Just a perfect tale for a little girl and we loved reading this together.  The story was good, interactive games and Tracy loved all the characters.  It is a great book, superb quality, interactive and educational and perfect for little girls.  Maybe a bit difficult for Tracy to read on her own presently, but a story we will read again and again and keep until she can read it herself.   Tracy is a keen dancer so this story was ideal and she loved it.  If you are a fan of Princess poppy then this is a good purchase.  We both enjoyed discussing the characters and things Poppy achieved at school and this I feel helped Tracy to want to do well at school.  A fantastic book.  We will be purchasing more from the Princess Poppy selection and also they make a perfect gift.  A lovely book and we both loved it.   Paula Holtz – Tracy Aged 5 Years 6 Months

If the books were available in sets they would make lovely presents.  Great book and we both enjoyed reading about Princess Poppy.


Liz awarded Princess Poppy The Fairytale Princess Top Marks 5/ 5

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