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Princess Poppy: Pony Club Princess By Janey Louise Jones

Author Janey Louise Jones

Synopsis: Poppy is taking part in a Pony Club Competition with her cousin Daisy. They’ve both been practising like mad on their ponies Twinkletoes and Parsley and they absolutely can’t wait. But before long a whole series of things start to go wrong
and it looks like they might not be able to compete after all . . . Will the Pony Club let Poppy enter the competition? Will Twinkletoes be well enough to jump and most importantly, will Poppy ever get to be a Pony Princess? Find out in this brilliant new adventure.

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Princess Poppy: Pony Club Princess By Janey Louise Jones Reviews

Product Tested by: Ellen Butt – Keira (4 years), Jocelyn (2 years) and Micah (1 year)

Product Tested By Ellen Butt – Keira (4 years), Jocelyn (2 years) and Micah (1 year)

Ellen Awarded The Princess Poppy Pony Club Princess 4.3/ 5

It looked attractive to a young girl although I wondered whether it would be too old for my girls. My first impressions of the website was that it was too wordy and complicated, there was too much going on. However it was easy to find the children’s section where you could choose to look at books in a particular age group. Once I had clicked on a specific age page it again looked too busy and the full list of books link was tucked away at the bottom of the page. It contains lots of information but is far too busy and fussy. The book arrived in very good condition but the quality of the book, especially the pages is not brilliant but is acceptable. My eldest daughter loves books and stories so when the book arrived in the post and I showed it to her she was very excited and immediately asked to look at it. She took it from me and was captivated by it for about 10 minutes despite not being able to read it. She looked forward to me reading it to her. There were some illustrations in the book, just the right amount. My eldest daughter enjoyed looking at them by herself but didn’t pay a lot of attention to them when I read the book to her. We spent quite some time talking about the map at the beginning of the book. I read the story to my daughters as it is too advanced for them to read. My eldest daughter loved listening to it, so much so that she kept on asking for more so the book was finished in three bedtime reading sessions. My youngest daughter listened to most of the story although her attention did waiver at times. My eldest  was captivated by the story. If a chapter ended on a cliff hanger she would asked for me to read the next chapter. The book was stimulating for my daughters as it introduced them to the world of ponies and the Pony Club which they hadn’t come across before. It went in to some detail about ponies and the competitions the Pony Club hold. The book held my eldest daughter’s attention throughout which shows it must have been stimulating her. The book was very good for my eldest daughter, she really did enjoy it. The story held her concentration and she looked forward to the next instalment.
Unfortunately there were a couple of writing errors, such as missing words or sentences which didn’t make sense so better proof reading is needed. This obviously didn’t spoil my daughter’s enjoyment of the story as I read it to her but it marred my experience and is not ideal for my daughter to read by herself when she begins to read that level of book. It is good value for money although the quality of the book isn’t great but sufficient. A lovely story which captivated my 4 year old daughter’s imagination who couldn’t wait for the next instalment. Ellen Butt – Keira (4 years), Jocelyn (2 years) and Micah (1 year)

Product Tested By Farhat Khatri – Hayah Aged 7 Years

Farhat Awarded Princess Poppy Pony Club Princess 4/5

The company has a very good website with a lot of enticing images. My child liked the illustrations in this book a lot. The pictures were very useful as they helped Hayah go through the book. My child enjoyed reading the book as it was very enjoyable. This book is very stimulating for my child. The book is very good value for money and I would consider buying it. It is a very colourful book with an interesting story combined with good quality pictures. Farhat Khatri – Hayah Aged 7 Years

Product Tested By Becky Evans – Ella-Reese Aged 5 Years 6 Months

Becky AwardedPrincess Poppy Pony Club Princess 3.7/5

Looked like a lovely book for us to read together.  The website offered a wide range of products that would appeal to all ages. The book I feel would have been more presentable as a hardback as it’s aimed at young children. The font could have been a bit larger. On first sight of the book my daughter wanted to read it but realised it was too difficult to read on her own so she looked at the few pictures illustrations.  Personally feel the illustrations need to be more colourful and detailed.   Ella was unable to read this book by herself, but I would read her one chapter at nigh.  Ella loved the story as she does love ponies..  The story was good but would not say it was stimulating, and Ella enjoyed listening to me read her the story. A good story.  Was slightly too difficult for Ella, but something we can keep and she can read herself later on.  Personally I think this is a story aimed at older children.  Reasonable value for money.  A book we can keep for when Ella is older.  Ideal book for children who can read fluently and confidently.  Becky Evans – Ella-Reese Aged 5 Years 6 Months

A lovely story which captivated my 4 year old daughter’s imagination who couldn’t wait for the next instalment!


Ellen Awarded The Princess Poppy Pony Club Princess 4.3/ 5

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