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Pro-sil for Adults

Pro-Sil™ is the latest innovation from Biodermis™. This revolutionary, patent pending product provides the same industry leading scar management technology found in Xeragel™, in an ultra convenient, easy to apply, glide-on applicator. The next level of convenience: Stores easily and compactly in a purse or pocket, and without drips or leaks. Designed for: Hands & Arms FaceNeck Elbows Feet & Ankles C- section Burns Hypertrophic Scars Keloids & Prevention Body Piercing Scars

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£23.99 17g - Available to purchase online

Pro-sil for Adults Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Jenkins

Product Tested By Lucy Jenkins

Lucy Awarded The Pro-sil for Adults 4.5/5

I was quite surprised at the small size of it; it is the same size as a lip balm. I was very keen to try it and cautiously optimistic that it would help my red, raised scar. It is a clean, medical design. It was a good size for travelling but too small for daily use; it is so small I often misplaced it. It would have been better in a bigger size or even if it came with a box/case to store it. The instructions were clear and concise with the exception of ‘to remove, wipes off with a clean cloth of tissue’. It wasn’t made clear when/why someone would want to remove it. Should the previous application be removed before reapplying?  If so, this wasn’t made clear. If not, in what circumstances should it be removed? It was very easy to apply. It was the perfect consistency and it glided across my skin. It did absorb into the skin and I didn’t ever notice it after application. There is a significant improvement of my scar. Some areas remain red and raised but parts of it are much flatter and less red. I am very impressed with the quality of this product. It seems very professional and I was pleased there is no noticeable scent. Although it is expensive and I probably wouldn’t have previously purchased this product on a whim, the difference in my scar would have been well worth the cost of the product. I would have been interested to see in the information about what types of scars it helps, for example is it more beneficial to new or old scars, in the product literature. As I stated above I think it is too small and easy to misplace so for daily use I would prefer a larger size. Having said that, it did last a surprisingly long time. , I would buy this should the need arise in the future. I would highly recommend this to friends and family who have scars, or those who are facing operations in the future. Easy to apply, long lasting and truly made a difference to my scar, although I would prefer a larger size. Lucy Jenkins


Product Tested By Gill Lowe

Gill Awarded The Pro-sil for Adults 4.2/5

It is a great idea and I had high hopes for it. I have a lot of scars resulting from years of self-harm and I am very self-conscious of them. I rarely wear short sleeved clothes and would love to find a product which would help improve the appearance of my scars. Outer packaging was pretty simplistic but nice. Lots of information (both about the product itself and other products by the same company) included. I like how convenient the product itself is (can easily be transported without ruining bags/spilling etc.). Instructions clear and easy to understand. Very easy to apply. I felt that I was walking about with my arms held out for a while after applying so that I didn’t accidentally wipe it off. I think there has been a slight improvement but I found it difficult to remember to apply the product twice a day so it probably isn’t as good as it could be. The packaging also recommended more than 28 days of use so I don’t think I have got the maximum out of the product. I do think it has potential to be good though. I think it’s a great product and although I haven’t seen a huge difference in my scars I am keen to keep on using the product and hope to see more of an improvement with more use. The price is definitely appealing and if I saw the product in a shop at this price it is something I probably would have picked up to try. I think the design is great, it is so handy and much easier and less messy than cream. I really like it. I would definitely consider buying more once it runs out. I would like to use the product for a bit longer before recommending to anyone but I am hopeful that I will see more of an improvement and I would then mention it to friends/family. I think it is a really interesting product but I haven’t seen huge results (in my opinion caused at least in part by my difficulty in remembering to apply the product twice a day and also due to not being able to test it for as long as it is recommended to be used). Great product with big potential but would be better if it didn’t need to be applied twice a day. Gill Low


Product Tested By Richard Pearson

Richard Awarded The Pro-sil for Adults 5/5

Arrived and looked small, easy to carry and compact. The packaging was good. The design of the actual product was aesthetically pleasing and small and compact making it easy to carry around with you. This was very easy to apply. Once applied it did absorb into the skin easily and did leave a slight glossy veneer. I did find this to be effective. It lightened the darker scar tissue and my scar certainly became less visible. The quality of this item is excellent. Very good value for money. I am very conscious of my scar and anything that helps reduce the appearance of my scar is certainly value for money. This is small and compact but you only need to use a little for each application so will last a long while. The design of this product is good as it is. I would purchase this once this one is finished as worked well for me. I would recommend to anyone wishing to reduce the appearance of scar tissue. Easy to apply, noticeable difference to scar and genuinely impressed with the product. Richard Pearson


I would highly recommend this to friends and family who have scars, or those who are facing operations in the future. Easy to apply, long lasting and truly made a difference to my scar.


Lucy Awarded The Pro-sil for Adults 4.5/5

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