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This bright and lightweight children’s all-in-one suit is the perfect practical must-have for any young adventurer looking to enjoy some puddle splashing this spring and summer. The splashsuit is designed to protect little puddlestompers head to toe form rain and windy weather with its secure hood, waterproof zips and adjustable ankle straps. The bright blue flora and fauna print was inspired by the free-flowing illustrations of Quentin Blake and is perfect to brighten up a rainy day! This Puddlepack all-in-one handily packs away into its own pocket and comes with a carabiner so you can attach it to your bag, belt loop or buggy.

Sizes Available: 0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24, 2-3y, 3-4y

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Product Tested by: Patricia Robinson – Caden 2 Years

Product Tested By Patricia Robinson – Caden 2 Years

Patricia Awarded The Puddlepac All In One 5/5

First impressions were good as looked good quality product. Nicely
packed in a clear bag. I loved the design of the puddlepac. Bright and
beautiful. I thought it was rather large for a size 2/3 years. But
then again my little one will get great wear from it. My little boy loved
wearing his puddlepac even over the top of his everyday clothes. Nice and light
and loads of room to manoeuvre about. The elasticated cuffs were also
comfortable for him. My little boy never
complained or fussed over them. I liked the adjustable foot stirrups
as it could be used with wellie boots or normal shoes. Plenty of room to
adjust to any footwear. Fully taped seems are ok, not something I usually
look for in buying puddle suits. Kept my little boy dry and didn’t
let any water soak through which is fantastic. My little boy loves
wearing his puddlepac. It is comfortable and he kept it on for hours at a time.
I did feel very confident that it would keep him dry even in heavy rainfall. It
gets top marks for keeping dry and not letting water soak through.I give
it top marks for the look and feel of the material. Soft and gentle for little ones.
Very easy to keep clean, I have washed mine a few times and it washes
well. Easy to follow the washing instructions. Excellent quality could not fault it. Excellent value for money as I know my
son will get great wear for many months. The puddlepac really does what it’s
meant to do. Keep little one’s dry and they don’t overheat or sweat which is
why I loved it for my son. I would buy
this and most certainly recommend. Lovely
rain suit, which is easy to get on and off. Very practical, 100% waterproof, fit for
purpose, excellent value for money, excellent quality, lightweight and comfy. Patricia Robinson – Caden 2 Years

Product Tested By Oliver Levantine – Theo 14 Months

Oliver Awarded The Puddlepac All In One 5/5

This looked bright and colourful when arrived. ThePuddlepac
was well packaged and would be a lovely gift to give.The Puddlepac was easy to put
on a wriggling baby and importantly easy to clean.I ordered a bigger size as my little boy is
very tall but slim; it fits well with plenty of room to grow. He
seems very happy in it, loves jumping in muddy puddles in it!The
elasticated cuffs were good not too tight. The adjustable foot stirrups were
great for keeping water out. The fully taped seems were comfortable and soft
against delicate skin.This kept my son lovely and dry. This comes
with a neat carry bag which is very handy for keeping it in. My son loved wearing
his Puddlepac. Although it is thin it kept him perfectly dry. Quality of
material good as light weight and perfect for spring showers. This was very
easy to keep clean. Washing instructions clear and easy to follow. Quality of
this is excellent. Very good value for
money. I liked the fact it was bright
and colourful, lightweight, shower proof, easy to put on and take off. I would buy this as it is lightweight and
thin but will keep my little one dry during spring showers. I would recommend
the Puddlepac. Excellent product, lightweight, doesn’t take up much room
in my bag, easy to put on and take off, clean, bright, colourful. Oliver Levantine – Theo 14 Months

Tested By
Claire Scullion – Rock 2 years

Awarded The Puddlepac All In One 3/5

nice design and lovely colour.The labelling and packaging was really
nice and I liked how the tags explain different elements of the suit. The
design was really good and it felt like it would fit over clothes well without
restricting movement.The arms were a bit long even with the
elastic.My son was really happy wearing it and loved the colour. We
did have to keep pulling the cuffs up due to them being a bit too long.I thought the adjustable stirrups were
a great feature as my son was wearing his wellies and we needed more give.The
fully taped seems seemed like a good design feature but it didn’t seem to work
as my son did still get really wet through the suit.Unfortunately this suit did not work for us as he was soaked through and needed a full change of clothes. I did like the fact it comes with a carry bag
as that is really handy. He was really happy wearing it and it seemed
comfortable in it. I was sure he would stay dry under the suit so was
really disappointed when we took it off and he was wet from head to toe. The
material was really lightweight which seemed great but the fact that he got so
wet seemed to undermine this. This was easy to keep clean. Very
straightforward washing instructions and easy to understand, but I am morelikely to just let it dry each time I use it rather than wash it too often
unless it gets muddy. I thought it would be good quality but did not keep
my son dry when wearing in the rain. If this had worked I would consider it good value but I would be returning it for a refund
if I had bought it myself. I really did love the design and
the packaging as they were great. No I would not purchase this as it didn’t
perform the primary function of keeping my son dry while he played in the rain
in puddles. I would not recommend, because I know my friends and family would be using it for the same
purpose as me and it didn’t perform well. I was really disappointed
because I wanted this to be a good product and was hoping it would work really
well. I was very disappointed when it didn’t keep my son dry. It is a real
shame because the design and the packaging filled me with confidence.Very
disappointing and not what I was hoping for. I didn’t feel like my son did
anything that could have caused the suit to fail at keeping him dry so badly.
He was just splashing in puddles as you would expect a 2 year old to do. He was
also wearing his wellies so I was even more surprised when his legs were so
wet. If the suit is only able to keep off light rain and not to be relied upon
for puddle splashing then you may wish to reconsider the name. Claire Scullion – Rock 2 years








I would buy this and most certainly recommend. Lovely rain suit, which is easy to get on and off. Very practical, 100% waterproof, fit for purpose, excellent value for money, excellent quality, lightweight and comfy.


Patricia Awarded The Puddlepac All In One 5/5

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