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Pass the loveable "Zingy" character from player to player, taking it in turns to pump his arms in and out. Pump enough and one of the Zingers will fly off with a "zing" or a "boing" sound!But watch out that Zingy doesn’t say "uh-oh!" during your turn, or you’ll lose a Zingy Card!2 or more players, ages 4+


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£19.99 Available Tesco, Debenhams, Argos, Smyths, Toys R Us, all leading toy stores nationwide of click online to find local stockist

Pumpazing Reviews

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Product Tested By Gill Robbins – Rosalind and Lily nearly 4 Years

Gill Awarded The Pumpazing 4.5/5

The packaging for this product is really bright and appealing. The girls were really excited about getting the game out and playing it.  It’s really easy for an adult to understand how to play, and there are different ways you can play it. It took Rosalind and Lily a little while to understand that they had to take it in turns and not just to keep going until one of the Zingers popped out, however after some initial fighting and explanation they understood. I think the age range is fine, however it is important to remind the children to point it away from their face (and other peoples) along with any delicate ornaments, glass etc. as the Zingers do pop out with some force! The girls love playing with Pumpazing.  Sometimes they play it properly, other times they make up their own games and sometimes play with it by themselves. It has helped the children understand the concept of turntaking and patience. The girls play for ages without losing interest; they normally stop playing once they have lost all the Zingers over the back of the sofa!  They play with it by themselves and have also tried shooting their soft toys with the Zingers when they pop out! This is a good quality product and I don’t feel that it will break easily. The Zingers do squash if you stand on them, however I wouldn’t want them to be made of harder plastic as they would destroy your house as they popped out. I think it seems quite expensive at £20. I would say £15 would be more acceptable and would consider buying it then.  I would recommend this as it is a good game for children of all ages as well as adults to play together. I think it is great but a little bit overpriced.  Gill Robbins – Rosalind and Lily nearly 4 Years


Product Tested By Rachel Harrop – Nathan and Daniel 4 Years

Rachel Awarded The Pumpazing 4.2/5

This looked simple to use, attractive colours and shapes but the cards did not seem sturdy enough. The packaging was fully bio-degradable cardboard, easy to throw away but was sturdy enough to be used as storage. The game concept is brilliant and easy for an adult to understand. Nathan and Daniel understood the concept too although they preferred to us it as a weapon missile launcher.  The recommended age that this is aimed at is fine.  It encouraged them to take it in turns.  It helped develop stamina and upper body strength too.  Unfortunately they lost interest within 10 minutes of each usage; they were not interested in collecting the smiley cards, just in firing the missiles. This was how they played with it.  By doing this though they were encouraged to count and see who could fire one off most quickly. The quality seems sturdy enough to withstand abuse from two small boys but I do think this isq uite expensive for the play value my boys got with it.  It is a good productand the concept is good too, my boys just preferred to play it their own way. Rachel Harrop – Nathan and Daniel 4 Years


Product Tested By Rebecca Woods – Joanne 5 Years and Declan 4 Years

Rebecca Awarded The Pumpazing 4.4/5

This looked like a very interesting game. The packaging was lovely and Joanne and Declan was attracted to it straight away. The concept of this game is easy to understand and straightforward to play.  Joanne and Declan had no problems with it at all and understood what they needed to do. The recommended age this is directed is about right.  I did have to tell Declan to stand back a bit as he would stand right in front of Joanne when it was her go. This was only because he was eager for his turn. They love to play with this together and is now one of their favourite toys.  It helps them to learn thec oncept of sharing and taking it in turns.  It is simple enough to play with without losing interest. The sounds make them laugh. We have even played it as a family. The quality is fantastic and seems like it would last.  We all loved this game but the price did seem a bit high for me and I think this might put some people off.  I would consider buying it though as we had loads of fun with it. I have already told friends about it. It is a great game that both children and their parents will enjoy together. Rebecca Woods – Joanne 5 Years and Declan 4 Years


I would recommend this as it is a good game for children of all ages as well as adults to play together.


Gill Awarded The Pumpazing 4.5/5     

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