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Puressentiel Lice Repellent possesses a preventive action against lice. In the event of an outbreak, it prevents scalp infestation and offers effective protection for up to 24 hours*.Its formula, with no neurotoxic repellent, contains Citriodiol® from 100% natural origin (derived from lemon Eucalyptus essential oil) whose repellent action has proved itself to be as effective as most synthetic chemicals.It leaves the hair smelling fresh and pleasant.It can be used daily without damaging the hair or making it greasy. Practical and easy-to-use spray solution. Can be used on adults and children over the age of 3 years.

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£9.99 Available Boots, Amazon or click online to find local stockist


Product Tested by: Sonia Heryet – Logan & Robyn – 6 & 3 Years

Tested By
Sonia Heryet – Logan & Robyn – 6 & 3 Years

Sonia Awarded
The Pureessential Repellent Lice Spray 5/5

This is a
high quality product and worth the £9.99 price tag.
The packaging is modern and stands out; it would make me look at it.
There are no instructions in the box, just the box itself and on the bottle.
The instructions are clear and easy to understand. After using this product
their hair was really nice and easy to comb through and tangle free. I do think it gave my children protection. It’s
much nice then other lice products, the fragrance is still strong but not over
powering. This did not cause any irritation.
A great quality product, the comb is amazing, the best one I have ever
tried, worth every penny. It works well and lasts ages, so yes it offers value
for the cost. I would definitely buy it again. I would highly recommend it, it
is a great product. Definitely worth 5/5, it’s a great product. Easy to use,
great fragrance and works a treat on Childrens hair. Sonia Heryet – Logan & Robyn – 6 & 3

Tested By
Elaine Kalo – Harry & Annie – 5 & 4 Years

Awarded The Pureessential Repellent Lice Spray 4/5

I liked how
this product was packaged; it comes in a pump spray so you can apply exactly
the right amount. The instructions were clear, I liked that it advised how many
sprays are required and where to apply it for optimum effect. Appropriate
safety instructions. Smooth and tangle free? – I didn’t notice that this
product reduced tangles or made the hair smoother. It certainly didn’t have any
adverse effect on the hair – didn’t make it any harder to comb, it wasn’t at
all sticky. To be honest I wouldn’t expect this type of product to detangle.
Protection from head lice? It’s difficult to fully ascertain if this product
protects from head lice unless there is a known breakout at school, nursery
etc. which there wasn’t during the test period. However what I can say is that
my children did not have any head lice during the test period. Fragrance? The
most significant aspect of the testing of this product was the fragrance. The
fragrance is absolutely overpowering when first applied- to the point where it
makes you cough if you get too close when applying it. My children disliked the
smell of the spray when it was being applied. It became known as the
"stinky spray"! However they always allowed me to apply it. I think
the reason was that after that initial overpowering blast it actually settles
very quickly into a very pleasant, aromatherapy fragrance which lasts. It’s
just a pity it is so strong initially but I do understand that it has certain
chemicals in it in order for the product to be effective. My children did not
experience any irritation to the scalp or skin. I think the fact that this is
an aromatherapy based product suggests it is good quality. There was nothing about
this product that caused me to doubt its quality or effectiveness. I would
recommend the concept of this product to people. I like the idea of protecting
against lice rather than treating the infestation. However I prefer what I was
doing prior to trialling this product using a lice-repellent shampoo as the
fragrance is less overwhelming. I think this product is a little on the pricey
side for the quantity it supplies. Considering that this product should be used
regularly on children it would be hard for most people to afford. Maybe more
cost effective if used just during outbreaks. I wouldn’t buy this product as it
is too powerful for my young children to tolerate using regularly.This
product seems an effective way to prevent head lice for children that don’t
mind strong smells – maybe older children would be fine with it. Elaine Kalo –
Harry & Annie – 5 & 4 Years

Tested By
Sylvia Carter – Anna 5 Years

Awarded The Pureessential Repellent Spray 4.4/5

Looked a well-presented
product, liked the design and packaging made it easy to use. Instructions clear
and easy to follow. I was surprised that by using this helped Anna’s hair to be
tangle free which was a bit of a bonus.
During the trial we did have an outbreak of head lice at Anna’s school
and she certainly seemed protected never had any issues so this did work for
us. Personally I found the fragrance
just a bit too strong and Anna was not a fan of having this put on her hair. However, the aroma did calm down a bit after
the initial spray. Never caused any
irritation. The quality is really good
and certainly performed well for us. When a product works and protects your
child from head lice certainly worth the money.
Not something I would buy on a regular basis but on my list of medicines
to get when needed in the future. I would buy this again when required and
already recommended. A good product to
have when you need it as worked for us.Sylvia Carter – Anna 5 Years

I would highly recommend it, it is a great product. Definitely worth 5/5, it’s a great product. Easy to use, great fragrance and works a treat on Childrens hair. 


Sonia Awarded The Pureessential Lice Repellent Spray 5/5