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Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag

Swaddle to Sleep Bag – All Seasons

Our innovative new swaddle bag has been developed to offer parents a safer, healthier bedding solution for newborns and young infants. It features unique breathable panels and the option to swaddle arms in or out. The Swaddle to Sleep Bag grows with new babies with an extended length which is certified hip healthy. Longer lasting and safe. The Swaddle to Sleep Bag is a safe alternative to using blankets and loose bedding at sleep time and helps keep baby at a safe temperature all year round. The versatile design of this baby sleep bag gives you the option to swaddle baby or let baby’s arms out – growing with the child from a swaddle to a standard baby sleep bag. The 2.5 tog is perfect for all season use, allowing parents to tailor the garments underneath to suit the temperature. The All Seasons Swaddle to Sleep Bag features the addition of Amicor Pure – a hypoallergenic fibre approved by Allergy UK to aid prevention of asthma and eczema.

Swaddle in or out Swaddling can make babies feel safe and secure. Our versatile design gives you the option to swaddle baby or let baby’s arms out making it a standard sleep bag. We’ve used poppers because they are the safest fastenings to use on baby clothing, eliminating the risk of choking.

Breathable panels Our range of swaddle bags feature the signature Purflo breathable mesh panels. These panels provide essential ventilation and increased airflow to keep baby at a regulated and safe temperature. Our panels are strategically located to provide maximum comfort to commonly over-heated areas on babies including the torso and lower neck.

Hip healthy extendable length Our tailored sleep bag is perfect for that newborn stage where babies love to feel cuddled and secure. The length of our sleep sac is adaptable making it super snug for new babies and then can transition to allow for kicks and wriggles as they grow.
The shape of our Swaddle to Sleep Bag has been designed to allow for healthy hip growth.

The trusted safety zip The YKK zippers are carefully positioned away from baby’s delicate skin and opens from the bottom to make middle of the night nappy changes much easier. There is no need to worry about snags and catching as there is a zip guard around baby’s body and a secure seam around the legs and feet.

On the go We want to make travelling with a sleeping baby easier than ever, so our extended length features a travel friendly shape that can be used in a car seat and pushchair. Please ensure arms are out of swaddle when using in travel mode.

Size guide Our sizing is based on measurements and weight so please use the guide to determine if this product is suitable for your baby. All babies grow at different rates and we use age as a guide only. Our product is recommended for use with babies that are approximately 0 – 4 months old, suitable for weights 6.6–16lbs or 3–7.25kg or height of 50–65cm.

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Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag Reviews

Product Tested By Nyasha Mtutu – Dante, Freya & Azriel – 10 Yrs., 3 Yrs. & 2 Weeks

Nyasha Awarded The Swaddle to Sleep Bag 5/5

Nicely packaged. Looked and felt like a quality product. I like the concept that you can safely swaddle your little one safely at any time of the year. The options to have arms in or out is a great feature. The bag is very well designed. Easy to use in the middle of the night when you’re already sleep-deprived. You can change nappies without needing to take baby out of the sleep bag. I like the safety feature around the zip, there is no chance it will catch on baby when you’re doing it up. The instructions are great. Not only do they give guidance about how to use the sleep bag but they also provide valuable information about ensuring safe sleep for your baby – very responsible of Purflo! There is also advice about what to dress your baby in when using the sleep bag which is useful. Very easy to use – just what you need with a newborn. I was reluctant to use the bag straight away for my newborn, however I didn’t need to be. For the first few nights after Azriel was born, I tried swaddling him with a blanket but he always got out and was really unsettled. We didn’t get much sleep those first few nights as he always wanted to be held. Then I tried the swaddle to sleep bag and what a difference it made! My son sleeps a solid 3-4 hours when we use it. I was initially worried to keep his arms tucked in as I felt it was too restrictive, however once tucked inside, it’s just right, not too tight at all and he seems to like it. If he wakes up and needs a stretch, I can simply undo the poppers and get his arms out without too much disturbance. Swaddling was a concern for me with Azriel being a Summer baby (my older children were born in Spring and Autumn) so the fact that the sleep bag included breathable panels was great. It helped give me some peace of mind that he wouldn’t overheat. The option to swaddle arms in or out is great, and we make use of both options. I dressed Azriel in a long sleeved vest when using the sleep bag and he remained at a comfortable temperature. As the weather gets cooler, I can dress him as appropriate. I think this will last for a few month as he definitely has room to grow. The zip is protected so there is no chance of it rubbing/catching on baby’s skin. Opening from the bottom definitely made nappy changes a lot easier as it minimises any disturbance to baby. it’s great to know that baby is protected in the sleep bag. Blankets often fall on the floor or move around letting draughts in. Unfortunately, asthma and eczema are increasingly common. As a children’s nurse, I’ve seen severe cases of both these conditions and it really is unpleasant. Anything to help prevent these is a great thing. We used this every night. Mainly using at home and in the mosses basket. It helped my baby sleep like a baby! I really noticed the difference from not using it the first few nights (and getting very little sleep) to getting a solid 3 hours sleep when we did use it. It’s great and I’m so happy we got to try this! Great quality product. The materials are soft and strong. My baby is comfortable in it, no irritation. The sleep bag also washes really well. Worth every penny. My baby sleeps so well in this and I don’t have to worry about him overheating. I would buy this. The sleep bag does what it promises to do and has the added benefits of promoting healthy hip growth and aiding prevention of asthma and eczema. I would recommend this product. Before we started using the sleep bag, my son would only sleep if held or if lying next to us. I really wanted to avoid co-sleeping and this sleep bag has enabled us to put Azriel in his mosses basket thereby giving us a more quality sleep as I know he is safe. This is a great product and I am so pleased we got to try it out. It has made such a difference to us. My son loves it and sleeps really well in it. The poppers on the side allow me to adjust the sleep bag to his comfort. If he wants his arms out, it’s quick and simple to do so. The sleep bag is of great quality and has amazing features which ensure the safety and healthy development of my child. We’ve had a great experience with the sleep bag in that it enables us as a family to get more rest and quality sleep. It’s very simple to use which is what you need in the middle of the night. My baby loves it which is the most important thing. He is comfortable in it and sleeps really well. It’s a quality product and washes really well too. I know it will last and can be used again for any possible babies in the future. Nyasha Mtutu – Dante, Freya & Azriel – 10 Yrs., 3 Yrs. & 2 Weeks

Product Tested By Gemma Carley – Erin 7 weeks

Gemma Awarded The Swaddle To Sleep Bag 5/5

Nice packaging, looks good quality. Great idea. Ideal for smaller babies. This is a really nice design. Instructions good, slight more detail would have been good. found the zip a bit tricky but otherwise very easy to use. My baby found this very comfortable, slept well and lovely and warm in the morning. Loved the breathable material and liked the swaddle bag over other sleeping bags due to the option of swaddling. This was very effective and much prefer using this over blankets. This will grow with baby but I do not think I will be able to use this on Erin much past 2-3 months. The zipper is ideal for nappy changes but found it tricky to fasten up when baby was crying/fussing. This would be ideal to take on your travels especially when weather gets cooler. We used this every evening, baby wasn’t big enough to use until a few weeks old but as soon as she was the minimum weight we have used daily. Mainly used in her crib. I loved the quality and the design. The quality is excellent. This does offer good value for money but a bit more expensive than other products on the market. I would buy this and in a bigger size too. I would recommend as a lovely product. Excellent product, the design and idea was different from other products I have used. Only very slight negative I could find was the zip was tricky to use. Prefer this sleeping bag over another one we have and use this much more. The adjustable length is ideal for a small baby like mine. Much snugger fit too. Gemma Carley – Erin 7 weeks

Product Tested By Kirsty Fulton – Robyn 5 Weeks

Kirsty Awarded The Swaddle To Sleep Bag 4.2/5

A good quality product, nicely packaged. This is a clever product which alleviates the anxiousness of swaddling without worrying the baby is too hot especially during the summer months. A nice design which is fresh crisp and clean, easy to extend as the baby grows. The instructions are easy to understand although if you have had a baby before like I have, baby sleeping bags are fairly straightforward to use. I especially liked the information regarding tog ratings. The sleeping bag is easy to use during the day, I even used it occasionally when I was out and the baby was in the pram.  However, I found it a little harder to use at night time, especially in between feeds and changing. She seemed very comfortable and I wasn’t worried about her overheating as occasionally with swaddling I have worried the baby is either too hot or too cold. The material is perfectly suited for purpose. I used the option of swaddling and also leaving her arms out. It was great to have both options. This was very safe to use and it saves having blankets in the cot, which can sometimes move and cover Baby’s face, keeping her at the right temperature especially during the night alleviate any worries that you may have with regards to babies overheating. The option of making the swaddle bag bigger as your baby grows is ideal as you don’t need to buy another one. I’m not sure just now if it will last until she is four months. I suspect it will depend on how big your baby is and will be at the four-month mark. The zipper is being positioned at the bottom of the sleeping bag is ideal to keep away from any possibility of catching your skin as you unzip/zip. Nappy changes, especially at night time occasionally became frustrating as you need to pull the material up so I started to remove the bag completely and then put back on once I was finished.  Being my fourth baby sleeping bags shape was ideal as it meant that we could transport Robyn in the car easily even when she was sleeping especially in the evening time. This is hugely beneficial as babies skin especially newborns are so sensitive and prone to outbreaks so anything that can either prevent asthma or eczema can only be of huge benefit. We used this most nights other than when it was in the wash. Mainly used at home, when I was going to bed and trying to settle her for the night. I really liked the material and it took the stress out of swaddling the baby. I also like the reassurance that the baby wasn’t going to overheat throughout the night. I think the sleeping bag is great quality especially for the price. The product definitely offers value for money, given that it grows with your baby, it saves money buying another one until hopefully the baby is four months old. I would definitely consider buying it. I know from previous babies, initially they like being swaddled and as they get older they prefer their arms out. Given that the sleeping bag offers both options it’s a winner in my eyes. I would recommend as a good product at a fair price. Offers piece of mind when it comes to any parent that is concerned about babies overheating throughout the night. This is an innovative product which gives parents the option to either swaddle or not swaddle their babies. The fabric is of high quality. The zip being at the bottom makes perfect sense. An easy transfer into pram or car seat is brilliant if the baby is sleeping! I was really excited to try this product especially given I had a newborn and had always just swaddled them with a blanket. I was always concerned that the baby was either too hot or too cold. I found the sleeping bag Fairly user-friendly at times during the night however it became a bit of a Faff but this could be put down to tiredness!! The fact that a sleeping baby could be transferred from pram into car seat is ideal. I really liked the option of arms in or arms out especially as Robyn gets older. It washes really well and is of great quality. I will definitely be passing this on (my sis in law is pregnant!) and recommending it to friends that are expecting. Thank you for allowing me to review. Kirsty Fulton – Robyn 5 Weeks

The sleep bag is of great quality and has amazing features which ensure the safety and healthy development of my child. We’ve had a great experience with the sleep bag in that it enables us as a family to get more rest and quality sleep. It’s very simple to use which is what you need in the middle of the night. My baby loves it which is the most important thing. He is comfortable in it and sleeps really well. It’s a quality product and washes really well too. I know it will last and can be used again for any possible babies in the future.


Nyasha Awarded The Swaddle to Sleep Bag 5/5

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