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Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser

purity organic skincare range. We suggest the range can be simply divided into the following morning and evening routines, or re-configured to suit your individual skincare needs.Purity Organic Skincare is suitable for vegetarians. Please note that all products are suitable for vegans EXCEPT Facial Moisturiser and Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser which both contain Beeswax.
facial moisturiser
fragrance free for sensitive skin50ml
98% Natural; 85% OrganicA light whipped-mousse moisturiser with a blend of moisturising, softening and moisture-retaining Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and anit-oxidant Vitamin E which helps condition the skin, leaving it soft and balanced. Added Beeswax soothes, softens and protects the skin.The Shea Butter is sourced from West Africa, the Vitamin E sourced from the UK.Apply liberally and massage into face and neck using upward stokes.

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£5.99 50ml Available to purchase online

Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Jo Brooks

Jo Awarded The Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser 4.9/5

I found this product lovely – I like nice thick moisturisers which feel like they’re doing something – by the end of the day my skin felt really smooth and supple. It’s natural and not tested on animals – which appeals a lot too. It had nice simple packaging too. It was very easy to apply; I would say it did absorb well, however it did take a while – though I liked that! It did not seem to have an aroma. I couldn’t smell anything – which is good as I do react to some scents. It caused no irritation while using it. I really enjoyed using this moisturiser. I used it every day, just once in the morning. It helped with my dry skin too. I think it is a very good price for what it is. I would consider buying it. I would recommend it to others too. I was extremely happy with it – I loved how my skin felt tighter and moisturised and it felt like it stayed on all day; it’s great! Jo Brooks
Product Tested By Shereen Khan

Shereen Awarded The Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser 4.8/5

I had a good first impression of the product; minimal, ‘clean’ packaging. The packaging is simple but contains loads of useful information about the moisturiser, and what it contains. Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser is really easy to apply and rubs in nicely, unless you put too much on. You don’t need a lot of product at all. The product did absorb well into the skin. My skin didn’t feel greasy at all after using this product (in fact it felt like I didn’t have anything on at all), but my skin WAS moisturised. I’m used to feeling a creamy ‘residue’ but this gave a nice matte finish perfect for makeup. The moisturiser is fragrance-free, but does have a very faint fresh smell. I really enjoyed using this cream; at first I was a little unsure of it because the moisturiser has the consistency of a thick mousse – not really what I’m used to! I also liked knowing that the ingredients were natural (98%) and largely organic (85%). I used this daily and it caused no irritation at all. This moisturiser definitely offers value for money. You only need a little bit of the product. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I’ve barely made a dent in the 50 mL jar. Generally you tend to pay a premium for products that are ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. This product is perhaps the most natural I’ve seen, and for a lot less. To compare, a 50mL jar of my usual brand (purchased at a department store) also advertises as ‘natural’ but contains more than 20 ingredients at a cost costs £18.25. Purity offers excellent value for money. I would buy this product, and in fact, I’m probably going to buy the cleanser as well just to test it out! I would recommend it to family and friends. I really love it. I would recommend this product. It’s nice to see such a natural product, at a great price point. Purity is also a British brand which is nice. Shereen Khan

Product Tested By Kerry Grimm

Kerry Awarded The Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser 5/5

This product had organic looking colours – looks natural. It was very easy to apply and left a very nice feeling to my skin. It definitely felt softer after application. I was very impressed. This product doesn’t have an aroma but doesn’t claim to either. It is a very natural product. This product did not cause an allergic reaction. It was very good for my skin. I certainly did enjoy using this product and once finished, I would definitely buy again. I will be recommending it to friends and family. I used this product twice a day. I have been quite unwell for a few months and this has resulted in very dry skin. I don’t normally have this problem but have struggled to find a product that doesn’t just make my skin feel oily. This product has been excellent in assisting me with this problem. I would say this product is very well priced for a daily moisturiser. It has been a pleasure testing this product and I am grateful for you giving me the opportunity to try it as it has actually helped with my current skin condition. Kerry Grimm

I was extremely happy with it – I loved how my skin felt tighter and moisturised and it felt like it stayed on all day; it’s great!


Jo Awarded The Purity Organic Facial Moisturiser 4.9/5

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