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Quack Quack Moo Lap Bib

multi-purpose 2-in-1 place mat and bib for little laps…
2-in-1 item; a lap bib & an absorbent place mat; great for spilt drinks
elastic strap fastens around the waist – remove when using as a place mat
can be used in conjunction with the banquet bib for tiny tots as a complete coverall
absorbent organic top layer & waterproof inner
one size fits all
machine washable
suitable for tumble drying

this item is made using dribble bubbs technology. for more information on why this is the best absorbent and waterproof option

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£15.00 Available to purchase online

Quack Quack Moo Lap Bib Reviews

Product Tested by: Jenny Delph – Charlie 2 years

Product Tested By Jenny Delph – Charlie 2 years

Jenny Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Lap Bib 4.2/5

Looks nice, easy to carry around when you’re out and about. Easy to use and fasten.Very good quality, nice thick material. Perfect size for my son at the moment. The shape means it fits nicely around his waist without any gaps for food to disappear down!! I think you would need to own at least 2 or 3 of these to be able to carry one around all of the time – to pay £15 each would put a lot of people off, £15 for 2 or 3 would be better. The cow print means there is a lot of white and depending on what’s being eaten it can show the smallest of marks. Some stains are difficult to remove from the white of the material but the material itself is really good quality and very easy to launder. I think it needs to be cheaper or 2 in a pack for it to be value for money. This is a good idea and a good design. We will continue to use this. I would recommend because it’s so easy to carry around with you and keeps their clothes clean when you’re out for the day. Funky to wear, easy to use and handy to carry around. Jenny Delph –Charlie 2 years

Product Tested By Karen Olliver – Izzy 2 years

Karen Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Lap Bib 4.4/5

Just what we were looking for. We just switched from using a high chair with tray to letting her sit at the table on a booster cushion so needed something to catch the bits she inevitably drops on to her lap. The fastening was so easy and secure. I loved the fact that it was elastic so there was a snug fit though it didn’t hurt my little one by being too tight. The press stud was very easy. I don’t think it will be too long before my little one figures out how to undo a press stud though. Great quality. Feels tough and durable and well made. Fairly good coverage. I am guessing there is a fine line between big enough to cover lap and being too big that it gets caught in and on things. Good coverage. We have had no spills or misses so far. This product is in everyday use, sometimes multiple times of the day and it is an essential piece of kit for mealtimes. It would be good to have a multi value pack to cover you for a weeks’ worth of use. 3 bibs in a pack for example so you always can have a rotation of one in the wash and one in use and one for spare. Especially as one plate of spag bol eaten by my toddler takes a bib out of use for the rest of the day! The fabric felt quite durable though I would prefer something of this nature to have more wipe clean properties. To be honest I was nervous about laundering this at first as concerned about shrinkage (something like this, you need enough tolerance so it still covers the lap area!).  I am still not entirely convinced long term but seems ok so far.The price is a little high for me considering it is an everyday in use item. The quality and fun print makes it feel like it is worth paying for as a novelty item. But once you realise how useful it is for everyday use and how it would be useful to have at least three in use, the money adds up to a point where you start considering tying a tea towel around your toddlers waist instead which is a real shame as I love the product. If a wipeclean version of the same quality could be available, that would be a lot more useful to me. Also if there could be some sort of curved edging that crumbs and food pieces could fall into and be captured in – perhaps when the toddler stands up so you can easily just shake over the bin when finished (the bib being detached from the toddler first of course!). At the moment I have to be careful to take the bib off to avoid all the crumbs and dropped bits just falling on the floor. Obviously I realise that you would have to design the bib so it is not so bulky that it could catch on the bottom of the table when pushing the chair in and out from under it. It has become an essential part of our kit at mealtimes now. We are now habitually using it. I would recommend because you really get the use out of this product.  As said before, it was exactly what we were looking for to help with the transition of our toddler sitting at the table with us. This is a great product which only needs some slight improvements, and we were really impressed with it plus loving the funky cow print design too! Karen Oliver –Izzy 2 Years

Product Tested By Rebecca Ellis – Daniella 2 years

Rebecca Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Lap Bib 4.5/5

What a great idea and just what we needed. Looked easy to use and very good quality. Was a good size. Just fitted round Daniella’s waist and caught all the food she dropped when eating. A bit of a life saver. Also very easy to carry around with you on your travels. Took ours to friends and family and worked well. This is a great idea as large enough to catch most foods and made meal times a lot less messy. Really good quality, well-made and thick absorbent material. It has a lot of other uses too, as we used this in the car, on train journeys and took on our holidays too. Ideal size for our needs. Fitted neatly round waist and worked well. I really love this and now essential when we are out and about.  The only downside is the price as you really need a few so one is in the wash while you use 2nd one. If they had a deal for pack of 2 would buy more. Good product, works well and easy to use and launder. I loved it and would recommend as great idea and once you use it you realise it is an asset for any parents with toddlers. Would certainly recommend as great for travelling and protects your Childs clothing. Rebecca Ellis – Daniella 2 years

 I would recommend because it’s so easy to carry around with you and keeps their clothes clean when you’re out for the day. Funky to wear, easy to use and handy to carry around.



Jenny Awarded The Quack Quack Moo Lap Bib 4.2/5     

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