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Queen Sensitive Skin Cream

Super-rich Queen Cosmetics Skin Cream has a wealth of uses. It is an all-over moisturiser for very dry skin, can be used on lips and massaged into cuticles and will also soothe and soften hard dry skin on elbows and feet.   Skin suffering from conditions such as eczema also benefit from regular use of Queen Cosmetics Skin Cream.   The highly emollient yet simple formula helps protect, combat dryness, scaliness and itching and allows skin the opportunity to repair.

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£15.25 (50g) Available to purchase online

Queen Sensitive Skin Cream Reviews

Product Tested By Jessie Mandon – Chelsea 1 Year

Jessie Awarded the Queen Skin Cream 50g Jar 4/5

I was really impressed with the design and overall impression of the cream. It looks very classy in the glass pot and the box is really eye-catching. The cream is very thick and the quality is great. You need to massage it with your fingers to get it to loosen up, after this it glides across the skin and leaves it moisturised and very shiny. I like the fragrance but my partner really wasn’t keen so I guess it’s not to everyone’s taste. This really was lovely for my skin because usually my skin is so dry, but with this it felt and looked lovely. I have also used this as a lip balm too, which has proved to be very effective. The only bad thing is the price; I would never pay this much for any kind of product no matter how good it w as. If it was cheaper then it would be fantastic, but I would only recommend this to people who were looking for a special gift and where price wasn’t an issue. Jessie Mandon – Chelsea 1 Year

Product Tested By Kimberley Scully

Kimberley Awarded the Queen Skin Cream 50g Jar 3/5

The product looked smart and high-end with simple packaging. The cream looked thick and luxurious but it is not what I would have considered a ‘cream’. The product is attractive and looks classy with black and cream packaging with a crown emblem. The product looks to be of good quality but left my skin feeling rather greasy and I did not find the scent to be particularly pleasant. The cream is a thick solid block of product that becomes more liquid when melted with the heat of your fingers. I found that although the product became more liquid and was easy to massage into the skin, it left a visible shine when used on my face and left it feeling like there was excess product sitting on the surface, rather than sinking in. The product was small enough that it could be popped in my handbag and I did carry it around for a while, as it could be used as a lip balm. I used the product on a number of occasions, trying out many of the various reported uses, on my face, cuticles, elbows, knees, soles of feet and lips. I did not really use the product more than once on any one area though due to its greasiness. I offered this product to my daughter on her chapped lips and my husband for the soles of his feet. I found that this product was definitely moisturising, but I found it difficult to get past the strong smell of lanolin and the long lasting greasiness. I found that the smell was too overwhelming on my face, but was more bearable when used on my feet. I feel that the versatility of this product would make the price-point reasonable for someone that enjoyed using it. Personally, I would not choose to spend this amount on this type of non-traditional skin cream. This product may be better for someone with a drier skin.  I was disappointed that I could not enjoy this product as I had heard positive things in the past about this cream. Kimberley Scully

Product Tested By Lucinda Tooth – Charlotte & Baby Austin Ages 3 Years & 7 Months

Lucinda Awarded the Queen Skin Cream 50g Jar 3/5

The design of the packaging is very sleek and simple, instructions are also easily understood. The quality of the product is great but I found it to be very greasy and it had a strange fragrance. I don’t usually use any skin creams so I didn’t find this to be very absorbent. I would not carry this product out and about with me because it’s in a glass jar. I don’t use this cream often because I’m prone to greasy skin and this just seemed to make it worse. I did try it on scuffed knees and it seemed to soothe quite well but not as well as some other prescription creams. The quality of this is very good but unfortunately it’s just not suitable for my skin type. I don’t think it offers fantastic value when compared to other products of its kind. It’s a great looking cream but it’s just far too greasy for me and my family to use. Lucinda Tooth – Charlotte & Baby Austin Ages 3 Years & 7 Months


I would only recommend this to people who were looking for a special gift and where price wasn’t an issue.


Jessie Awarded the Queen Skin Cream 50g Jar 4/5

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