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Quizonics Level 1

Quizonics Level 1 – 300 Multiple Choice Questions Card Game (5+ years)

Quizonics card game
     * Level 1 for 5+ years
     * 300 multiple choice questions about ‘Stuff Our Kids Should Know’
     * 4 colourful picture answers per card
     * With answers words to build vocabulary and help spelling and reading
     * Roll the dice to select your question number
     * Question master reads your question and the player chooses which picture
        answer is correct
     * Win the card and a point if you are right
     * Win bonus points if you answer a bonus question correctly
     * Includes dice

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£6.99 Available to purchase online

Quizonics Level 1 Reviews

Product Tested by: Dom Olmeo –Carter 5 years

Product Tested By Dom Olmeo –Carter 5 years

Dom Awarded The ZooBooKoo Quizonics Level 1 4.8/5

Fantastic product. It got my son interested in doing interesting things without any work on my part. A package that could be more child proof and more able to be closed would be great. The concept of this game was good, well explained and a fun game indeed. My son did understand the concept of this game. My son certainly found this card game engaging. We also found it did encourage him to use more words and improve his vocabulary. I believe this is a good educational game and does help with development. It ispossible to make your own variations of the game and my son loved them. We did find other uses for the game and we just rolled the dice and it was him against me for the answer. This is a high quality game. Very good value for money. I love it. I will buy it for friends it was so successful. It’s a great party present and fun for all ages. A good educational game for all the family!  Dom Olmeo – Carter 5 Years


Product Tested By Robin Samuels – Charlie 5 Years

Robin AwardedThe ZooBooKoo Quizonics Level 1 4.5/5

Looked a very good card game and something that would interest Charlie. The packaging was good and game looked good quality. The concept of the game was easy to understand and very easy for adult to explain to child. Once explained Charlie did get to grips with this game. We all found this a very informative and fun game to play. It entertained and educated Charlie at the same time and good fun for all the family to join in. It helped improve his vocabulary. A very good educational game that is fun and certainly helps with development.We just used this game as intended and all the family would join in. This is very well made and most certainly good value for money. I would purchase this game and have already recommended it to lots of friends. We really enjoyed playing this game and made learning fun. Robin Samuels – Charlie 5 years


Product Tested By CarolineMurdoch – Harry 5 years

Caroline Awarded The ZooBooKoo Quizonics Level 1 4.2/5

Very convenient size to take away with you! Packaging good and ideal for the game. The concept of the game is very good and very easy to follow instructions to understand the game. Harry was well aware of how the game worked. This game did capture Harry’s attention but for a relatively short period! I did not feel this encouraged Harry to use new vocabulary. I do not believe it really helped with his development, but it did test his understanding. We had to change the rules slightly, so as he gets older I expect him to use it properly then!The quality of the product is very good. I think this represents reasonable value for money. Not sure it’s appropriate for him at the moment, maybe in a year or two he’d follow the rules properly. I would recommend this product. Very convenient size, but child lost interest after a while. Good travel game! Caroline Murdoch – Harry 5 Years


Very good value for money. I love it. I will buy it for friends it was so successful. It’s a great party present and fun for all ages. A good educational game for all the family!   


Dom Awarded The ZooBooKoo Quizonics Level 1 4.8/5 

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