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Radox Shower Gel & Shampoo For Men

Our For Men shower gel & shampoo will kick-start your body and mind. First thing in the morning or after a busy day, a shower with  Radox  For Men with fresh fennel and sea minerals will leave you feeling awake and refreshed. 
What’s gone into it?- Some natural sea minerals.- A handful of fennel leaves.- A perfect pH balance.- A thumbs-up from the skin experts.- 100 years of Radox know-how.

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£2.15 Available to purchase nationwide at Boots, Sainbury’s and Tesco

Radox Shower Gel & Shampoo For Men Reviews

Product Tested by: Robert Galt

Product Tested By Robert Galt

Robert Awarded The Radox Shower Therapy For Men 4.6/5

Great smell and easy to use. Good design for bottle. I believe this cleaned my skin well and certainly left my skin nice and soft!Very easy to apply.Very easy to dispense great squeezy bottle and the fact that it is stored/hung upside down. Great smelling, not too overpowering. Skin definitely felt soft after use.Very easy to use and great that it is hung upside down so you don’t have to wait for the wash to come down the bottle. The way that the ‘hanger’ folds away is great to put in a wash bag, wouldn’t want it any bigger though for taking away.This is reasonably priced. I liked it, liked the fact that the hanger folded away and the dispenser was good too, and liked that it is hung upside down so there is always wash available straight away. Will continue to use until finished. Will purchase more and would recommend.  Great product, nice smell not too overpowering and in a great dispenser, also good for travelling. Robert Galt


Product Tested By Ian Chadwick

Ian AwardedThe Radox Shower Therapy For Men 4.5/5

The product was visually appealing, with a unique and interesting design. Smelling the bottle, the fragrance was quite nice and also light enough not to be overpowering. The wash was good and cleaned the skin / hair as expected, but leaves a residue on the skin making it feel like wet silicone. Takes a few minutes to rinse this off properly. This is common to moisturising shower gels though and some may like it. I required only a small amount of product for an entire body wash, very economical even for a liberal user like me. Bottle was easy to squeeze and the product flowed out nicely. Fragrance was nice and subtle and lasted quite a while after the shower too. After use skin did feel soft. The design of the bottle was great, easy to use and easy to dispense as required. Ideal to take on holiday. The wash spreads well requiring only a small application for each wash. Design is spot on no improvement required. After using this I certainlywon’t avoid it in the shops. I would recommend as it’s a good product and does exactly what it should without cutting corners. The Radox Shower Therapy was a pleasure to use. Ian Chadwick

Product Tested By Mark Ashley

Mark AwardedThe Radox Shower Therapy For Men 4.6/5

Looked good size bottle. Design of bottle ideal for shower and great smell. Easy to use and cleaned skin well and was a fairly good shampoo. After use left skin feeling soft. Very easy to apply due to the great design of the bottle. The bottle enables you to dispense just the right amount required so no wastage. The hook on the bottle enables you to hook over shower so ready when you need it. Smelt good and not overpowering at all. Ideal size to take on your travels. A good price as lasts a while. Will continue to use.Will be purchasing more as impressed and found this to be very effective. Would recommend as great product, easy to use and effective. Ideal to take to the gym.Works well. Mark Ashley

Great product, nice smell not too overpowering and in a great dispenser, also good for travelling.  


Robert Awarded The Radox Shower Therapy For Men 4.6/5 

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