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Radox Shower Therapy Range

Wake up and come to life with our range of Feel Good Fragrance shower gels – Each product contains a special blend of at least two natural active ingredients to invigorate your body & mind.
Available in ‘Stimulate’ ‘Active’ and ‘Refresh’

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£2.15 Available to purchase nationwide at Boots, Sainbury’s and Tesco

Radox Shower Therapy Range Reviews

Product Tested by: Karen Doubt

Product Tested By Karen Doubt

Karen Awarded The Radox Shower Gel 4.7/5

Liked the look of the bottle.The way this is designed enabled you to just get the right amount out that you needed. It really lathered up very well and you did not have to use much.The one I had was Refresh which was a shower gel and shampoo – It has natural eucalyptus and citrus oil. I really loved the fragrance and left my skin smelling gorgeous. Not so sure I was ready to take on the world but it was a gentle shower gel and an effective shampoo. Loved the fragrance and would go to work in the morning smelling lovely. The design of the bottle is great. Easy to use and easy to dispense just the right amount you need. I would take this on holiday with me as just love the fragrance. It also had a hook on top of the handle so could easily hang on the shower attachment. The design is great and I really liked this. As 2 in 1 it is great but I would use this as shampoo every so often as I like my own shampoo and conditioner. As a shower gel it is lovely. I do not normally use Radox but I really loved this one and found it really cleansed well. I have already recommended and will be purchasing more. Karen Doubt

Product Tested By Alexandra Moore

Alexandra Awarded The Radox Shower Gel 4.3/5

Looked exotic and luxurious. Lathered very well and cleaned effectively. Only a small amount was needed as lathered very well. The packaging enabled you to squeeze out exactly the amount required and no more. The one I had was Stimulate – Fragrance was different but very nice. Musky and peppery; made a change from the usual floral scents. I wouldn’t say my skin was that much softer but certainly no drier. The design of the bottle is excellent. No leakage and easy to dispense the amount required with no leakage.  Also the hook on the top of the bottle was very handy. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this product on holiday. Personally I wouldn’t buy at full retail price as there are so many other competitively priced products but I would certainly buy if it was on offer. I don’t think there is any room for improvement; the design is great as it is. If the product is on offer I will buy it but at full price it is more than I would normally pay for a shower gel. It is a perfectly pleasant product. However, apart from the fragrance, nothing really sets it aside from other products on the market. It is a very good shower gel but no better than others I have tried.  I would normally look for something with more moisturising properties and the USP of this product seems to be the fragrance.  Alexandra Moore


Product Tested By Sienna Hailsham

Sienna Awarded The Radox Shower Gel 4.5/5

Looked good quality and easy to use bottle when arrived.I had the Active one which was a Shower Gel and Shampoo. The fragrance was fresh as had a lovely lemon aroma and loved the way it left my hair and body feeling fresh. I would use this daily as a shower gel, but would only use as a shampoo after a gym session as only had to take one bottle with me. This is designed to dispense just the right amount you need and has a hook on the top of the bottle so easy to hang on the shower. I really enjoyed using this. Left my body feeling fresh, clean,  and it cleansed well and when needed was a good shampoo. The design of the bottle is great and they have a range of nice fragrances available in this collection. Good value for money as lathers well so you do not have to use too much. Will last a while and really makes you feel fresh and ready to take the day on in the morning. I really enjoyed using this item and will be purchasing more. I have recommended to a few friends at my Gym. A lovely Shower gel and shampoo which is good quality and left skin feeling refreshed. Sienna Hailsham




As a shower gel it is lovely.  I do not normally use Radox but I really loved this one and found it really cleansed well. 


Karen Awarded The Radox Shower Gel 4.7/5     

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